This shoot was so fun ! Photo by @cs_visuals_ & HMUA @saltyhairstylist . Excited to share everything
Planetary brush strokes. @sawyernottom
Invisible window. Loved working with @sawyernottom & dress from @angelicera
In love with this visage of me by @utrymme.u !! Original photo was taken by @melissakate8 ✨🙏🏻 #artist #thegoatpicture #portrait #ifeelthisiswhatmysoullookslike
Tried a new #vegan food experiment tonight for the first time in awhile ~ stuffed sweet potato with jerk seasoned tempeh , cauliflower, onion, wild rice with a side of poblano salsa ! Baked sweet potato and poblano pepper in olive oil. Jerk seasoning + small amount of chili powder, tamari , and white pepper. For salsa it’s just onion, poblano, lime, pink salt, Thai Chile! What are your favorite jerk style or Jamaican inspired vegan dishes ? This would be nice with avocado and cilantro but I forgot. @sandoksentient helped a little with the idea too ! For extra flavor / heat you can try scotch bonnet peppers or sauce. Next week: Sheppard pie with Lima beans and sauerkraut
To the trained eye | Photo by @cs_visuals_ assistant @cindy_snyderr HMU by me
In love with these photos by @armphoto_ !! (Styling and makeup as well)
Nature walks 🐙🖤🦂 ! #nomakeup
Are scans better or does it not matter or worse ? Usually quality reposts make me disenchanted 😕 photo by my luv , makeup art direction styling for #Polaroids by me #filmisnotdead #saperlipopettemagazine
#vegan #glutenfree plantain cassava burrito shells with home made salsa ! Didn’t expect these to turn out so amazing. Plaintains , avocados , brown rice , three bean mix, home made salsa with peppers all from garden (adding scorpion and habanero next ) yes I had to get out the pretty plate. Wrapped in cassava flour shell. 🐚 I don’t know if it’s taco or burrito but inspired by taco mamacitas vegan tacos in TN. This is the first time I’ve ever made tacos or burritos that actually turned out. For seasonings it was mostly just fresh cilantro and the salsa from the garden needed , I didn’t use any dry seasonings besides pink salt.
Photo by @y0chang summer preference with a winter heart ! Hair was by @palimpsestt but it got messed up. Makeup by me. Favorite dress my bf got me in Madrid
Sea orphan story Photo by @kaymariephoto HMU by @artistrybykelsea
Bts preview of dewy looks from shoot today with @armphoto_ ! So excited to see the photos. She did my makeup too
This has been in my drafts almost a year. Designer: @sydneyduncanco Photographer: @theladyandrock Makeup artist: @lindseyalexandriaa
#rawvegan lychee rose cheesecake 🌹 with pistachios. I used coconut oil , cashews, dates, walnuts , agave , rose water, lychees, tiny bit of lemon, forget if anything else, I don’t think so. Dash of pink salt in crust.
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