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My little sassy girl tearing it up at Golden Gate Park
Rosie the Riveter, wounded soldier, sheriff, and English gent in a hoodie 👻
It’s my gorgeous nieces birthday today! Well they are 8 hours ahead so when she sees this it will be a day late. She is such a special human and such a light in our lives. I am also pretty sure she is Scarlet’s favorite person. I’m lucky because she is a great role model for my babe. Happy birthday @izzy_lou_10 we love you sweets ❤️
One year ago today 😭 where’d my little chubby pumpkin go?!
My little beauty ❤️
I just started watching the haunting of hill house and got to thinking as one of 5 siblings with tons of stories (not ghost related) I should write them down. I’d love to take it one step further and share them. I know so much happens in life and it’s easy to feel like you’re all alone or even crazy! I’m working on telling my narrative. Stay tuned for some amusing content to come!
I love them ❤️
We went to the Coleman National fish hatchery for the return of the salmon festival. I went like every years when I was little and now I get to take Scarlet. She loved seeing the huge fish 🐟
My husband and I don’t always see eye to eye, but this is probably because we are so different. It’s easy to argue and complain, but I try to celebrate our differences. He is so talented and incredibly creative. I’m so lucky that Scarlet gets to have this crazy man as her dad ❤️
My little is so full of adventure and spirit but only if mom is around. Mom is bae-is bae still a thing? I think I’m losing my hipness.
Just in case you wanted to wake up to these two love bugs 😍
Ice cream on a blustery fall day for my little pumpkin girl 🧡🍦
Girls day in Red Bluff ❤️
Scarlet is a wild child and needs a lot of outdoors time to keep us both happy. Two parks today!
Here she comes ❤️
Is there room on the broom for a momma like me? 🙏🏼
Caught with her hand in the cookie jar 🍪
My heart ❤️
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