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Be the shit without shitting on anyone. Yoga & Life Coaching Workshop 23./24.2.19 | Berlin 🔮Yoga Teacher, writer at @vegangoodlife ↡More info↡

Socking around in Mitte with @ptrash @rdcoffeebar ☕️ being stalked by @siliconallee 📷😂😘 #sockyoga #upsidedown
Teamed up with two rad life coaches to offer a chosen group of outstanding women an awesome yoga & life coaching workshop 23./24. February. Besides playing around with the tools of yoga and meditation we’ll have a proper look at where you wanna go this year and how to propel you forwards in all your sweet endeavors. Interested in not letting 2019 get the best of you once again? Hit me up for more info 🚀 #propeller #coachingbiszumgetno @juliane.ges #soulcare
“And this is how you make your bed in yoga...” xD #yoganidra #preparation #😴 #secretsidecrow
“I’m just here for the savasana”. Quoting 🎈pic by photoguru @dereksimpsonphoto 🙏🏻 #helloderek #savasana #generalpurpose
You won’t believe it but this picture has been taken by accident #schwöre #forreal
Water is important. #🤷🏻‍♀️ #whatcanisay
*Drumroll* 🥁 Some scientific stuff to brighten your day 🌈: What those ancient badass yogis and yoginis knew that is now being confirmed by science: conscious movement and meditation both switch on areas of your brain that you usually don’t use (hello superpowers) and build new neuro-networks between your brain cells and their synapses - meaning your gray matter and even emotional intelligence is gonna work way ABOVE AVERAGE compared to your co-workers, friends, competitors, or other fella companions - if you practice mind-body techniques regularly. This stuff doesn’t just raise your brain capacity superman-style but also boosts your ability to control thoughts and emotions, and even overwrite old worn-out patterns of behavior ready to be dumped right into the trash can. The more focused and present you become through moving, breathing, or just sitting in stillness Buddha-fashion, the more you can play around with your human potential. And why the hell not check out how much superhero is hiding inside of you? #letsplay #superhero #superwoman #superpowers #
G’day my lovely human beings. Laughter kills more cancer cells than veggies ever will, and is a natural painkiller 😷 (remember this next time you hit your pinky toe) whoop. Even fake laughter releases that awesome stuff called serotonin (which is our feel-good/happy hormone🌈). There is even such a thing as laughter-yoga, which actually has become pretty popular in India in recent years, and basically turns you into a giggling ball of happiness in only a few minutes. Is this something you’re interested in..? A giggling session, potentially combined with a bit of meditation in the end? Then I’ll look further into that stuff. No better job than making people crack up.🎈⚡️⚡️ #laughteryoga #crackingup #becauseimhappy
Recent conversation: Dude: “I tried yoga once. I lasted two minutes and then I gave up cause I found it so boring.” Well well well. Ever thought about that yoga practice maybe isn’t meant to be exciting and a hell lot of fun? Ever thought about that oftentimes we experience boredom when we’re being left alone with the stuff in our heads we’d rather not look at, and got nothing to distract us with? When we have to deal with what’s going on inside of us on a mental level? Maybe yoga practice presents a challenge in that way because we’re not used to just sit or move in a really present way anymore, without our monkey mind constantly wanting to be entertained. Have you ever thought about the idea that this process could actually be good for you? To relearn to just be mentally present and look at the stuff resurfacing in those moments of stillness? My dear friend, not everything that is good for you is necessarily also fun. You also brush your teeth regularly (I sincerely hope) - do you get off on that? Probably not. But you do it anyway because you know it’s good for you. Cause people prefer talking to you without bad breath and ugly teeth. Same thing with yoga or any sort of mind-body practice. It’s the value of it that makes you do it. And maybe, with time, you learn to love it, who knows, and getting on the mat or the meditation cushion won’t be such a hassle anymore. With time you just do the practice because it’s become a part of your daily routine. (For the nerds: It takes about 40days to establish a new habit). All I can say is: this stuff works. 🥳 #thisshitworks #amen #yogapromo 📷skills by @tichgraphicxz 🙏🏻
