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Наверное я слишком влюблён... Я снова начал слушать Земфиру, Листая твои фото в альбомах, Вникая в тебя тысячи раз... Я слишком влюблён; - Ты в каждой моей мысли. Ты - вирус! Я снова буду ждать тебя дома, В бессмысленном поиске глаз.
I had this perfect dream Un sueno me envolvio This dream was me and you Tal vez esta aqui I want all the world to see Un instinto me guiaba A miracle sensation My guide and inspiration Now my dream is slowly coming true The wind is a gentle breeze EI me hablo de ti The bells are ringing out EI canto vuela They're calling us together Guiding us forever Wish my dream would never go away
Echoes start as a cross in you, Trembling noises that come to soon. Spatial movement which seems to you, Resonating your mask or feud. Hollow talking and hollow girl, Force it up from the root of pain.
Pienso que un sueño parecido no volverá más Y me pintaba las manos y la cara de azul Y me improviso el viento rapido me llevo Y me hizo a volar en el cielo infinito
Нахер мне город, в котором больше не встретить тебя.. Сворачивать горы с восьми до пяти, спасаясь нещадной работой.. 😔
This is my winter song to you. The storm is coming soon, It rolls in from the sea My voice; a beacon in the night. My words will be your light, To carry you to me.
I'm quiet, you know, You make a first impression, I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind Even the best fall down sometimes, Even the stars refuse to shine, Out of the back you fall in time You somehow find you and I collide
I'm like a bird, I only fly away I don't know where my soul is I don't know where my home is All I need for you to know is
Sin miedo en el infierno al recordar Si vuelve a ser domingo al despertar Quédate conmigo aquí a mi lado