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Inspire and empower environmental stewardship for all through transformative educational experiences in nature. #ncascades

Check out our latest blog post (link in bio) on, “Iconic Carnivores of the North Cascades.” The post was compiled from notes taken on a presentation by North Cascades National Park wildlife biologist, Roger Christophersen.
Those mountain views. Such a wonderful colorful capture from @alpinenapping
Hooray for Environmental education week!! This week educators, students, nonprofits, communities and others come together to inspire environmental learning and encourage stewardship of our essential resources: land, air and water. During mountain school at the learning center, instructors teach mountain schoolers the importance of stream health and how it can effect both humans and wildlife. 📸: Adam Resnick
Happy Earth Day! Today is a day to celebrate the planet we all live on and to recognize there is still much work to be done to improve the environment we all share. Get involved. Volunteer, plant trees, pick up trash on the trail, ride a bike, recycle. The learning center will be hosting a stewardship day in May where you can help “give back” to the North Cascades and contribute to the Institute’s conservation mission. More details on our website. (Link in bio) 📸: @nasa
Head over to our newly revamped blog and check out what grads and staff have been up to. From biking on a still closed, but partially cleared highway 20 to teaching mountain school and hiking (link in bio) 📸: Gina Roberti
It’s Friday and a beautiful day up in the North Cascades!! Who’s getting outside this weekend!?! 📸: @bluemrb
Old mans beard, a type of lichen hanging from a tree branch. Lichen class participant Evan Holmstrom took many a photo while engaging in a lichen hike at the Learning Center. We are gearing up for our summer programs and there are learning adventures for all ages. Enjoy taking an adult seminar on night photography with @andyporterimages , bring the whole family and have planned adventures with Family Getaways or enjoy Base Camp which allows you to explore on your own at your own pace. For more info on summer programs, check out our website. (Link in bio)
“It’s been a #townsendssolitare kind of week”. @wingtrip has been finding these gems all over the upper Skagit river this week. This medium size thrush is the only solitaire native to America, north of Mexico. They migrate from as far as southern Alaska to northern Mexico. Quite the journey!!
Grad student leading mountain schoolers in the closing ceremony as they prepare to head home. Mountain school students had a fun packed 2 1/2 days where they learned about predator/prey adaptations, decomposers, the water cycle and much more. 🎥: @peakedcuriosity
“Made it through another winter” 📸: @poncedeleonphoto
Cohort 16 presented their graduation capstone projects the week of March 19-23. Presentations tackled subjects pertaining to social justice and the underlying history of racism in the environmental movement. Check out our latest blog post (link in bio) to learn more about Transformative Inquiry, the process graduates used to create their capstones.
Did you know that in 1930 Diablo Dam was the world's highest dam at 389 feet? Learn more about the Upper Skagit Hydroelectric Project with a tour on Diablo Lake, inside the powerhouse, or a walking tour in Newhalem. (photo @maddrummahboy )
Take a Skagit Tour and explore Diablo Lake and Newhalem with a boat trip and/or an interactive walking tour. North Cascades Institute and partners, Seattle City Light and NPS give you an inside look at the Upper Skagit Hydroelectric Project and insight into the cultural history of the North Cascades. Registration info on our website!! (Link in bio) 📸: @skagittours
Check out Jagged Ridge Imaging to see John Scurlock's amazing aerial photography. From John: Consider the north face of Hozomeen’s south peak - an enigma like no other part of the mountain. Difficult to see, even from the air, and even then, withholding its secrets unless a bit of snow pulls the curtain aside for a bit. It’s right up there as one of the most difficult mountain faces I’ve photographed, due to its close proximity to the north peak. #ncascades #northcascades #pasaytenwilderness #hozomeen #aerialphotography #northcascadesnationalpark #noca50 #jaggedridgeimaging
Song sparrows are year long residents, but just started singing here in the North Cascades. Exciting to hear so many birds singing their way into spring! 📸: @wingtrip
😮 On day 2 of mountain school, students get to pick specimens and check them out under the microscope. Lichen, feathers, moss, rocks, sticks, bugs are all choices they can pick from our drawer of curiosities. 📸: Gina Roberti
“The endless space in the mountains reminds me...” 📸: in frame: @anastasia.allison
“Light rays in the North Cascades 🏔” Beautiful capture from @kylekotajarvi
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