Natalie Kessel

Passed a porn shoot while hiking in the valley
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
Synesthesia feels something like this
Big Bear isn’t complete unless you have a jacuzzi and a 90s blockbuster
Bad hair days can turn into good hair days and that’s what keeps me going
Really want to know what vitamins Florence takes because her energy is that of a goddess
Alt girls unite at a 3 hr long smashing pumpkins concert. Also we manifested Mark McGrath as a vaudeville clown 🤟🏼
The yacht was out of commission so the paddle boat had to do
Jealous of this dogs life
Happy birthday @carrielaven 🌟 ❤️
Tell me about ~new age~
Felt transcended at Ambient Church LA, but honestly it really just made me nostalgic for Episco Disco in SF
🍹🎂 ✨
Channeling a nudist colony spiritual adviser in my tube top
Happy birthday @nicholry you’re the best! Knew we would be best friends when we met at a shitty party, hid in a room and smoked weed. Just like Rihrih says, “I found love in a hopeless place”
Adult daycare
Did ya miss me?!
When you fall in the pool at a party but you’re a Pisces and you’re hanging with another Pisces and are like ✌🏼
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