Natalie Eva Marie

WME Actress, Athlete, founder of @NEMFashion & @NeverEndDenim , Philanthropist 💫 Business Inquire📩 - NEW NEW👇🏼

Cozy LA Nights 💫
Umm I’ll take 2 please 😜 #Getty
For your information Laura was jumping on her own 🤣🧐🤪 #CouplesWhoGameTogetherstaytogether 🎮 #Repost @jonathan_coyle ・・・ When your #wife @natalieevamarie keeps insisting that her character is “jumping on her own” and you have to calmly explain that she is clearly hitting “up” on the controller bc video game characters don’t jump up and down on their own. Also, we absolutely love @shaq , he is truly a kind and all around awesome guy! #Gamer #streetfighter #training #eleague #videogames
What do you guys think of this hair style on me ?! 🌹😍 - Makeup: @makeupgeekcosmetics #PowerPigment Dress: @Stello Hair: @RosalineHampton Mua: @Jay_Artistry @JackieGallardoPhoto
🤔pretty much 🤪😂
Less Monday more #Summer 😎 Killin it in our “stunna shades” @nemfashion ☀️✨
I will forever be a daddy's little girl:) growing up the youngest, and the only girl outta 3 boys it was destined haha:) 😭 - he has showed me strength, determination, honor, respect, always going above and beyond for our family! He has told me no matter what it is, if I want it bad enough...all I have to do is truly believe in myself, that's where it starts first💪........followed with "You get what you put into something" so make sure you PUT in the WORK !! (I have him in my head saying that everyday lol) - #HappyFathersDay to my amazing dad I love you, and am very #Grateful to have a father like you!
Weekend workouts are my favorite 😀💪🏼
When USPS can’t make its daily pick up, sometimes you gotta load the days orders into your truck and drop them off yourself.💪🏼😀 - All jokes aside, we truly appreciate each and everyone of our NEM Fashion customers and never take for granted our commitment to treat you guys in the same manner as we would like to be treated! Which means getting your packages to you ASAP 😀❤️😘 #LifeOfABusinessOwner #TakeTheBullByTheHorns #MyOutfitIsNotPostofficeAppropriate 🤣
My little sis @simonegjohnson is growing up so fast!! I am so proud of the woman you have become! You exude kindness, grace and radiate intelligence. ❤️ - As you embark on your journey to senior year of high school and eventually college (hopefully close to us so we can come to your dorm unannounced and keep an eye on you) know that your “Susan” will Always be there for her little “Carol” 😂🤪🤣 #LoveYouToPieces #Hermana #SometimesIWantToKickYouUpAndDownTheStreet 😭👯‍♂️
Shopping therapy is always necessary once in awhile!😀😜 @ysl is one of my favorite go to stores. - What are some of your favorite stores ?
When the diet started yesterday, but the matcha latte tastes so good! Haha 😍😁😳😢😏🤣
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