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Hooray! It is Monday! One of our favorite days of the week. We are excited to get back into the office and working on all those amazing features we have been planning! Let's just say, we are going to have a pot of coffee brewing all day!
Don't WISH for it, WORK for it! For us, Sunday's are a day for relaxing as well as strategizing and making those wishes real life.
What is that safe place for you in your craziest of times? For me, it is watching my kiddos play. No matter how insane, hard, busy, or stressful a day might have been, the moment I hear their laughs, see their smiles, all the other things just fade away. What is that place or moment for you?
What a week! We had an exciting week in Dubsado-land. Launching a new UI, deep in building other features, and brainstorming all of what is to come. It NEVER stops moving forward. We are so very grateful for everyone part of Dubsado! Happy Weekend Dubsado Family!
I do not rise and shine. I caffeinate and hope for the best.
Cupcakes are the answer… who cares what the question is.
We know it has been a couple of days since our big launch, but we are still super excited about it. Thinking about moving into this office to match our new branding. (Not really, but a team can dream.)
Not all who wander are lost. Some are just hanging out at target! And if you see us wandering, that is exactly where we are wandering to.
This morning, I drank water because it’s healthy. … warmed up… and poured over coffee grounds… in a mug. COFFEE. I drank coffee.
We don't know about you, but we are big fans of the new UI that we launched today! All of the new branding and fresh feel has us so excited to tackle more surprises for our amazing Dubsado family!
Put on your party pants! We are launching something HUGE today and can't wait to celebrate. Who says Monday's have to be boring?
Didn’t go to the gym yesterday, but the cashier’s name at chich-fil-a was Jim sooooo…. Same thing
My autobiography will be called: “I’ll just eat really healthy this week and other lies I tell myself.”
Actions speak louder than words. Don't tell us you love us, tell us you are outside with coffee.
Surround yourself with people who push you to be your best self!
Tomorrow is Q&A Friday in our Dubsado Facebook Community! Come join is a 9:45am pst and ask us anything! We will be in there to answer. From what our fav Starbucks drink is to insights on what awesome things Dubsado is planning...ask away! Biz and Becca might have too much fun doing these lives!
Procrastibaking - the art of making cupcakes instead of doing something you should be doing.
Every night I try to get eight hours of sleep in four hours.
Safety 1st! Just kidding... coffee 1st. Safety is like 3rd or 4th.
I walk around like everything is fine but deep down inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off...
A perfect metaphor for us tackling our inbox would be "someone trying to stand up in a hammock."
We wish retail therapy was covered by our heath insurance.
Everything we brew, we brew for you! Including features...lots and lots of features we go brewin' for you!
I don't want to human today. Today I want to dog. I'll be lying in the sun. Please pat me & bring me snacks.
Don't call it a dream, call it a plan.
What do peppers do when they are angry? They get jalapeño face!
We can't turn water into wine, but we can turn donuts into breakfast!
We have seen things. Awful things... like empty coffee cup things!
Today is Cameron's Birthday! Lots of you might have spoken to Cameron at some point. He is the awesome person who does the free 1:1 calls to walk you through anything on Dubsado and help get ya set up. Cameron is the most energetic and vibrant sprit. We sure love him lots! He is also hosting a HOW TO WORKFLOW WEBINAR TOMORROW at 9:45am pst. Link in our bio with more info!
You're not supposed to work out on a full stomach. So I can't work out.... ever.
Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous!
I wonder what the people who write "U and "Ur" do with all of their extra time.
Today is our Co-Founder, Jake's, Birthday! Love this guy. Big heart and FULL of awkward moments and great surprises. We don't know what we would do without him.
Today we were super motivated to tackle some tough projects. And by super motivated, we just mean regular motivated... but we wore capes.
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