- nfk

What do you see when you see me? ~ good music is infinite universe

Sunset view taken with Phantom 3
Quiet when Im comin home and Im on my own. #goodmusic
Some psychological research concludes that taking too much selfies is classified as mental illness which is part of Narcissism. πŸ™Š
My memories of you are dancing elegantly yet freely like a dandelion flown by the wind. Your smile was like others casual smiles, yet the prettiest one to me. You laughed over the most trivial thing, yet it was the most precious to me. You are so sophisticated yet so simple. You are anomaly in my cosmos.
Put ur head on my shoulder 🎢 Whisper in my ear, baby.. 🎢 Words i want to hear, baby.. 🎢 Put ur head on my.. shoulder.. 🎢 Paul Anka everyone! 😼😸 #classic
Eksistensiku melayang dalam tempat tanpa waktu, namun aku tak juga menemukan diriku menggenggam dirimu, ternyata aku memang tak berada dalam orbitmu. Gravitasiku tak cukup kuat untuk bisa menarikmu, kau berada di dimensi yang aku tak tau bagaimana untuk memasukinya, tidak - Bahkan untuk menyentuhnya.
Ta ta ta ta ta ra ta 😸😸😸 Chill song from Ben Beal titled 'Smile' #anime is #chuunibyou
Skinny vs Fat πŸ˜†
Ive got a crush on you #music #chill #indie #jazz
Over You 😒
" But can't you see my love for you now? " #music #love #daydream
My memories of you comes with the rain. I looked up on rainy sky and i'm drowning now.
Membayangkanmu yang membayangkanku. 😳 #music #chill #vibes #love #daydream
This feeling of tranquility under the scintillating city lights when nobody around. All my yearn for u is ineffable. Im in love. #music #goodmusic #jazzy #nightvibes #introvert #melancholic #love
Be there tonight watching the moon all alone till it dissapear with the night. remembering you. #music #indie #goodmusic #kendallmiles #anime #animevibe