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Beautiful new body of work by David Douard at Chantal Crousel. Hard tongues, fluids, and unicorns. #daviddouard @galeriechantalcrousel
Ksar Hallouf 🐷
🐟 poisson sur vous et sur nous 🐟
Pomegranate emoji please ♦️
Everyday is frippe day ☀️ (coat : 3€)
Gorgeous Gorgi 〰️ 👏🏽@aicha_gorgi
When you’re Tounsi you’re Tounsi 🇹🇳🤷🏻‍♀️
Stylish nap 🦔 #grandpa #burnous
Apparently it needed to be posted again. In @hyperallergic interviewed by @shirinesaad re: Macron’s cultural politics (or lack of)
Excédent de bagage 🎒🇮🇷 For all of those asking, it is really the perfect moment to go. Thank you @pejman_foundation @kandovan_bldg for the hospitality, @lawrenceabuhamdan and @amoshayedi for the Hadji excellence, @hrezp @shakibazz @jvdghm @sohrab___mk and all the team for taking care of us, @asa.north for the brilliant Argo building project and all the friends and artists we met along the way ~ @nedarazavipour @peybak @mimiamini @rezashafahiofficial @amir_kamand1338 @shabahang_tayyari @niloo_abedii @hormozhematian @alibakhtiari85 @shervinshahamipour @shervinfallah and many more 👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫
Persepolis ☄️
Holy Shrine 💎 Shah Cheragh
Persepolis 🗿🏺🏛
Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque otherwisw known as the pink mosque💅🏽
People who build mausoleums for their Poets 💫
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