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I’m just saying... And to my non cis sisters, you may just be the bravest ones of all. ✊✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🌈
“There is no competition amongst queens.” Shout out to my friends who are just here to support one another. Why hate on other girls when you can tell them how pretty they are or how talented they are and just watch their face light up. @heatherbcurvy pictured is one of those friends and she just happens to be wearing our lipstick and jewelry from another queen in our tribe
Do you want to fight for women’s rights with each swipe of your lipstick or gloss? Supporting us means donating to 100’s of democratic women running for office in this mid term election cycle through our partnership with Emily’s List. Representation matters. Let’s make sure those that do not share our values kiss their seats good bye! #electwomen
Whenever I confront a troll on one of my posts, without fail the argument ends in name calling. Most say I’m probably some fat, short haired, man hating hoe. So know this, when a man reduces his argument to name calling, you have won. Take the name calling as a sign of superiority. Get off on it. - Sincerely, your friendly #feminazihoebag
When they go low, it’s time to get Nasty!
The only way I get by in this toxic patriarchal planet is because of my gang of fierce female friends. Feel the same? Tag someone in your #girlgang Repost from @pokes_n_prints
It’s so true! #happydance
When the going gets tough, put on some lipstick and persist! • • • • Every sale of our VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE lip products supports the fight for women’s rights. By donating to EMILY’s List we help more than 600 women running in state and national elections. FREE SHIPPING
“I don’t owe a response to unsolicited requests from men with bad intentions,” Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic candidate wrote. “And also like catcalling, for some reason they feel entitled to one.” Perfect badass babe response. Because the former Breitbart news editor who offered her money in exchange for a debate had good intentions as he claims.
Refuse compliance with the status quo. Join us and become a ReSister!
Are you looking for something to brighten your day? If you enjoy discovering new artists, you’ll love Andrea Cook. Inspired by her own femininity she took to the canvas and created a Pussy Power collection. We have posted them before as many others on IG before us. We wanted to learn more about the woman behind these whimsical and empowering pieces. Andrea and her work are the subject of our latest blog, PUSSY POWER ART IS EVERYWHERE! THANK YOU ANDREA COOK. Link in bio.
Derive power and strength from your femininity and take on the world.
A woman’s Intuition is wise and magical. She can’t steer your wrong.
Vote, protest, speak up and speak out. The masses will be the ones in the history books credited with great change and progress! #enoughisenough • • • • On a more personal note I was inspired by what I saw at the polls today. So many people organized, impassioned and voting! ✊💪❤️💄 Hoping the time for Michigan to be a state that cared about it’s beautiful environment and citizens has come. So many amazing democratic candidates ran today.
Primary day today! We rocked the vote! Join your fellow ReSisters and get out there! #bluewave2018
The original “It” girl Clara Bow was the leading sex symbol of the 20’s with her bobbed hair and sultry lips. A true individual Bow did as she pleased. • • • Did Bow pave the way for women of her generation? Check out our latest BLOG POST as we try to answer the question, “HAS FASHION BEEN INSTRUMENTAL IN FURTHERING THE FEMINIST AGENDA?” Link in Bio.
So I was overwhelmed with how many responses I got to my IG story about having a dating app for women to meet likeminded friends. Let’s all try to give some #encouragement and #support to a fellow sister this week. We are craving it.
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