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“I love taking backlit images of any wildlife and Langur Monkeys especially lend themselves to this technique. I like it simply because the images are so pure, it’s all about the outline and capturing the moment. You can’t rely on the light for this kind of image, it’s all about creating interesting with the silhouette. So after our tiger safaris have finished we try to spend some time with the local Langurs. On this day the rain had abated and we had a nice sunset for the first time in days. So I laid down flat on the ground where the monkeys were feeding - it was Ganesh Wednesday at the temple so all the pilgrims had been feeding them along the way. I waited until most had dispersed, as such images need to be very clean, then targeted a playful youngster who was jumping on and off mum. It was a beautiful scene, as a bona fide animal hugger I have to fight not to take my eye from the viewfinder and just watch for myself, but I knew that there was a special image in the making and was determined to show the beauty of these animals to the world. And sure enough it paid off, the youngster played with the mum’s face and I got the image that I had been waiting for. It’s probably the best image of a Langur Monkey that I have taken in my 10 years of visiting the magic of Ranthambhore.” - #Repost , Photograph taken by @wildmanrouse
Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve, Yunnan: A Juvenile Yunnan snub nosed monkey in a tree. Rediscovered by scientists in 1979, these monkeys were though to be extinct for over 80 years. This image is from China's Wild Side. #NatGeoWildlife #SnubNosedMonkey #ChinasWildSide
“Athirapally Falls - ‘The Niagara of India’ - is the largest waterfalls in Kerala. It is the best eco-tourism spot in Kerala. The protected lush green regions around this is famous for jungle safaris . It is one of the top film shooting locations in India. A visit to this popular waterfalls will satiate the nature lover in you!” - #Repost by @visualsofnebu_
“A moment captured at local brick kiln at Phulewadi near Kolhapur in Maharashtra. A women's able hand passing onto the brick to strengthen her family walls. There are almost 700 such kilns in and around Kolhapur with thousands of labourers laying bricks of their lives here, coming from many villages surrounding and away from Kolhapur. Various NGOs work for the empowerment of women & children are also working here.” - #Repost by
When water becomes the ultimate drug, the high is worth your life. #ChangeForTheCrisis
When the only drop of drinking water is drowned by the deepest ocean. #ChangeForTheCrisis
The poor and the rich separated by nothing but a drop of water. #ChangeForTheCrisis
Soon, Mars might be our closest hope. #ChangeForTheCrisis
Meerkats are a careful and strategic bunch! See how they guard themselves from the dangers of the desert, on #HostilePlanet . #NatGeoWildlife #Meerkats Watch Hostile Planet: Deserts on Hotstar now.
“This is the time of the sunflower fields... I went to travel to these amazing fields and photographed nature, and most of all surfing! Within a few years I became a very known surf photographer in Israel and travelled to different places to capture some amazing moments.” - #Repost by @malkanihom
An elite group of predators in the African Savanna emerge from under the cover of darkness to hunt through the night. Watch them tonight at 8 PM on #DeadByDawn on National Geographic & Hotstar.
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