Dudes and Dudettes, join me and Ioannis Stavros Golemas at @agapezoe_festival next weekend for an uplifting dynamic meditation workshop (think Osho magic) to propel you forwards into the new year in turbo-mode by setting legit intentions and getting in touch with your (very dope) Self and other human creatures. There’s even gonna be a bit of cacao fun, no kidding #yummy . Without cream tho, and we’ll leave the clothes on, I promise😄. See you there 🎈#meditationworkshop #agapezoe #yogaworkshop #oshomeditation #osho 🙏🏻
Few months ago I accepted the challenge of running around naked at home more often, that is to say every day. As it’s freakin winter here in Berlin now (eeh holymoly it’s freeeziiing), I chose shifting the task to running around in my lovely underwear every day and turned my heater up big time (@hosalind I am literally investing money in this😂). Guess my yoga practice is gonna see a lot of skin in 2019, and maybe a few blue toes (my apartment is not that cold-proof). Why the hell is the whole thing an awesome endeavor? Because this stuff helps feeling more comfortable in our own skin, something that most of us women still struggle with. Yeah I can see some pretty eyes rollin’ here, but it doesn’t help to ignore the facts - I just read that “women hate their body more than ever before” 😩 - super sad. Truth be told though, I don’t know any woman that feels completely confident when freeing her nipples. Yupp, in spite of emancipation, female empowerment and all those endless body-positivity campaigns. So here we go, let’s take off our shirts more often, and learn to appreciate and adore what we have instead of hiding underneath all those fabrics. Maybe some lovely ladies out there are brave enough to join me in this little adventure. 🙆🏻‍♀️ #challengeaccepted #freethenipple
Byebye 2018 you mental rollercoaster 🎢. Cheers to all the weirdos that made it not-so-boring. Ready ready ready for 2019, bring it ooon 🥳🎈#byebye2018 #seeyounever
Personal practice: Aaah yaah, still a daily struggle. Giving my best to do SOMETHING every day, but usually shit, aka lovely life, gets in the way (or I self-sabotagingly (this a word?) let it get in the way oh oh), and I end up with that pain-in-the-ass feeling of not having done enough to make my day as awesome as can be #🎈. Sounds familiar to some yogis out there😄 (don’t leave me hangin here)? So here we go, one of my (multiple) new year’s resolutions ✨: Chasing that cranky feeling away into neverland in 2019 to go meet Michael in his grave. I guess something is better than nothing so gonna celebrate myself for any sorts of efforts anyway #party . #amen #yogapolice #hellomichael 📷 photo efforts by homeboy @ericmirbach 🚀
Work o’clock. #butfirstcoffee ☕️
Tarotcardreader-dude never showed up so I thought I’ll just take over his hut for that day. Give me your money and I’ll show you the cards. 🙋🏻‍♀️🔮 📷by maestro @adamjohnlife | @lalagunabali #tarotcards #balitales #moneymaker
Somewhere lost between Autohaus Waltershausen and Berlin. Who are these people and where is this guy in the front in his green Christmas sweater taking us #flixbus
Flying into the new year like...🚀 good ol’ new year’s resolutions (yaah you bet I got some totally rad ones prepared BECAUSE WE CAN ALWAYS TRY) : Levitating my yogic ass back to NY, Tokyo, Bali, and London to cook up and undertake some more suspicious yoga projects, and to enlighten Donald Trump💡. (🙋🏻‍♀️ @officeflucht can we make a new sticker #makeshithappenin2019 ). #yogicass #warrior3 #newyearsresolution #boomchakalaka
High-quality picture of me trying to focus on my yoga thing after having received the message that I’VE JUST BECOME AN AUNTIE #😱 #AHH . So nope, definitely wasn’t the most focused practice ever, being an uber-emotional mess full of love and all. Also doing headstand with all those tears in my eyes (and running nose) is definitely a challenge haha. Don’t tell my sis but I will secretly kidnap her kid when it’s old enough and turn it into a superyogi 🤭. Kid’s gonna be Buddha in no time 🧘🏻‍♀️. #nowayout #auntienico #🎈
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