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Running a business is hard. We make it easy. Managing day to day biz tasks and keeping you organized, we're here for you. Try us out!

Our faces when we saw that we are on Zapier's list for a second year in a row of Fastest Growing Apps in 2018. πŸ˜±πŸŽ‰πŸ€— So exciting. We know 2019 will be another great year with Zapier as we have more actions and triggers planned. We cannot wait!
"Jake, I want to create a Client Management System." About 3 years ago I had the crazy idea of beginning Dubsado. 2 year old and pregnant with the second one, our life was full. But Jake and I run best on that pressure. We trusted our crazy ideas and "perfect" timing (haha) and started a business. I can't imagine life any different. Learn to trust those crazy ideas that you have and run with it!
We have a REALLY fun giveaway coming on Monday. What we will say, you will not want to miss this! Stay tuned for Monday morning!!!
This is one of my favorite photos. Jake built Dubsado in a coffee shop over many late nights and early mornings. Now we have a beautiful office and an awesome team to help us continue to grow and we are so excited for what is to come. But one thing that has never changed is how incredibly devoted our co-founders are. Jake and Becca will pull late nights and crazy early mornings to make sure everyone is taken care of from Dubsado users to employees alike. They are the heart and soul of Dubsado and man are we grateful for them! So cheers to all the business owners! Both big and small, your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed! - Biz
This week has been all about Q1 planning. We have so much planned for Q1, but today we just focused on part of that, WORKFLOWS. We have so many updates for workflows coming to Dubsado. New actions, logic, and more. Get excited! ;)
The end of the year is swiftly approaching and we are still working hard to make sure we accomplish the goals we set. What goals are you making sure you check off the list before the new year begins?
Laughter. Lots of that fills our rooms at Dubsado HQ. We look forward to come into work. (We actually miss each other when we are apart for the holidays!) We make sure that whatever we do that we have fun while we are doing it. Work doesn't have to be boring. Make it fun. Make it something you enjoy!
Due to the confidentiality of my job, I don't know what I am doing. // Don't we all feel like this every now and then. Entrepreneurship is the hardest but more rewarding job. You are not alone. We are here with ya! What is a little victory you had recently?
Need help getting your Dubsado account set up? Want to speak to a real person? Cam and Sam are here for you! These two are our Account Specialists. You can book free calls with them and they can help answer any questions you might have....we also like to call them Superheros. Link to book a call with them is in our profile!
Running a business is hard. We won't sugarcoat it at all! Often times, it is something that gets shoved under the rug, but we want to know, what is the hardest part of running your own business for you? For some, it is the fact that they are a solopreneur and they are a team of 1. For others it is that they really love the creative side of things but the backend of business is just not their thing. What is it for you?
Sundays always feel like they go by too fast. We like to use our Sundays to prep for the week, but also squeeze in a little downtime... because lets be honest, finding downtime while running a business is HARD. Do you find yourself doing the same on Sundays or is it full steam ahead with no moment to spare?
This week we had a ton of updates in our office. We got a bunch of amazing new furniture and had to rearrange the office in order to accommodate for it all. I (Biz) was a little resistant to some of the change. I was scared that the feel of the office that I know and love was not going to be the same. Then I had to think of why we were making this change. It was for growth! For when new employees walk in the door and feel welcome, for space for our teams to thrive, for opportunity for more collaboration. Change can be scary, but it could be exactly what you need to continue to succeed!
How cold is where you are? I want to see who has the lowest temperature right now! I know we would not win in this area... Here in Los Angeles it is a low of 48 and that is like really cold for us! πŸ˜‚
These are the women of Dubsado. From their vast technical knowledge to their creativity, and did we mention technical knowledge?! These ladies are constantly driving Dubsado forward. We are amazed every single day at the talent and passion that pours out of our entire team and into Dubsado.
❄️I'm dreaming of a warm coffee. Just like the ones I always have. May my days be productive and bright. And may all my days go just right.❄️ Coffee = Productivity? Am I right?! πŸ˜‚
At Dubsado HQ, we have started the tradition of White Elephant on the last day before our Holiday Break. We have our gift price set and now we are all brainstorming our gift. To be honest with you, we (Biz and Becca) are a little scared of some of the gifts we might get. We have some serious jokesters here... Let's just say last year someone got a plunger πŸ™ˆ What do you think we should do for our gift?!
Our motto in Dubsado since day one has been "do more with less". πŸ’»When we started Dubsado, we had full time jobs, $1000 in the bank with a $2000 check to write, two kids, and tons of other things... From the looks of it nothing was on our side. πŸ‘«Jake and I knew that we could defy any odds, together. That is what we had, so that is what we worked with. We didn't have time to wait around for a "better time in life". We needed to take action. πŸ’΅We took the time that we had and really made the most out of it. That is how we grew...the first year to a million in sales. πŸ‘ŠDon't wait around for the best time...NOW is the best time. YOU just need to make it happen. Photo: @lovebethphoto
These guys are Dubsado's magicians, also known as our incredible development team. They are some of the hardest working people we know and we love spending every day with them. There is never a dull moment with this squad!
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