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Views like these make us fall #inlovewithswitzerland all over again! You too, right? After all, who wouldn’t be smitten by scenery like this? The photo from @swiss_outdoorer shows the tower of the famous Santa Maria del Sasso church – it’s in Morcote on #LakeLugano . #Morcote is a place you really should see. In 2016, it won the title of “most beautiful village in Switzerland” in a competition run by a Swiss magazine. And with good reason, too. The picturesque fishing village with its Mediterranean charm has so much to offer: palm trees, the richly adorned facades of the old aristocratic buildings – and a fabulous location between the lake and the mountains. Pay a visit to @ticinoturismo and you might just rekindle your love affair with Switzerland :-)
The jewel in the Pre-Alps of Eastern Switzerland. Front and centre is the Hochmättli in @glarnerlandtourismus , with the Churfirsten mountain range in @toggenburg_ch just behind it and Säntis in the distance, which forms part of the Alpstein in @appenzellerland. The mountains are as varied as the activities on offer. Hochmättli is a fantastic starting point for visiting the Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona, where you can learn how shifting tectonic plates created the mountains we see today. Churfirsten is also a snow sports paradise, which you can access via Wildhaus. Across the globe, Mt. Säntis is renowned for its spectacular views, which stretch as far as France and Italy when the weather’s good. Thanks for the photo, @alpine_treasures.
The Niesen basking in the glow of the sunset, as the rays bounce off the mountainside and #LakeThun . This spectacular view is matched by an equally spectacular event that takes place once a year: the Niesen run. This is no ordinary race, as runners climb the world’s longest flight of steps. The route runs parallel to the Niesenbahn funicular, totalling 11,674 steps (you can also take the train to the top). Feeling motivated? Thanks for the photo, @franzengels.
Fire and ice, earth and water, day and night. Orange and blue always look good together – but the contrast works especially well in this view from @montreuxriviera , looking out over Lake Geneva and the Dents du Midi mountain range. This is a land of contrasts, of jutting mountains and a tranquil lake, unmoving cliffs and flowing rivers, high peaks and deep waters. It’s amazing how much there is to see in such a small region. But that’s typical of Switzerland. We offer a whole world of sights and every contrast imaginable. Thanks @mattiabonavida for the great photo.
At 4,500 metres, the Weisshorn in @valaiswallis is one of the most impressive Alpine mountains and a favourite among mountaineers. The mountain stands out similar to the Matterhorn, which is just a stone’s throw away. This imposing feature means that the Weisshorn can be climbed from different sides – it may not be easy, but it sure is exciting! And if mountaineering isn’t your thing, the Weisshorn is spectacular just to look at. This impressive photo by @rubenvanvreckem shows the north face of the mountain from @cransmontana , 30 kilometres away from the peak.
Switzerland had its first taste of winter a few weeks ago, turning its Alpine peaks snow white. Although the chilly weather didn’t last long, Switzerland will soon be transformed into a winter wonderland. But until then, we’ll continue to enjoy the gorgeous autumn, just like @ryanresatka in @mykandersteg. The beautiful autumnal tones work perfectly in the natural landscape of the Bernese Oberland. The Oeschinensee, a lake just above Kantersteg that can be easily reached by cable car, is a particularly worthwhile sight. And in winter, the Oeschinensee freezes over, turning it into a magnificent natural ice-skating rink.
Flow: a feeling all mountain bikers seek where one obstacle melds into another just perfectly. You’ll certainly feel it in Flims. Here, high up in the @graubunden mountains, the Runca Trail is waiting for you and your bike. The trail is built especially for mountain bikers, has a total climb of 740 metres and is nearly 8 kilometres long, making it one of the longest of its kind in Europe. Even if you’re a rookie, you’ll have a lot of fun going downhill: the way the trail is designed, you can take the obstacles at your own pace, while the more experienced bikers can fly off the jumps. And if you still find you need to get your breath back, just lay down your bike by the side of the trail, sit and enjoy the incredible view of the mountains. Thanks for the great photo, @iamleonofficial
Would you rather be gazing at the view from these houses – or admiring the houses themselves? It’s a tough call to make if you are in @mylausanne. From one of the balconies at the front of the houses, you’d have a wonderful view of Lake Geneva, with the mountains beyond and the city down below. Then again, it’s not every day you see a row of houses this beautiful. And Lausanne has plenty more to offer in the way of architecture. Take a walk around the Quartier du Flon, for instance, and you’ll find an incredible number of avant-garde buildings – a reminder of the days when this part of the city was a trading centre. Many of the warehouses from that era have survived, and although they have been renovated in various ways, they have lost none of their old style. Well worth a visit… and not just for architecture fans. Thanks for the great picture, @thererumnatura
This train looks like it could be straight out of a novel – on its way to platform 9 3/4 perhaps. In fact, this is a @rhaetischebahn train ​​​crossing the unique #LandwasserViaduct in #Filisur , @graubuenden , 65-metre above the valley floor. The main pillars of the viaduct were built over one hundred years ago in an architectural feat accomplished without scaffolding and with only two cranes. The viaduct is 142 metres long and follows a sweeping curve across the untouched Landwasser Valley before entering a tunnel built into the steep escarpment. This means that you can take spectacular photos from the comfort of the train as well. Thanks for the amazing photo, @patcavelti
Not a fan of bikes? Think again! Bike rides in the Swiss mountains regularly reward your efforts with views such as this. These two cyclists are pictured enjoying the wonderful panorama from the Illhorn, a mountain above the holiday resort of #Chandolin in the canton of @valaiswallis. The views here extend to #MontBlanc in the west and to #Bietschhorn , the #BerneseAlps , and the 4,000-metre peaks of Valais, including the #Weisshorn , the #Zinalrothorn , the #DentBlanche and the #Matterhorn . But you can also reach the Illhorn on foot. It takes around 40 minutes to walk there from #Tsapé , which you can reach by chairlift from Chandolin. However you get there, the region is certainly worth a visit. Thanks for the photo, @rthommenphotography #switzerland #inlovewithswitzerland #schweiz #svizzera #suisse
Measuring 23 kilometres in length and 900 metres in depth, and weighing in at 11 billion tonnes, the Great Aletsch Glacier in @valaiswallis is the longest river of ice in the Alps. If you melted down this giant mass of ice, it would be enough to supply everyone on the planet with a litre of water a day for 4.5 years. Impressive, right? For a great view of the UNESCO World Heritage glacier, you can head up the #Bettmerhorn above #Bettmeralp or the #Eggishorn , which you can reach by cable car from Fiesch. The #Eggishorn offers a superb #panorama of the glacier’s winding upper section. Unfortunately our glaciers are also receding – which is sad to see. Make sure you do your bit for the environment so that we can all enjoy the beauty of the glaciers for many years to come. Thanks for the wonderful photo, @michelphotography_ch
A rose-tinted world in Charmey in the canton of @fribourgregion. Charmey is sure to enchant you. Just look at this photo by @nissa_nis. This traditional mountain village lies in the heart of @lagruyere. In days gone by, when cheese was mainly produced on Alpine farms, it was the most important centre of production for the famous Gruyère AOP. You’ll love the unique countryside around Charmey, a region where people set great store by traditions and nature. Hike, bike and unwind next to its rivers, lakes, Alpine pastures and mountain peaks… and, of course, sample its delicious cheese. Thanks for the great photo!
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