Naomi Smalls


omg lol @rupaulsdragrace shot by Mathu Andersen
Your mother. @katya_zamo Wearing: @creepyyeha + @theladyhyde
Friends: why do you that? Me: what? Friends: bend over backwards for someone that ain’t worth your time Me: what are you talking about? Wearing: @theladyhyde @vie.lette Hair: @wigsandgrace Photo: @dontetatum
That girl is a total freak show.
lifted, shifted, higher than the ceiling
Where the hell is summer at? #2017
Never trust a big butt and a smile. @wigsandgrace @sugarpill home sweet home eyeshadow paired with nurse liquid lipstick πŸ’‹
Why a green screen? Why not a pink screen? Am I right ladies? πŸšΊπŸ’• #kittykatwig
When I was a child, I used to run around the house with a towel on my head and a my little pony in hand. I’m proud of putting a real wig on my head, proud of my family for being so accepting, and proud of myself for staying true to myself since day 1. What are you proud of? 🌈 Happy Pride Babes.
I like rusty spoons. @edaa_birthing x @_miss_meadows_
Pynk is my favorite part. eyes: @sugarpill Buttercupcake + Dollipop wearing: @edaa_birthing πŸŒΈπŸ‘½
Someone put baby in the corner. wearing: @edaa_birthing
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