Davis Heppenstall


I like rusty spoons. @edaa_birthing x @_miss_meadows_
Pynk is my favorite part. eyes: @sugarpill Buttercupcake + Dollipop wearing: @edaa_birthing 🌸👽
Someone put baby in the corner. wearing: @edaa_birthing
Cracking your phone screen is like climate change. Must do something before it gets worse.
BRAZIL! SÃO PAULO! May 30th! @openbitch69 @bluespacesp
oh she’s a post. @vh1 @rupaulsdragcon LA2K18 wearing: @jonquilandblack
and on the third day she loved her mom. hair: @wigsandgrace + @natacodiva ruffles: @jonquilandblack
🌸flower power🌸 @allaboutvalentina
every mom in the world: “no you can’t have that, take it out of the cart and go put it back” happy Mother’s Day 💞💗
💕 @WigsandGrace 💕
Sorry.... booked. Photo by @britterst Hair: @wigsandgrace
I don’t just have a resting bitch face, I am a bitch. photo by @britterst
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