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🔺🔻 . एक ज़लज़ला हैं मेरे दर्मियां कुछ बातें हैं . 🔺🔻 . #PhotoEssayByAyushDas
▫️◾◻️◼️◽⬛ एक किस्सा अनसुना सा . #PhotoEssayByAyushDas
▪️◾◼️◼️ दृढ़ निश्चय #PhotoEssayByAyushDas
◼️◾▪️▪️ अन्तर्द्वन्द #PhotoEssayByAyushDas
▪️▪️◾◼️ सन्नाटे की चीख #PhotoEssayByAyushDas
धूप की इन दिव्य किरणों को मैं हर सवेरे पी जाता रोशनी या अंधकार से मेरा क्या वास्ता कलाकार हूं यारों ना घर हैं ना ठिकाना। 🔆 . नकुल मेहता
⭐⭐⭐ It was like the beggining of life and laughter. It was the real meaning of the sun. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bukowski . Moment catcher: @ayushdas
Dear 'Gram, Kindly Combust !! . . #ShivikaForever ❤️
A little bit of sunshine hurt nobody... 🌄 . . 🔆 @umeshcamera 🎞️ @ayushdas
Never say Goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. - SSO with borrowed words from Peter Pan #Ishqbaaaz ❤️🦅
When your world views don't match. ❎ . She wants Pizza for breakfast when all you can dream of is chocolate fondue. . दिसंबर के महीने में लंदन की भिनि भिनी यादें ...
Dear Shivaay, It was July 21, 2015 - first day of our pilot shoot at a rundown suburban studio in Mumbai - when I first got into your shoes. Met a lot of new people that day but all my mind could process was that I needed to step up and find my bearings playing someone who in equal measure was larger than life & almost iconic (in our heads) yet far from the values or moral compass of the person who I am. If I was to be completely honest, those were unsteady feet. . We wrapped our pilot shoot and went our separate ways until the show was commissioned and we finally had a shoot date, April of 2016. In those eight months, I found you. Bit by bit. On a Friday night over a drunken conversation with a friend at a bar, I found within me the tone which I needed for you. I knew Shivaay couldn't sound like me. I can be vanilla and factual which SSO couldn't be. I decided to keep it. There would be endless days when I'd ruminate about how you would walk, how you'd sit, how would you hold a phone. Who on earth would hold the phone a mile away from the mouthpiece, eh? ;-) You gave me the courage to take chances cause I knew from the very beginning there could be no safe or right way to play you. . A lot of you was handed over to me by your ingenuous creators - the wonderful writing team, the styling, direction & photography units. And then a great deal was found on the studio floors whilst jamming with my terrific ensemble. Through you, I found a magical partnership with your jodidaar who was the complete khidkitod foil to the tadibaaaz you - SC ❤️ Also found a protective older brother within me whilst jamming with the fabulous O Bros - KJ & Lee 😘 Learnt so much & sometimes left unsolicited advice playing big brother, comrade & boss to your extended familia. Shrenster, Manc, Siddz & Naman 💞 It has been so humbling to have experienced all the love & recognition in the form of awards, letters & gifts which the audiences & the industry showered on you, from such close quarters. A lot of that overflowed on to me. . **** Continued in the comments section
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