'Wandering reestablishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe' . 📍CO [🇺🇸] . . Photos were captured by me. . .

Fresh snow on Pikes Peak this morning! 😀
Teller County Road 61, yesterday.
Very minimal autumn colors at Wilkerson Pass, CO today.
There’s Fresh Snow overnight on Pikes Peak!
Is that Autumn sneaking in here, already? It’s still August . . . but I’m ready for those cool autumnal evenings!
@chefjcastor at Over Easy in University Village Center on North Nevada has a great Special this weekend! You gotta try it. Thanks to Halleigh for the outstanding service, and to the boss for checking on us.
ORD, with rain (and endless delays!!)
the “ugly” (Working) side of the terminal
oh, to be that young and innocent again! to take that very first leap into the unknown . . how does that feel?
a dreary day in (not-so) colorful Colorado
W E T . . .
when, oh WHEN will it be spring along the Front Range in Colorado?
found this while out walking - interiSánt!
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