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Be the shit without shitting on anyone. 🔮Yoga Teacher 500+ Yoga Retreats 🌏 📍Bali➳Japan ➳26.-30.7. Women's Retreat Berlin ➳Sept:Yoga-Workation Bali

When someone stole your coconut. 😱 #thisnotreal #thisnotagame #iwillfindyouandiwillkillyou
Just looked at a beeeaaautiful pinkish sunset with my sweet Bali crew here, followed by spontaneous ricepaddy stargazing, culmulating in a wonderful conversation with lots of smiles. All that's needed, all that it's about ♥️ Bali lovin', Bali livin. #amen #crewlove #balilovin #balilivin
May I introduce: Snowwhite in her @hideoutbali hut. Superduper amazing this place 😍 Daamn right, total fairytale-time in Bali 😂🦄 #hideoutbali #magicforest #nodwarfshere
Shakti-symbol pointing towards the feminine energy (yes, yoni) and force of creation (yes, supreme force whohoo). You may also call it hipster triangle, reverse trikonasana pose, or downward facing Agung. 🌋 #agunggoesdown #hipsterforce #trianglepose #shaktifam
Can't do yoga covered in diamonds man. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Dig this - what most yoga practitioners don't know: Traditionally (and very muchooo profoundly) you start your dear inhale BEFORE you start the movement (usually involving a lengthening of the spine and automatic opening of the chest) and finish the movement BEFORE you finish your sweet inhale. Same stuff goes for the exhale: You start the exhale BEFORE you start the movement (usually when you fold forward or bring any lovely limbs back towards your body center, also in any lit twists) and finish the movement BEFORE you finish the exhale. So you see - eventually it is the breath determining the pace of the movement. Yes, that's why I say MOVE IN TUNE WITH YOUR BREATH (where now you see why yoga group classes, where us teachers keep yelling in- and exhale clues only partly make sense as everybody has their own breath rhythm). Keep the breath steady and smooth throughout and you'll have a beautifully and balanced asana practice where pose and breath are wonderfully connected. Find it difficult to focus on all that simultaneously...? Welcome to the challenge - who said real yoga was easy? ;) Meditation means directing your attention towards an object of choice - yoga is sometimes called "moving meditation" for that exact reason. You focus your mind on synchronising breath and movement - boom, you're meditating automatically. If you take on that challenge, instead of just performing asana, this will be your golden ticket to the ghetto of stillness 😎 Try that, bitches! 😂♥️ #offyougo #ghettoyoga 📸by @lucakoenig.filmmaker 😌
*Promo* My awesome friend @christina.browning78 produces these beautifully and sutainably crafted yogabags - I am fully supportive as they're made of high quality cotton, produced under fair working conditions, and contain enough space to fit your beloved yoga mat and a few other things you may need when heading to yoga class. There's lots of styles available and you can even get a custom made one, just the way you like whooop ♥️. I don't get money for this and I wouldn't promote it if I didn't truly love mine, so go check them out at or contact the lovely Chris via if you like what you see wrapped around my shoulder :) #ayogilife #yogabag #hellochris 📸 by videoking @lucakoenig.filmmaker
Thought ripple of the day (inspired by the palm trees in front of my windows yay): A tree doesn't worry about its looks. It just is - it grows in all its awkward ways, grows out of perfectly paved streets, occasionally annoying the crap out of humans (pavement workers who have to fix their beloved street again) and doesn't give a daaamn shit about it. It knows it's completely cool and awesome the way it is, expressing itself and unfolding in manifold ways. Now you are part of nature, too - what does this mean for you? ...You do the maths. I know you can. #thoughtrippleoftheday #lessonswithnico #amen #bethetree
"Slow down your breath if you want a long ride." Personally I am aiming for a looooooong, fun rollercoaster adventure. Who's in? 🎢🎠Quote by my superteacher Mark Whitwell ♥️ #hellomark #superyogi #rideordie #literally 😂 @markwhitwell 📸 by @officeflucht #thebaliguideline
Utkatasana, also called Toiletasana, most important asana in India. You will thank me. #toiletasana #squats #holeintheground #yogaforlife
How long since you've felt the rain on your skin..? Like, really felt it FOR REAAL..? And enjoyed it even (ookay, a villa with pool set in a tropical paradise definitely helps, I give you that)..? Here's a beautiful piece of writing: "How long since we've delighted in eating a piece of fruit? How long since kissing has made us lose our breath, feel dizzy, and blush as a wave of energy surges through our bodies? ...How long since we've lost ourselves looking at the marvellous wings of a butterfly, at the clouds, at the stars, at the bark on a tree, or into the eyes of another human being?" (Daniel Odier, "Tantric Quest")
Good morning - Ubud day 🎈
"Into the wild I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." 👣 If you ever wanna get away from the Bali buzz @hideoutbali is your best option 😍 Felt a little bit like snowwhite in there - minus the dwarfs 🙇🏻‍♀️ #snowwhite #fairytales #hideoutbali #peekingout #thebaliguideline
"What do you see?" - "Beautiful things." - Johann Sebastian Bach, when crossing over to nirvana. ♥️ 👣📸 @lucakoenig.filmmaker
Yogablablah: - Dear dudes and dudettes, doing a handstand doesn't make you into a superyogini. If you, however, truly and fully embrace the MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSET EEVER (it was this one I swear) while doing this, you shall pass. Yoga means hugging and squeezing and cuddling the present moment, not simply throwing your legs up (that being said, hell yeah it can be heaps and heaps of fun boom chakalaka) Listen to my supercool teacher Mark: “What does it take to actually be a yogi, really? Not spiritual attainment or asana performance, but the beautiful embrace of your own reality.” ーMark Whitwell, Yoga of Heart. So please do that and then we can talk about lifting off (not that I'm a handstand pro haha). 🚀 #throwyourlegsupintheair #spacenico #gettingthere #TOPTHREEBESTSUNSETSOFMYLIFE
Baligasm. All day every day.
"Yogini" used to be a description not only for ascets and yoga practitioners, but, amongst others, witches and fairy-like beings, too. Yoginis, as perceived back then, were able to fly around, dancing, protecting those who'd offer them flowers, rice and milk (and sometimes meat). ...💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻Dancing comes easily to me but flying is still work in progress🚀. But flowers are aalways a good idea😌😀. 📸@lucakoenig.filmmaker #flywithme #rotdresschen #fairytale @labrisabali
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