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Running a business is hard. We make it easy. Managing day to day biz tasks and keeping you organized, we're here for you. Try us out!

The limit does not exist. Don't put limitations on your dreams. Do what you love everyday...
Where is this lovely weekend taking you this weekend? Any fun plans or are you like us and a "plan to stay at home" are the the plans you need?
Every Friday Biz and Becca are live in the Facebook Community either answering your questions or doing form makeovers. Come join us this morning 9:40am pst in our Dubsado Facebook group this week for a Q&A. Ask us anything!
Heading into Friday tomorrow like...
No doubt about it, our team has so much fun working together. Nothing better than coming into work each day and getting to work along side some amazing people. Our team is ALWAYS here for you. From live chat, email, phone, or 1:1 support, you are covered. We are super excited to have these two (Sam and Cam) heading up our 1:1 help session. So, if you need help, book a call with them!
You must nourish to flourish. What do you do for yourself to be sure you are mentally and physically rested to be the best darn business person? For us (Biz and Becca) it is working out. Nothing like get those endorphins to make us feel better.
We are real sticklers about our planners. There is nothing like a good old pen and paper planner to just get all those plans and ideas out from your head. What are your favorite planners? Our fav is Emily Ley 's @simplifiedplanner.
Sometimes we go into the day with great ambition for what lies ahead, but the day hits and emails come in and..... the list goes on. It's okay if you didn't attack all those things on your list today...there is always tomorrow, and you WILL get it done!
This is Christian! He is part of our customer service squad and we are so excited to have him as a new addition to the team. He can be found hiking all over LA listening to Janelle Monae, Kings of Leon and Duran Duran. He claims he can't sing, BUT he made it to round 2 of American Idol... so we think he has a hidden talent. Also, he is training for the LA marathon so if you have any tips, let him know!
We did it. โœ…Monday! What was a little victory you had today? Even if it was a hard day, there is always ONE thing you succeeded at! Like....drinking your coffee before it got cold! Ha!
So last week, we had an office debate... Would you rather: Get $75,000 OR go into Space (note: not landing or anything, just going on a rocket to space). Which would you choose?
Meal Prep. I feel that I am the only weirdo that just cannot do it. I totally wish we can do it to save us sometime, but the problem is half the time I have no idea what in the world I am doing that week. Anyone else the same? How are you able to whip dinners up on the fly?
May your day be as wonderful as the first sip! Happy Saturday Dubsado Family! :)
Our friends over at @cloud_spot launched a totally cool feature of embedding your galleries on your website! Whaaa? We love this feature since you don't have to update your site all the time with your most recent work. Just add it to your gallery CloudSpot. ๐Ÿ”ฅ Haven't heard of CloudSpot? They are a totally awesome file delivery service for photographers and designers. Deliver files to your clients in a very professional and beautiful way.
"Don't let mixed signals fool you. Indecision is a decision." I read an article on decision paralysis now-a-days since we have so many different options for everything. What to eat at Cheesecake Factory, what drink at to get at Starbucks, what CRM to use(@mydubsado obviously ๐Ÿ’โ€โ™€๏ธ), etc... Sometimes having too many options just makes us freeze up and not choose a thing. ๐Ÿค” What we learned in this article when faced with a decision with too many options is: 1. Pause and ask one good question 2. Think on three options 3. Talk to five people
Dubsado's guide to Sales....How to Sell without Selling. Joey, our resident salesperson, has been an integral part of how Dubsado has scaled over the past two years. He brings empathy to sales which not only helps us convert more, but also makes sure that our customers are getting the proper solutions, not just something that was forced upon them. Joey is sharing with us today his top 3 things he has learned when working with clients and how it can help you convert your leads to clients! You can find more on the in profile.
Need help in setting up Dubsado? Our team is ALWAYS happy to help! We aren't one of those software companies that never answer emails or don't have a phone. If you need help our team is here. From 1:1 screen share sessions, webinars, live chat, and phone...You're never alone.
You have probably seen this friendly face around lately! This is Joleena and she is part of our customer support team. We knew she would fit in just fine when we found out that she loves Target just as much as we do... and that is A LOT! Also, any excuse to listen to 90's boy bands in the office is a win! If you send in a chat, Joleena might be on the other side and if she is, make sure to say hi!
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