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In Switzerland, it’s usually the understated and unassuming that turns out to be the most exciting. Take, for example, Lauchernalp, shown here in the photo by @benrieki. The small, picturesque village in the @loetschental valley in @valaiswallis may look sleepy and boring, but looks can be deceiving. This apparently humble resort actually boasts an incredible 55km of ski slopes as well as fantastic and legendary freeride runs. Not enough? Lauchernalp is also home to the highest winter hiking trail in Europe. At around 3,000 m.a.s.l., the well-prepared trail takes hikers from the upper cable car station to a unique viewpoint that offers an incredible panorama of the 4,000m mountains of the Valais Alps.
The pass less travelled. You might have heard about the Kleine Scheidegg, the mountain pass that leads to the famous Jungfraujoch. The train will take you from @lauterbrunnen in the valley to at the top of the mountain. Its neighbour, the Grosse Scheidegg, is a little less popular with visitors. It connects @grindelwald_eiger with @haslital_switzerland and lies opposite the Kleine Scheidegg. In summer, the road is closed to most traffic, making it a real highlight for roadbike enthusiasts. But as you can see in the photo by @noberson , the Grosse Scheidegg is a beautiful sight in winter, too. It’s not quite as accessible once the first snow has fallen, but if you head up in snow-shoes, you will be rewarded with unforgettable views.
There’s something in this photo that really stands out, and something that really doesn’t. The thing that stands out is the Matterhorn, the world’s most photographed mountain – which, given its beauty, we totally understand. What doesn’t stand out at all is the small cluster of houses in the foreground of the photo. That’s Findeln, a tiny village that forms part of @zermatt.matterhorn ​​​. Did you know that the small community boasts an astonishing 42 @gaultmillau_schweiz points? Findeln is actually famous for its high density of top restaurants. Does it get any better than enjoying delicious gourmet food while marvelling at the view of the Matterhorn ? Thanks for the photo, @brandon_and_piggy
What can you never see enough of? Sunrises, of course! You’ve probably watched a hundred of them, but a new dawn breaking will always be a wonderful sight. In @melchseefrutt too, by the look of @cansuburkhalter ’s photo. The small village in the canton of Obwald not only looks beautiful, it also has a whole lot of fun to offer: from skiing to sledging, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing and hiking, there is a truly overwhelming choice of winter activities in Melchsee-Frutt. And the best thing? As it’s such a small place, nothing is further than a short walk away. Including the stunning hotel you see in the picture: the @fruttlodgespa sits right beside the upper cable car station.
As the sun sets, Lake Davos positively lights up in a warm, amber glow. The light of the setting sun is perfectly reflected by the lake when the surrounding landscape is covered in snow. This is of course true of many other lakes, too. Did you know that there are an amazing 1,500 lakes in Switzerland? Quite a lot for such a small country. But back to @davosklosters ​​​: As its water is mainly used for the generation of hydropower, the water level can often drop in wintertime. But, as you can see, it is still at its beautiful best, making it the perfect destination for a circular hike. At nearly 4km, it will take you no more than a short afternoon walk to go round it once. Thank you for the idyllic photo, @wildandfree_photography ​​​​​.​
What else can we tell you about Chapel Bridge? It is world famous and one of the highlights for tourists in Switzerland, making a direct contribution to the charm of @ilove_lucerne. We can still dig up a few interesting facts for you that you maybe don’t know yet. Did you know that the interior of the bridge is practically an art gallery? The underside of the roof features paintings by local artist Hans Heinrich Wägmann. In the 17th century, he produced 158 paintings depicting the life and death of Lucerne’s patron saint, St. Leodegar. Some of the paintings did not survive the passing of time, but many more were destroyed when the bridge caught fire in 1993 – only 30 paintings were successfully restored. You can still see them inside Chapel Bridge. Thanks for the photo, @zimmermannchrisphotography
No place is too small to be beautiful. This sums up Belalp in the @valaiswallis. Just a few houses and a chapel. But what a backdrop! Around the corner is the Aletsch Glacier – the mightiest glacier in the Alps. You can also ski here – both downhill and cross-country. And while the adults go off on long ski tours, their offspring can have fun in Witches’ Land. The witch Vero has been living in @blattenbelalptourismus for more than 100 years. Don’t worry, she’s a good witch and welcomes young guests as they try out their first turns on the pistes. :-) Thanks for the great photo, @wunschengel
Critics say that you can recognise the Säntis by the large antenna on its summit. That may be true, but we think that you can recognise it because it’s quite simply a magnificent mountain. It is the king of the Alpstein massif in @appenzellerland and has an unbeatable view – its height and position allow you to see all the way to France! The mountain is even so imposing that there used to be a Canton of Säntis in the days when cantons were first created… now it’s called Appenzell. There’s lots of history in the trip from Schwägalp to the summit too. The first @saentisbahn was built there back in 1933. Thanks for the great photo, @borisbaldinger
If we were to write a dictionary entry for the word “idyllic”, it would include this photo by @ramonheld. The breathtakingly beautiful region of @engadinsamnaunvalmuestair is indeed idyllic. This photo looks north-east over Lake Sils. In the foreground, you can see Belvedere Tower. It stands majestically atop an unforested hill in the centre of the photo. The tower is used for art exhibitions in summer and is well worth a visit. Hidden from view is the Maloja pass road, which winds its way up from Bergell. An insider’s tip: the small Aela ski lift, right next to the pass, which takes you up to a Mecca for off-piste skiing – far from the madding crowds.
Swiss lakes are lots of fun all year round. In summer, they’re great for bathing, and in winter they turn into ice rinks that are just perfect for skating. If you want to skate on the Obersee near Näfels in the region of @glarnerlandtourismus , you’ll need to be patient, as the lake hasn’t completely frozen yet. But it’s a perfect getaway from the hubbub of the city, as it’s only an hour from Zurich by car. It offers hiking paths, peace and quiet, and a view of the imposing Brünnelistock – the summit at the end of the lake. Thanks for the great photo, @mixyourshot
Silent night… oh sorry, it’s not Christmas time any more. But the song would really suit the scene that @_farography_ captured in @arosa.inside. There’s something magical about winter nights. The snow absorbs all sound, and the world appears in black and white – especially in the mountains, of course. See for yourself! Grab a headtorch and your hiking boots or snowshoes, and enjoy the silence of the night. It’s easy in Arosa: there are 60 kilometres of prepared winter hiking trails… past mountain huts, through forests and around the local peaks. And if the night is too dark and silent for you, you can always discover the trails during the day. ;-)
Where’s the best place to be when it’s cloudy? Ideally above the clouds. Thick fog has a charm of its own. But let’s be honest – sunshine’s much more appealing. In mountainous Switzerland, that’s not a problem. Just go up a few hundred metres and you’ll soon find blue sky and glorious sunshine – as @carim_jost did on the Chasseral. This mountain is just under 1,600m above sea level. High enough to rise above the swirling clouds. Getting there is really easy: it’s just north of Lake Biel and accessible by bus or car. Although it’s not that high, it offers amazing views. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the Alps.
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