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Is it me, or is she standing a little taller today? @stlouisblues
‘cause you’ll always be my baby... @oldtowndonuts
@sumpcoffee cold brew is just what we need this morning after the @stlouisblues loss last night. Let’s refuel and get back at it tomorrow, boys! You can grab a can at @cbc_clayton , but call ahead first to make sure it’s in stock- this stuff flies off the shelf!
Some of our city’s best coffee shops are located within office buildings. Where’s your favorite spot to grab a cold brew?
We aren’t heading to the beach this year while baby is so tiny, so we’ll just have to bring the beach to us. Key lime pie always reminds me of Florida. There’s a little mom and pop grocery store where we vacation that has the best pies and cakes by the slice. When we’re there, I love grabbing a slice of their key lime pie and finding the best place to watch the sunset while enjoying it. Sigh, we’ll miss that this summer but can’t wait to bring Quinn to the beach next year! Recipe for our key lime pie is in our bio @newlywedchefs
101 looks good on you, @gioiasdeli. 👏🏻❤️🎉#gioiatotheworld
Look at this bae. Beautiful, right? Picked it ourselves! Pick your own strawberry season is BACK at @eckertfarms ! What are some of your favorite strawberry recipes? You can find the following on our blog: ⁣ ⁣ 1) fresh strawberry cupcakes with buttercream frosting ⁣ 2) strawberry shortcake ⁣ 3) strawberry oatmeal bars ⁣
My mom makes the best muffins around. These banana chocolate chip muffins are one of the most tested recipes on our site because we make them all. the. time. As a kid, I’d help mom make these because the recipe is pretty darn simple. Pro tip: the recipe calls for a cup of chocolate chips... but I just add the whole bag. 😳 The recipe couldn’t be easier and it’s posted in our bio. Make these with your kiddos this weekend and start making memories in the kitchen. These would be perfect to make for a special mama in your life this Mother’s Day!
I’d say the city of St. Louis is the real winner, @beardfoundation. We get @michael.gallina and @funfearlessfoodie in our town and we couldn’t be prouder! @viciarestaurant
Everyone asks if we will keep doing @newlywedchefs now that we have a baby. Yep. Sure will. We haven’t posted on the blog in quite a while, and I think that’s okay. Call it our maternity/paternity leave if you will (and we will). Neil’s made some amazing meals at home, I just haven’t photographed them! Eventually, we’ll start to post new content again, so hang tight. We are determined to continue exploring St. Louis and eating at our favorite spots. We don’t intend this little one to prevent us from doing that, maybe just change the way that we get to do so. We’re excited to see the city through a new lens as parents, and look forward to sharing our adventures with you here. (Oh and no, we’re still not changing the name... and yes I realize being married for almost ten years 😱 does not qualify us as newlyweds. And I realize being home cooks does not qualify us as chefs. We thought it was cute in 2009, and we’re sticking to it! 😂) ⁣ ⁣ So today, I don’t have a new recipe for you. But here’s a lovely post from our archives: Blueberry Bread. It’s a great weekend morning bread, so grab the ingredients tonight and make it tomorrow! Link in our bio. ⁣ ⁣ THANK YOU for all your comments, DMs, and messages you’ve sent as we’ve transitioned to a family of three. We’ve never met most of you who follow this account and it means so much to have the support from so many kind humans out there. We’re all doing great and we’re totally in love with this little one. Thanks for being YOU and supporting us. Social media can be a weird and scary place sometimes, but other times, such as these, it can also be really beautiful. Thanks again for the love and support you’ve shown over the past few weeks. We love ya right back.
We’ve been waiting for a special occasion to open this @tylerflorence wine and celebrating the birth of our daughter seemed like the perfect time! This bottle was gifted to us by my parents in 2012, and we weren’t quite sure how it would age. It was excellent! I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol since July, and wasn’t sure if I was just excited to have red wine again or if it was truly that good, but Neil and my parents were all impressed. Thanks for making tonight special, @tylerflorence !
Stocking up! What’s your favorite @jenisicecreams flavor?
I’d say spring break was a success this year. Highlight: @balkantreatbox. Yes, it lives up to the hype. Get there early, get there often. We can’t wait to go back!
@sumpcoffee is one of our favorite spots for coffee in town. I loved watching the guys package the freshly roasted beans into individual bags. I just kept imagining people using them for coffee at home in the coming days. Sorry if I was staring, @sumpcoffee employees. 👀☕️
Neither of us are super Irish, but hey, it’s still fun to celebrate! There are tons of fun things to do around St. Louis today. Anyone going to festivities in Dogtown? Let us know how you’re celebrating!⁣ ⁣ I can’t eat these boozy cupcakes this year because 🤰🏼, but YOU should make them! These chocolate stout cupcakes are topped with a rich Irish whiskey buttercream that will have you doing a jig in no time. Recipe link in bio. Have fun and be safe out there! 🍀
Happy Pi Day one and all! 🥧This is our most popular pie recipe on the blog: salted caramel brownie pie (AND you can even cheat and use a box mix!). Recipe link in bio. What’s your favorite kind of pie?
Soaking up the sunshine at @hellojuicestl this afternoon! ☀️ They just rolled out their new spring menu and added more hours- they’re now also open on Sundays. Check out a few more photos in our story. #ad
Having a hard time waking up today? Here, this might help. Treat yourself to the breakfast sand from @clover_stl. You’ll go from 😴 to 🤩 in no time!
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