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Be the shit without shitting on anyone. 🔮Yoga Teacher 500+ based in Bali ➳ 26.-30.7. Women's Retreat Berlin 🤘🏻 ↡More info↡

Black panthers . . . 🐆🐆🐆
Beautiful 6 hour coffee conversation yesterday with one of the most interesting people I've ever met: "Are you striving to recreate that higher state of consciousness...?" "No, because it left me with a feeling of not having control over it." "But that's because you didn't have the right 'container' to put the experience in back then, right - you didn't know what was happening." "True. But then I don't think experiencing those states is the point of life, is it - if it helps put things in perspective, great - but if we get lost in there we're kinda missing the amazing stuff and beauty all around us." @markwhitwell you know what we were talking about ;)
😭Forgot my favourite beige summer coat in the tram yesterday. Sign of universe not to be too attached to the material world? Well, dear universe, wanna give me a refund ...?
Just stopped by at one of my favourite bookstores here in Berlin and flipped through a pretty cool and thought-provoking book (right before they kicked, or rather dragged, me out). The smart author made the experiment of living one year as if it was her last one on Earth. 👀Eeeh holy moly - just imagine what this would do to your way of living. It would change eeeverything from the stuff we do during the day to the way we spend our money, to the people we hang out with. I would RUN to go catch every sunset I could. And I would go watch a swanlake ballett show in beautiful Paris. And I would visit all pyramids and temple ruins on Earth and try to discover their secrets. And I would dance. A lot. And I would want the best and funniest and deepest conversations with friends and family and also random strangers ever - to soak up everyone's wisdom and ways of seeing the world. And I would wanna tell everyone how amazing they are and that they could set their pretty feet in any direction they choose. And I would stare at the night sky every day and wonder what's out there (ET you hear me?) 👽✨. And I would probably eat a lot of vegan cheese cake 🍰. Funny how we tend to push the uncomfortable matters faaar away from us even though they'd help us realize what it is that we love about this awkward earthly experience here. What would you guys do? 🌝 #getoffinstagram 😂 (first thing I guess) #sarongsundays 📸 by @dereksimpsonphoto
Missed my sneakers. You feel me Berlin? 😂 #barefoot #inbali
Blasting high vibrational energy into my food. Thanks for still wanting to collaborate with me @ericmirbach @vegangoodlife @daluma.official #peasplease #foodporn
You don't just do yoga when you swing your sweet little ass on the mat or into a yoga class. Yoga can show up in the way you perceive a sunset (see that beauty?), appreciate a moment with a loved one (are you present and listening?), or how you acknowledge your own awesomeness (you may not be as horrible as you think). Yes, you are entitled to enjoy life. And to get better at that we gotta figure out what it is that prevents you from doing so. The practice of yoga makes you aware of HOW you stumble through life (how do you take on challenges?), then takes out your stinky mental trash 💩(ever heard of those limiting beliefs etc.?), so that you got more headspace to train your pretty little brain in recognizing the cool stuff all around you and dealing with the not so great stuff in a smarter and calmer way. Plus, as you get rid of the sticky dust dimming your perception, you get clearer on what you want and - boom - your inherent light (aka awesome personality) can finally shine through #highfive 🙌🏻. Eventually, through all that dusting-off and "space-making" (physically and mentally), you can systematically shape your way of thinking and even b e i n g (ever heard: "What you think, you become"? You guessed it - mind your thoughts;) ). Sounds better than a therapy session? It damn is - and way more fun. #yogaisasuperpower 📸 by @officeflucht
Tachchen, dit is Berlin wa? #gypsyontour #bumbagswag #troubleforaweek
Apparently the French play better soccer in Moscow than I used the drill machine in their country last year. But instead of rolling down onto the ground in soccerplayer-mode after drilling into my own index finger and blaming poor Felix standing 8 meters away from me for it, I just wrapped two meters of very useful toilet paper around my finger (see leftovers of finger above), and kept working on building my spaceship to Pandorra. Congrats to all the Frenchies I know. The force was with you🙏🏻 #iamnotyourfather #lescroissants #deuxbaguettespourleprixdedeux 📸-skillz by @nikolaiehree
〰I want to touch the world and make it smile 〰 Charles de Lint 🖤 #whatanicetouch #touchycharles
Me checking the ocean for sharks so I can save all the surferboys from becoming brekkie. Someone's gotta do the job. #baywatch #haarerama #haarehaare #🙋🏻
Off to Portugal with @herman__sky 🙌🏻 #boomchakalaka #brudi
Yogabrainwash: Meditating doesn't mean you sit x-legged for hours and hours not thinking about anything- it means you direct your attention towards an object of choice (could be your breath, an image, a mantra, - yes, meditation is part of the whole chanting thing-, could even be the act of brushing your beautiful teeth) and keep the mind focused on that. If your sneaky monkey mind wanders off, just bring it back, bring it back, bring it back. Don't get angry with your monkey when it keeps jumping from thought to thought, just keep it on a leash. It's a monkey and needs heaps of training 🐒🐒🐒. At deeper stages of meditation you may then proceed to becoming fully absorbed into the object of meditation (maybe t h e n you don't want your teeth as a meditation object but rather a legit mantra with a decent vibration #allisvibrationyeehah ). But initially, just practice directing your attention on an easy object, e.g. your beautiful inhales and exhales, or give that OM chanting a go (if you're too embarrassed you can also chant internally). Meditation has been proven to not only awaken your mental superpowers (more focus, more clarity, mental calm, more non-reactive choices aka not freaking out and yelling when someone like mummy pushes your buttons) so you get more shit done. Meditation also strengthens your immune system and levels of stress resilience (what we all need big time). Plus, it's super hot because looking after yourself is a superpower that makes people damn attractive 🔥. 📸 @dereksimpsonphoto
Making casual conversation with my dad yesterday - Me: "Dad, what do you think life is all about?" Dad: "I think it's about being amazed by the world's beauty." Aw. There's something there. 🙏🏻 #whoami #andifyeshowmany 📸 by @dereksimpsonphoto 😘
The Berlin Fernsehturm has changed a lot. #heypal #metamorphosis
Thank you Bali once again - what a blast ! Life in your arms just gets better and better. See ya soon mumma ! #youdabest #offtoeurope
"When the moon is made steady the sun can be made to rise." Image via @aimee_glucinastevens - you're the bomb ♥️ #hathayoga
Yogabrainwash #427 : When the ocean is still (not quite in this pic but we really couldn't wait for the waves to caaalm doooown as this is surf tooown #itsarhyme ) we have a muuuch better chance of seeing the lovely crap hiding deep down beneath the surface. Then we go collect our trash (eeh surprise 🎉- the ocean is a metaphor for your mind, who would've thought ha) #truethat though. It's so super duper cool what we can do if we just learn how to control our thoughts (ever heard of placebo? if that stuff doesn't startle you then I don't know) - for the nerds: Superdude Joe Dispenza also talks about this in his newest book. He's the man (or one of them). #trashcollector #yogaramble #stillyourmind 📸 by the amazing @dereksimpsonphoto
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