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This has been in my drafts almost a year. Designer: @sydneyduncanco Photographer: @theladyandrock Makeup artist: @lindseyalexandriaa
#rawvegan lychee rose cheesecake 🌹 with pistachios. I used coconut oil , cashews, dates, walnuts , agave , rose water, lychees, tiny bit of lemon, forget if anything else, I don’t think so. Dash of pink salt in crust.
Silver sleep; omens in water. Photo: @jakesaxman HMUA: @artistrybykelsea
🎀🕊🎀🦈 this makeup look! Photo: @jakesaxman HMUA: @artistrybykelsea (sorry for reposts, just like the quality more!)
I love harsh sun light tbh (in photos. Nocturnal preference irl). Photo: @aubreyvphoto HMUA: @lindseyalexandriaa
@makeroats #vegan overnight oats (mulberry chia kind that has pumpkin seeds) in papaya boat. Usually I don’t use big spoons but I was too tired to find a small one and then filling it up again looked less perfect so. This is the only breakfast food I like I think ? Like there is no added sugar, all organic, I was just surprised to find this brand ! With some foods like breakfast foods I don’t trust making it myself and too sleepy. Serve with green tea (Vahdam or Jasmine green by Numi are the best green tea. I would know because I’ve been the green tea expert for ten years. )
Sacred scared . Photo: @destinyjkeller Designer: @sydneyduncanco HMUA: @lindseyalexandriaa
Dream shoot! Designs by @sydneyduncanco Photo by @destinyjkeller HMU by @lindseyalexandriaa
Puzzle fruit, stuck in window water Winter specter gaze for spring nostalgia Unwake - unrule; baby - wishes and seeds that do nothing. Sky cut off from the stars mask of a deconstructed lens Photo: @amarismillsphoto
Grace Kelly inspired by @amarismillsphoto top: @theory__ pants: $4 kids pants from target
#vegan Quinoa Paella with jackfruit, black eyed peas, Spanish pardon peppers (poblano would be good if available ), olives, saffron. Also some jicama chips on the side (sorta look like toast or something). Hmm what else, bell peppers, garlic , paprika, parsley, tomato, onion, little tiny bit of tumeric for extra color and benefit, pink salt, veg broth. . The jicama chips seasoned with olive oil, lemon baked, the Paxton peppers , chili powder , oregano, black pepper. The jackfruit is the chili lime variant. I was feeling a little nostalgic of the amazing vegan food I had in Spain so I decided to make a paella. Also the jackfruit makes up for the sweetness in peas with traditional paella. #veganpaella #fancyantiquejapaneseplates #vegano also peel the jicama skin I forgot to look into it sorry have to make a new batch and now I learned apparently it’s toxic 😰
More from shoot with @amarismillsphoto on Sakura lane (red wing) ! Feather from love (always wear it really), top by @theory__ and team for makeup and styling
Laying on a rock in the sand. @amarismillsphoto shirt @theory__ makeup: team
#vegan butternut squash quinoa pasta with cannellini bean, broccoli, romanesco , #rawmesan , and olives ! (Roasted garlic , pink salt, lot of oregano, basil, lemon). Purée roasted squash and garlic. Sauté with white bean and herbs. Also roast broccoli and romensco. 🥦 🍋 🌿
Texture turned out well today! Dragon fruit nice cream with vanilla #rawvegan protein and raw Himalayan goji trail mix (dragonfruit strawberry mango almond milk. Brazil milk is great for smoothies too) #vegan
Too much flash and Indian food = dreamy mood. #valentine
Been obsessed ! Photo by @deariusfranklin makeup by @kylagentryspears asst @palimpsestt #freckles
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