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Photo by @davidalanharvey | Miss Hanoi 1988. I hung around this event for a full day. I knew the part I wanted to shoot would only last for a few seconds max. Yet being tall and the American recent enemy, I came several hours early to make eye contact, lower my head, and smile with everyone connected. Easy to imagine that everyone in this picture had lost a relative in the war. 250,000 dead. So I had to make sure they identified with ME personally. By the time the new winner was announced, I was “known” by everybody. They’d gotten used to me. So by that time I could step right in front of them and shoot. Fast in deftly, get the shot, fast out so as not to be rude. #vietnam
Photo by @coryrichards // Captured #withGalaxy S9+ produced with @samsungmobileusa using Pro Mod ISO 50 at 1/4000th // I spent yesterday running around the Indian Peaks Wilderness, observing the tie-dye alpine terrain shift towards the inevitability of autumn. As the summer months roll on, there is a palpable change in the high country when the greens seem to grapple with letting go to the warmer hues of fall. That change seems to happen overnight in Colorado, even as the temperatures belie the truth of season to come.
Video by @amivitale | Shaba, the oldest rescue at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e ) is the matriarch of the small herd of orphans, even though she is an orphan herself. She leads her small band of baby elephants into the bush around the sanctuary, stripping leaves, tasting bark, pushing down small trees, and, best of all, taking luxurious mud baths. The 3-year-old measures 1.9m tall (nearly 6.2ft) and will eventually grow to be as tall as 2.6m (8.5ft.) Reteti is the first ever community-owned and run elephant sanctuary in Africa. The sanctuary provides a safe place for injured elephants to heal and later, be returned back to the wild. Reteti operates in partnership with Conservation International (@conservationorg ) who provide critical operational support and work to scale the community-centered model to create lasting impacts worldwide. Learn more about how you can get involved and help support this vital initiative by following @amivitale @r.e.s.c.u.e & @conservationorg @nrt_kenya @tusk_org @kenyawildlifeservice @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @nature_africa #elephant #saveelephants #retetielephants #stoppoaching #kenya #northernkenya #magicalkenya #whyilovekenya #africa #everydayafrica #photojournalism #amivitale
Brought to you by @Coorslight // Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest is home to incredible biodiversity and beauty. Join National Geographic Explorer Erika Bergman as she explores it on her epic journey across Costa Rica. // @Coorslight is on a mission to awaken the restless spirit in all of us and to inspire a new generation of adventurers. Check out today’s story for more and visit to see the full journey.
Photo by @EdKashi | I recently worked with the @the_endfund and @talkingeyesmedia on a film and photo series about the topic of ending river blindness in Senegal. There has been tremendous progress made over the last 30 years. We are very close to ending this vicious affliction caused by a parasite that a certain black fly carries. In the past it left nearly half of the folks in some villages blind. There is hope when science, medicine, proper funding and committed people and organizations come together to tackle our problems. #beatNTDs #Africa #AfricaRising #neglectedtropicaldiseases #Senegal #WestAfrica #ReachingtheLastMileFund #progress #publichealth #RLMF #edkashi
Photo by @Joelsartore | Did you know that flamingos have a very poor sense of taste and no sense of smell? This is probably a good thing, because wild lesser flamingos have specialized diets of blue-green algae and diatoms. Their diet restricts their habitats to hyper-alkaline and soda lakes and is also the reason for their pink coloring! The pigment of their feathers, legs, and face all come from the organisms they eat. As the blue-green algae they consume is digested, the pigments dissolve in fats and is transferred into the feathers, through this process the color becomes pink. Variations in their coloring can happen based on the volume they ingest. They are classified as near threatened by IUCN; and their main threats are decreasing breeding success, predation, human development, and pollution from to the soda lakes the birds rely on. #flamingos #PhotoArk
Photo by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz | Abandoned farm house in the Rhine Delta of The Netherlands. After repeated flooding, parts of Tiengemeten Island have been abandoned permanently to become a nature reserve. This photograph is part of a project examining the global impact of rising sea levels, and the ways different countries and communities are engineering solutions. To see more concerning our changing climate, follow @geosteinmetz
Photo by @ismailferdous | Before moving to America, I always fantasized about doing a cross country trip from New York to California on Route 66. Though the dream of driving cross country has yet to come true, I drove on Route 66 in California and spent a couple of nights in the teepee themed Wigwam Motel in San Bernadino, CA. In an evening of February, those teepees looked like a movie set from Hollywood. At the motel, I was welcomed by the owners, an Indian couple from Gujarat, with a cup of masala milk tea and some Indian snacks. The next morning, I met six English men who were driving their motorbikes cross country and also staying in the motel. It was wacky experience for me to be at a Native American teepee themed motel, owned by Indians with visitors from England on my first visit to Route 66. About half the country’s motels are now owned by Indian Americans. A majority of these owners are from Gujarat state’s industrious Patel community, leading them to be jokingly referred to as the Patel Motel Cartel. Read more in @natgeo ’s story on second- and third-generation Gujaratis in the United States who are running the family businesses they inherited. Here, brothers Samir and Manny Patel pose in front of their family’s Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino, California. Their father bought the motel in 2003 but has been in the hotel business since the early 1970s.
Photo by @peteressick | The St. Louis River and Bay from Superior, Wisconsin looking towards Duluth, Minnesota and Lake Superior in the background. The St. Louis River is an Area of Concern under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement of 1987. The area is considered highly degraded because of high levels of contamination in the river sediment. Several restoration projects are ongoing in the watershed. In the foreground are two of the largest grain elevators in the world as well as a coal shipping facility.
Photo by @CristinaMittermeier | Through a dense fog, I spotted this female wolf as she foraged along the rocky shores of Vancouver Island. Coastal wolves live a unique existence, hunting and scavenging on the fringe between rainforest and ocean, with more than 70 percent of their diet comprised of seafood. Did you know that wolves have a strong emotional connection to their pack mates and it has been shown that when a member of a pack dies, the other wolves mourn? #FollowMe on @CristinaMittermeier for more images of wildlife from around the world. #wolf #protect #britishcolumbia #naturelover
Photo by @TimLaman on safari in the Serengeti | A Lilac-breasted Roller takes off from a perch. People think of big mammals when they think of an African safari, but the bird life is spectacular as well! If you have the patience to wait this roller to take off, you get to see the flash of his brilliant blue wings. Birds are one of my specialties – follow @TimLaman to see unique images of birds in the wild. #AfricanColor #Birds #Serengeti #Tanzania
Photo by @mmuheisen (Muhammed Muheisen) | One-year-old Syrian refugee Mohammed Ali, is comforted by his mother as he suffers from temperature due to teething, inside their tent in a camp north of Athens in Greece on September 3, 2018. For more photos and videos of the refugee crisis follow me @mmuheisen and @everydayrefugees #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen
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