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Inspired to Inspire 🌞🌙✨ Art & Tattoos @whitebuffalogallery Sacramento, CA Email for more info!✌🏽💜 💌 Booking for January2019

Thanks Diana!! This was so much fun✨💜🌸 @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Tiffany!! This was so much fun 💜✨ @whitebuffalogallery
Absolutely LOVED designing & tattooing these nature and element inspired bestie tattoos for my beautiful clients!! Thanks Grace and Nytashia💜🔥✨ <•<•< swipe to check out more pix <•<•< @whitebuffalogallery #staywild @idaho.tosh @graceauringer
Love this girl!!💜😘 Thanks Amanda!! @amandao222 <<•<<•<@whitebuffalogallery
Progress!! Thanks Rachel💜 @whitebuffalogallery #wip
Thanks Tarilinn💜🤘🏽Such an awesome day!!! @tarilinn_nishi
Thanks Alice💜🐘✨This was so much fun! @aliicele
Puppy love🐶💜 thanks Joel! @carson.joel >•>Check out @pb_soc <•< A local program at Bradshaw Animal shelter supporting large breed pups!
Awesome first sesh!! Thanks tarilinn💜 Can’t wait till next time🤘🏽✨ @whitebuffalogallery #wip
The beautiful Aphrodite for my beautiful client!! Thanks Ashley💜 More amazingness to come🤘🏽✨ @whitebuffalogallery @arobinsonpsych
Can’t wait to work on this Picasso piece again!! Thanks Beth💜 @whitebuffalogallery #wip
I had such a great time recreating my beautiful clients henna Hawaii inspired tattoo she had done a few years ago. Thanks for the trust and letting me freehand this design on you!! #forevergrateful #iminlove Thanks Linda💜🌸 @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Michelle💜🌸 @whitebuffalogallery
This girl is so awesome!🤘🏽💜😍 @jessicarae0613 Loved reworking an original piece and adding more to to make it even more beautiful and unique!! Thanks Jess😘💜✨ @whitebuffalogallery . . . #natashaeinckart #tattoo #tattoos #tattooartist #ladytattooers #whitebuffalogallery #sacramento #sacramentotattoos #sacramentotattooartist #rework #flowertattoo #backpiece #colortattoo #femaletattooartist
Progress🤘🏽 Thanks Rachel💜 <<•<<•<< swipe for a video<<•<<•<< @rtemple95864 #wip @whitebuffalogallery
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