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Mt. Baker Snow School is starting this week! How exciting! This weekend, staff and graduate students held a 2-day instructor training at the @bellinghammakers and @therealmtbakerskiarea . Our 2019 Volunteer Field Instructors include a variety of people from undergraduate students from WWU and Northwest Indian College to a former mountain guide excited to give back and volunteer his time. 2019 Mt. Baker Snow School students can look forward to building on their in-class curriculum by learning about how snow flakes are formed and how weather and climate effect their watershed, while also stopping by a snow profile station led by @nwacus Instructors and a snow algae station led by researchers from @living_snow_project . We start strong this Thursday, welcoming Edison Elementary to this year’s first snow school session! 📸: @abbysussman
M.Ed Grad, Adam looks pretty epic while lookin towards 2019 and the new quarter. • Head over to our blog page (link in bio) to see a roundup of photos from the last month of 2018!
Want to spend your next adventure with views like this?? Come see us in the North Cascades National Park! For more than 30 years, North Cascades Institute has helped people of all ages explore, enjoy and learn about this special corner of the country. We are a nationally-recognized education nonprofit that offers many exciting ways to connect with the natural and cultural history of "America's Alps”. Thank you @lenkafilova for capturing this beautiful shot of Blue Lake! • Check out our website for upcoming events and current programs (link in bio)
For this #WildlifeWednesday we wanted to appreciate this common but beautiful animals. Mule Deer are the largest deer in Washington State and are identified by their tail which is white with a black tip. These animals inhabit areas east of the North Cascades and can be found anywhere from forests to vast sagebrush meadows. đź“·: Scott Fitkin
Snow can provide great opportunities to see the tracks of critters that have trekked through an area. • Here @thewdfw biologists are observing wolf tracks found in the North Cascades! Next time you’re out on an adventure or simply taking a winter stroll, take a moment to look down and see if you can find any animal sign! 📷: Scott Fitkin
On February 9th & 16th join Libby Mills - a long time Skagit resident locally renowned for her natural history knowledge, birding and guiding skills and artwork too — for a field excursion designed to celebrate one of the Northwest’s natural treasures. • Traveling together, we’ll survey the area’s profound bird life, with a focus on raptors, wintering waterfowl and shorebirds, as well as the relationships that bring these various species together in this particular place. Link in bio for more information!
Happy Friday everyone!! Keep an eye out for our upcoming events this winter and spring! - Feb 9: Winter Visitors 1 - Birding the Skagit Flats Feb 16: Winter Visitors 2 - Birding the Skagit Flats Mar 1-3: Winter Watercolors - Painting the Peaks Mar 1-2: Night Photography at Diablo 1 Mar 2-3: Night Photography at Diablo 2 Mar 9: Lichen Exploration - Go to our website for more information (link in bio)
We love this stunning shot by @kwexphoto ! Who else is inspired to take more adventures in 2019?!
This #WildlifeWednesday , look at the cute face of this American Marten! Martens are members of the Mustelidae family and are the smaller relative to wolverines and fishers. These voracious predators remain active in the winter time and commonly inhabit the subnivean realm to avoid the cold extreme weather. đź“·: Scott Fitkin (WDFW)
Wow what a year, 2018!! Every season brought new stunning photographs and videos for all of us to share. Last year we asked what you wanted to learn in 2018. This year we want to know what new adventures are you planning/do you want to take?!
We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! • We love this shot by @wboersma !
#FlashbackFriday to before that snow line creeped down the mountains! • We love this shot by @steven_bell of Diablo Lake!
“People never tell of ice Or the snow that glitters nice Or of the icy crunchy snow Of that most people do not know The crunch that sounds beneath your feet As your sole and ice compete When in the morning as you wake You see a single white snow flake You look out of the iced window The look out seems so very low Because the snow fell all night It has left behind its sheet of white” - Helen Windass
For this #WildlifeWednesday who can name these common feeder birds?! đź“·: Scott Fitkin . . . . . . . . . 1. Downy Woodpecker 2. Black-capped Chickadee 3. Pine Grosbeak 4. Dark-eyed Junco 5. Red-breasted Nuthatch
“Sunset clinging to the North Cascades” • We love this shot taken by @mattj.80 , there’s nothing like PNW sunsets over sparkling snowy peaks!
“I love the North Cascades because it’s a diverse ecosystem of humans, creatures and abiotic features. We all connect with nature in different ways and have so much to learn from one another.” - Participant • We know that you do, too. • And we are working to ensure that America’s parks and public lands are welcoming and accessible to everyone - But we can’t do it without you! Thank you for making a generous gift by December 31 (link in bio).
The M.Ed Graduate students had the opportunity to research local environmental justice topics and reach out to community leaders to gain inside perspectives on these issues. Does this program and educational experience interest you? Check out our website to learn more about our residency graduate program (link in bio). • Establish your career in environmental education by earning a Master of Education degree while working with some of the Pacific Northwest’s best educators, naturalists and nonprofit leaders! North Cascades Institute offers a unique professional residency program designed to prepare students in all aspects of environmental education while living among the towering peaks of the North Cascades region in Washington State.
Take a break this weekend from the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and get outside! • Taking in views like these is our favorite way to enjoy this wonderful time of year! 📷: @elliothawkey
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