Naomi Wadler

On mission to lift & raise the voices of young black girls. Goal to be the president of @nytimes & finish the 6th grade. #BlackGirlMagic is YOU!

During our most recent episode of #DiversiTEAxNaomi with @theellenshow I was able to visit a middle school to talk to students about challenges they’ve faced and how they handled the situation. So many of us are facing similar issues with bullying and discrimination. We have to support each other and show our peers that we are not alone. Watch the full episode with @sophialillis in the bio link!
So excited to have met @josietotah ! She is amazing and this week's episode taught me how to be a better ally. Hope you like it! Of course, it had to include wisdom from the awesome @jameelajamil too! #DiversiTEAxNaomi | Link in bio for interview.
With sexual and physical abuse being one of the major predicting factors of girls entering the juvenile justice system, particularly girls of color, I am committed to @safeshoresdc and the work they do to advocate for children who are victims of violent crimes. Thanks to @kidbox , I was able to donate $10,000 worth of brand-new clothes & $10,000 dollars with my friends today to support the important work that Safe Shores does in DC!
“Every time that you feel content with yourself and you feel powerful and you feel that you are good just as you are, that is an act of feminist resistance.” - @jameelajamilofficial #TuesdayThoughts #DiversiTEAxNaomi 💛💛 | Link in bio for full interview!
I loved talking with @jameelajamilofficial because she inspires me to love myself. I’m not all the way there but I’m sure I will get there. Watch the latest episode of #DiversiTEAxNaomi and hear more on the importance of your loving yourself as an act of feminist resistance. #SelfLove (link in bio)
105 Americans die everyday from gun violence. 15 of them are children. That’s 735 people each week. Silence in response to violence is immoral. The people in power must protect our lives. — @marchforourlives
Today, I joined hundreds of young people to deliver more than 6,000 letters in support of #S42 urging lawmakers to join the 97% of Americans that want universal background checks.
A year ago today, I took the stage in front of over 800,000 people, I was really nervous, but I knew I had something to say – something I wanted to add to the conversation that was deeply personal and important to me. Growing up as a girl of color redefines your view of America and I am not alone. Every day, I witness young girls of color exercising their power to take a stand and bring about change in their community. We are innovators, writers, scientists, designers, students, athletes and much, much more. We have the ability to defy expectations, to dream big and achieve big. Somedays, I don’t like how I look or how I feel. If you’re like me, sometimes you may feel like you’re not enough – smart enough, friendly enough, funny enough – but I am here to tell you that you are. YOU are enough. We have to lift each other up just as much as the world sometimes lets us down. On stage in D.C., I was representing Courtlin Arrington, Hadiya Pendelton, Taiyania Thompson – young black women who had been victims of gun violence in their communities. I want to acknowledge the American girls whose stories don’t make the front page of every national newspaper or don't lead on the evening news. And I still stand for them. We have to let the world know that enough is enough. Every voice matters. And if people say you’re too young or that you’re repeating what an adult has told you, tell them like I do that I may be young, but I also have an opinion and a voice. We know the difference between right and wrong and one day – sometime soon – we’ll be able to vote and run for office. Let’s stand in our power and be the changemakers we already are. #MarchForOurLives delivered a message. Today, we live it. Enough.
Had a great time at @nbc4dc today. Grateful for the chance to view the newsroom and to talk about my new series #DiversiTEAxNaomi on @ellentube. 💛
Here’s a sneak peek at my new series DiversiTEA with @theellenshow on @ellentube. I sat down with inspirational women that are impacting our world for the better. I can’t wait for you to see it. #DiversiTEAxNaomi
Hey! It’s Naomi! Some of you may have heard that I haven’t been allowed to use social media… I guess that rule has changed! I’m here and ready to change the world. A year ago, I asked you to join me in my mission to rewrite the narrative for girls of color and to use YOUR platform to create more opportunities for black and brown girls to shine and have a seat and voice at the table. Today, I’m launching my own online platform to encourage girls to stand in their power and know their worth. I’m so excited to be hosting my own show on @ellentube , #DiversiTEAxNaomi ! I talk with incredible women like @serenawilliams & @jameelajamil who are creating impact in the world. Thank you again for all your support this past year and for helping to lift my voice and amplify the stories of girls and young women of color.