Natl Ice Cream Retailers Assoc

🌟Ice cream people striving to continually grow and remain in the forefront of the frozen dessert industry 🌟#conecon19 Charleston SC Nov 5-7

Many NICRA members offer shipping of pints this holiday season🍨 So..if your shop does, please post your Instagram account in the comments! We would love to hear from you and possibly shop NICRA this year!👍🎁🍦
❄Let us know your most popular winter flavor! Is it Candy Cane Forest? Christmas Caroling? Or Tipsy Cousin Eddie? 😊 We would love to hear from you!
Shop Small because you personally know the impact it has!👍
We ALL have something to be thankful for! Tell is in the comments 👇 Happy Thanksgiving!
What have you done for your employees lately? 👉 Your front line is often your bottom line! Please give us your thoughts in the comments below 😊
Just an FYI🍦 You may still give feedback, check in, or fill out the seminar surveys until November 30th on the NICRA app! We appreciate your honesty!
2018 NICRA Board of Directors would like to thank all who made the effort to travel to Colorado and learn with us! We hope your experience was a good one. Please use the app to give your feedback. We would love to hear from you! We hope to see everyone in Charleston SC in November (5-7) 2019🍦Be well
A wonderful evening to reward the accomplishments of so many in the ice cream industry! Congratulations to all!
Gooooooood morning attendees! We’re busy getting ready for you! #nicra #nicra2018 #conecon18 #icecreamconvention #coloradosprings
Only at a Nicra convention🍦🤣
Registration is happening now until 5 tonight! Stop by to get all the goodies🍦
Your Board working hard to make NICRA.... AWESOME!!! #nicra #nicra2018 #conecon18 #icecreampeople #cheyennemountainresort
Are you making your way to the NICRA convention in Colorado Springs? What are some beautiful sights you have seen? Tell us!👇
Soon... this may be your view👌
Did you know that the “Day of the Dead” is celebrated over the course of 3 days?! #sugarskulls #skeletonslikeicecreamtoo #nicra #nicra2018 #dayofthedead #icecreamofinsta #icecreampeople #deadicecream
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