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The most amazing team. A memory etched in love, beauty, colors, artisans and a mission for change. Support your indigenous artisans. They are the souls of our Nation. I am changed. Thank you. @marianne_hdez @carmen.busquets @carolinakuniverse @pacunam @stevenkolb @stephanievonwatzdorf @donnakaranthewoman @liviafirth @celidesola @pattictrendscope @parsonsschoolofdesign #guatemala
Spinning yarn unsuccessfully...It’s not as easy as it looks. Guatemalan artisans spin, use natural dye, weave and embroider their own cloth in remote villages. Ancient Mayan traditional patterns inspired by nature. A treasure trove of talent waiting for the world to discover. @pacunam @marianne_hdez @carmen.busquets @donnakaranthewoman @carolinakuniverse @stephanievonwatzdorf @stevenkolb #guatemala
Thank you @marianne_hdez @carmen.busquets this was a life changing experience. The craftsmanship in Guatemala is extraordinary. Artisans are the soul of the country. I am honored to be a part your journey. #guatemala @donnakaranthewoman @carolinakuniverse @stephanievonwatzdorf @liviafirth @stevenkolb @pacunam @figuelove @rudester @rodmanprimack @buildanest @celidesola @luciacuba @artisanguatemaya @ecoage @deedlab
SHIVA..ONE...the power of sharing energies and mind changes the world. Thank u Donna for all that u give back to this universe. Love u my friend. @donnakaranthewoman @stevenkolb @pacunam @marianne_hdez @carmen.busquets
Listening to the artists. Their journey and struggles. These are the people who are the soul of the country. To preserve this culture is imperative, it’s the duty of the government and the citizens to support them. Thanks to people like @carmen.busquets @donnakaranthewoman @marianne_hdez @pacunam @celidesola I am honored to be here and be a part of your vision. #guatemala
Last night Donna Karan and I on a really mind changing conversation to rethink our approach to fashion. The margaritas were really playing their part too. What a fun evening. @donnakaranthewoman @carolinakuniverse @stephanievonwatzdorf #guatemala
Naeem Khan PreFall 2019. #prefall #navyblue #glam
Travel and culture. @peru inspired A/W2019 photo@daviscarrasquillo #jacket #glamour
Hello 2019..this will be a amazing year. Grateful for all the support. Thank u. @naeemkhanbride @chopard @alexandrebirman @instagram #instagram #wedding #weddingdress #bride #party #2019
Make a unforgettable classy statement. Naeem Khan Weddings. @naeemkhanbride #bride #weddingdress #wedding
“HAPPY NEW YEAR” To leaving all our negatives behind. Loving and helping each other. To success and love. The best 2019.
Naeem Khan Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows. @bergdorfs @lindafargo #davidhoey #glamour #holidays #christmas #nyc
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