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Photo @stephen_matera // The desert surrounding Hanksville, Utah is a surreal mix of canyons, mountains and plateaus. Hanksville was first settled in the late 1800s and was a supply post for Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, who would hide out at nearby Robbers Roost Canyon (not shown here). The surrounding area is a nearly six-million acre wilderness that was the last in the lower 48 to be mapped by the USGS. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Utah and around the world. #desert #wilderness #erosion
Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz €150M of Parmigiano Reggiano slowly cures in the world’s largest cheese warehouse #inEmiliaRomagna region of Italy. #WhoCutTheCheese It was Netto, and it smelled pretty good! To see more of our world’s food production, follow @feedtheplanet
Photo by @jodymacdonaldphoto // There are some views you never forget. This one, from my hotel room in Guatemala features Volcano Atitlan and, to the north, Volcano Toliman making a dramatic backdrop to Lake Atitlan. Today’s landscape is a result of a massive eruption that occurred 85,000 years ago. So much magma was expelled that the terrain surface collapsed resulting in a circular hollow that filled with water to create Lake Atitlan. Situated in the Sierra Madre mountains, the lake measures 8km across from north to south and 18km from east to west with an average depth of approximately 300m. If you find yourself traveling in Guatemala, this is a sight not to be missed. To see more of my travels through Guatemala follow @jodymacdonaldphoto and check out National Geographic Travel’s Instagram story highlights from #TUMI . #Guatemala @natgeocreative #travel
The drive inland from Morocco’s Mediterranean Coast through Oued Laou Gorge is one of the country’s most dramatic drives. This region receives some of Morocco’s highest levels of rainfall and contains thick pine and cedar forests, the only remaining Moroccan fir, and home to the endangered Barbary macaques, the only primate native to #Morocco . It borders Talassemtane National Park, a government initiative to protect Moroccan flora and fauna from extinction. Photo by @ErikaSkogg // link in her bio for new book on photographing in Morocco.
Photo by @renan_ozturk Shadowy giants rose above the sea, wrapped in moonlight, tide pools and the greater universe of stars. Could not have had a more serendipitous first look at this landscape etched in our memories. With @taylorfreesolo @bugsstagram and @fezrampant #milfordsound #newzealand
Photo by @amivitale. Wildebeest  migrating towards rainfall and greener pastures, return from the Masai Mara National Reserve in their southward trek to their calving grounds on the shortgrass plains of the #Serengeti  ecosystem to Singita #Grumeti  Reserves (@SINGITA_ ), a conservatory adjacent to Serengeti National Park in #Tanzania . To learn more about the incredible conservation efforts,  follow @amivitale and @SINGITA_ #wildebeest  #singitagrumetifund @natgeo  @natgeocreative  @thephotosociety   #africa  #everydayafrica  #animals  #safari   #wildlife  #photooftheday  #photography   #nature  #seetheworld  #bestdestinations  #photojournalism  #amivitale
Photo by @taylorglenn // California oak tree and sunset light. What a wonderful treat to experience a drive through this landscape in Spring. I have a hard time getting anywhere because it's so incredibly beautiful! Follow @taylorglenn for more from #California and the road #spring #roadtrip #travel #landscape
photo by @andrea_frazzetta // A sulfur miner stands inside the crater of the Kawah Ijen volcano at night. Mount Ijen, on the Island of Java, Indonesia, hosts one of the last remaining active sulfur mines in the world. Since 1968, the sulfur miners have ventured into this unpredictable labyrin th of gas clouds and superheated fumaroles to extract “devil’s gold” and carry it back down the mountain. “Sulfur Road” my latest assignment for National Geographic is on line, check it on NatGeo website and follow @andrea_frazzetta to know more about this story #natgeotravel #ijen #java #indonesia #sulfur #miners
Video by @babaktafreshi The World at Night photography From a desert camping night on Earth to the heart of Lagoon Nebula, 4000 light years away towards the galactic core. This 40-second zoom takes millions of years with speed of current spacecrafts. The opening view shows my tent in the Atacama Desert of Chile, two years ago. The nebula appears rising above Licancabur volcano. The second part by @europeanspaceagency @nasa zooms very deep to the star-making center of the nebula. For the 28th anniversary of Hubble Telescope in space, this spectacular closeup image of interstellar gas in constellation Sagittarius is released (the last scene). Hubble has orbited Earth about 150,000 times (each 97 min). Learn on @nasahubble and Follow me @babaktafreshi for more stories under stars. #astronomy #hubbletelescope #astrophotography #atacamadesert #lagoonnebula #twanight @natgeocreative @natgeo
Photo by @mattiasklumofficial A peaceful morning to remember in Torres del Paine National Park. This epic place has become one of my favorites in South America. Love the glacial lakes, waterways and this national park’s rugged terrain! Please go to @mattiasklumofficial to see the Nyiragongo stratovolcano in the Virunga Mountains glow at night in Congo DR. and more images and info about @irisalexandrov and my projects around the world! #torresdelpaine #chile #wwf #livingthedream #protectbiodiversity #mattiasklum #chile #conservation #patagonia @mattiasklumofficial @natgeo @alexandrovklumofficial @thephotosociety @irisalexandrov
Photo @ChrisBurkard My interest in photography began with a burning desire to see the world in all its forms. The beautiful, gritty and at times complicated. I’ve realized over time that what I see with my eye & camera can be very different... one being a vision of what’s possible & the other being painfully realistic. The rare moments when those two visions combine are when I love to press the shutter. . A small Waco biplane effortlessly glides down the fins of the ‘cathedral’ on the Na Pali coast. Recently Kauai has experienced severe flooding with many homes & lives destroyed. Help is needed and if you love this island like the many that have traveled to it, look into supporting some of the groups helping to rebuild. Follow @chrisburkard for more aerial photography
Photo by @amivitale. A herd of elephants cross a river at @loisaba_conservancy in #Laikipia , northern #Kenya . More than 800 #elephants spend significant time at @loisaba_conservancy and @nature_africa is working with partners to conserve this important #elephant migratory pathway. Elephants are excellent swimmers and if faced with a strong current, they will use their trunk as a snorkel and then march right across rivers 12 feet deep. Long ago people thought that ancestral elephants may have come out of the seas. A popular myth was that their trunk evolved as a sort of snorkel in more aquatic settings. Follow @amivitale for more stories where conservation efforts are making a positive change. @nature_africa @nature_org @nrt_kenya @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #saveelephants #magicalkenya #africa #conservation #animals #safari #wildlife #photooftheday #photography #nature #seetheworld #bestdestinations #aerial #amivitale #photojournalism
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