Nicole Camilleri

✨ Make waves, move mountains 🌊🏔 ❤️ @bradpaul__

When there’s a bug in the water 💀🐞
Might be a lil MIA lately, sorry in advance ❤️
Insta VS real life - always happy when I’m with you ❤️
All black errrythaaang 🖤
Morning ab check with @vpa_australia 😎
Glowing ✨ @nicolehillmakeup
Kicking off my Monday with these tasty (yet somehow also extremely healthy) products from @leanblend ✨ they like to call this drink protein water, but it seems more like unicorn water to me 🦄💜
Soooo my hair is brown again 🙌🏼 soaking up those golden rays 🌞
Waiting on Summer like no tomorrow 🌺
Getting in my daily snack with @goddessnutrition 🌺
No one is you and that’s your power 🖤 @nicolehillmakeup
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