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Ooh another day in paradise 🤭 not been particularly awesome at self-care for the past week (is why lil Nico is s t i l l shuffling around sneezing and shit) and planes to and from Singapore didn’t help the situation, so I believe IT IS TIME for some self-pampering #hellyeah . Massage and bed, here I come. #iamready #takeallofme 📷 by le maestro @tobias_yourfood24 🙆🏻‍♀️
It’s like a fun non-vegan mixed salad here in Singapore, to the left you see a bunch of Indians eating their lovely dal right in the middle of a maaassive Chinatown shopping street, to the right you glimpse a few Christian churches sprinkled in between those skyscrapers (ehh which have ACTUAL little jungles on their rooftops 🌴🌳🌲🌴) and all this topped with a dash of pretty mosques thrown into the mashup. And all Singaporeans seem to braid each other’s hair in peace (which I’m very sure is totally debatable and no, I have not read up on momentary cultural conflicts in Singapore but until now it seems like everyone is quite decent and behaving well). And not a single person is crossing the streets when it’s red traffic lights, beeware 🚨. According to da rules. Must be some German influence somewhere in there. 🙋🏻‍♀️ #saladparty #mishmash
Tell me your Mario Kart character and I tell you who you are. #zodiacsareover @mario.kart
Melting into the café’s interior decoration. All is one. I knew it. #allisone #singaporn #wonderland #atethecookie
Byebye #singaporn 🙌🏻
Wherever you drift off to in savasana, I shall not be held responsible. #wasntme #yankee @ssur
So you think your thoughts have an impact on your life, yea? If truly so, why didn’t you wake up this morning and consciously created your day? Chose your thoughts and ligned them up nicely like you do your underwear? To be a big smartass and rub it right in your face: As a matter of fact the most successful people on this planet have some sort of mindfulness or meditative practice. Yupp, true that, now ya’ll know. Do with it whateeever you like. #comeplay #letsride
“And now we’re doing the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Come onto your arms and swing the legs forward. If you can climb up the bell tower like this you may find enlightenment or Esmeralda up there. Both is good.” #allispossible #believeinyourself
Just be normal, Nico. #anothermagictuesday
Hiding from germs in camouflage. Go away, cold. Health and energy, here I am. Take all of me. #surrender 💆🏻‍♀️
“It felt like I was making love to the universe” mood-(statement by superbabe @nikitasundholm ) ...So much wisdom in you Nikita-San 😂 ... love having you back on the island, bebe! #superhugs #superkisses
My teacher @markwhitwell always says the meditative s t a t e arises spontaneously - you do the work (e.g. a sweet yoga practice) beforehand, and then, just like falling asleep, you slip into what is called “meditation”. It can be a little confusing as there are many practices called “meditation” these days, traditionally though, the expression was used for that spontaneously arising state that bubbles up effortlessly after a mindful and focused moment of some sort of badass practice. Meaning: there ain’t no forcing it, baba! Superpal Alan Watts once put it like this: “There’s an awful thing that meditators do, it’s called ‘compared suffering’ - they sit until their legs fall off.” Of course this stuff is controversial and lots of peeps will have a different opinion on those matters, but can’t hurt to put it out there 🕺🏻Happy Mondaaay 🙌🏻 #amen #lessonswithnico
In Hatha Yoga our fleshy vehicle, aka body, is perceived as some sort of a legit temple. It’s seen as an awesome machine 🤖 letting us roam around in this lovely world of ours, enabling us to enjoy chocolate, sunsets, amazing tunes, or the touch of another weirdo. Part of Hatha Yoga practice is to clean that temple. But, eeh, how? Well, by asking all the strange creatures camping in there (e.g. stories we keep telling ourselves) to leave so we can sweep the floor and scatter those rose petals. We get rid of the stuff we don’t need anymore (physical and mental rubbles) and those wornout patterns that don’t serve us anymore. It’s a bit like superman Michelangelo said regarding his artwork: “The sculpture is already complete [...], it is already there, I just have to chisel away the superflous material”. So just like our smartass master painter in yoga we chisel away the stuff that keeps us away from remembering how awesome we are. We sweep away the dirt, spreading incents along the way and throw our favourite colors onto the wall. And *tadaa*, we’ve become master and oevre ourselves. #leyoga #michelangelo #superdude #tempeltussi
Mowgli? Bagheera?
Taking our dogs for a walk. #donthatethedog #dogsforsale
Do you also fail every night?
Next time you manage to roll your bodily kilograms onto the mat, instead of just putting your limbs in weird places try this: Put a lil’ smile on your pretty face, relax all your lovely muscles (yes, that jaw, yes, that forehead, yes, those shoulders, and hell yes your ABDOMEN finally stop sucking in that little belly of yours, Sandy), and direct your awareness towards your beautiful breath (iiiinhaaaale fully, eeeexhaaale completely). Just lying there, breathing, with your mental monkey perfectly focused on that legit process already is actual yoga - simply getting in touch with flesh and bones, your awesome breath and this thing called “present moment” (bit of a new agey expression but hey - THIS STUFF WORKS). Perceive yourself as a decent part of this little blue planet. Because guess what, you are. In fact, advanced yoga is just that - staying present and having a nice relaxed chitchat with body and breath. Pheew, we can all be relieved now. Believe it or not, it’s not about touching your toes but about what’s going on in your mental zoo up there. It’s THAT stuff that’s gonna help you navigate your shit in everyday life. I don’t think doing the splits has ever helped anyone when the shit truly hits the fan. Imagine jumping onto the ground throwing your legs back and forth when mumma pushes your emotional buttons. Well I guess we could try, maybe we’ll all burst out laughing.💩#gorillainmyhead #zoology #rollin
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