Alec Beeler

Fajitas with Friends I rolled mine into tortillas, and @beatnikbabe95 used hers for nachos. @sheltspeare was on the mic, and I believe we will start using it more often. We had fun, and the food was delicious. Green peppers, zucchini, and onions in the skillet with a small amount of oil. Chipotle Chili and Black Pepper sprinkled to desired amount. @daiyafoods vegan cheddar cheese on the nachos with a side of refried beans. Enjoy.
Cooking some Mexican Casserole with @sheltspeare It turned out to be more eventful than we had planned.
You ever heard of a dobsonfly?.. Neither have I, but this one was almost 5 inches long and admittedly made me a little uneasy as I noticed it directly above my head. No thanks.
Cooking with the Wife... I think I'm gonna start doing these. Fun and good practice.
That's pretty tasty
Whaaat? We just stumbled upon Zac Efron's first role... As a young Simon Tam in Firefly
So we had an unexpected visitor today...
Dang... Glad I saw this little guy. He's well hidden.
The sweet sounds of @theloversmusic
So many distractions... so little time
Hey... She actually cooperated with me long enough for this.
I can't wait to go back. Its magical.
The Messy Sloppy... Until we meet again
Love dis girl quite a bit.... So yeah
Just another day on the job
Trying out a new sleeping position
I always enjoy seeing this
What some biologists refer to as a cow-like cat
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