Sebastian Jonathan Sinister

I am Driven by My Pain, Agony, Despair. The worst of Life didn't break me it forged me. More artistically then any of the greatest artists could.

I need :)
I have friends you don’t know about ioi. Secrets kept and words unsaid. Beware as you cross that gap between friend to enemy. I’m close to those whose faces you’ve never seen and voices you’ve never heard. Your charisma focuses on conversation while mine is focused on bonds. So while you spin lies and tales trying to get others to sway to your side I must warn you because of mine. Be careful because I have friends you don’t know about. Friends who I’ve pulled out of their own personal hells transforming it into paradise for them. So beware. Their loyalty knows no other but me an they long for gallons of blood in payment for even a drop of misery you intend towards me.(Obviously not my image)
Hope is not the Goal.
It’s only 12 and today has been a long ass fucking day already. >.<
Understand! Everything cost something I don’t do nothing for freee. So know if I do something for you. especially take a soul out of my mouth. So you can have food on your Devilish plate. It ant out of the kindness of my heart or friendship. Motherfucker you owe me. An I’m tired of feeding niggas who can’t feed themselves. It’s becoming tiresome to the point where I’m ready to discard those who don’t pay up on their loans and letting the Devils handle you. I’ll get what’s owed to me one way or another. Remember that! An I’ve paid everything I owe so don’t get any funny ideas about throwing shit in my face cause I’ll throw in yours how I’ve already paid you an you can bet on the fact that you’ll be Humiliated so stay in your lane and your place. Really sick of the shit today. Ready to smite a lot of you fools an y’all don’t even know. This ant a warning this is me blowing out steam cause if I don’t use words I’ll definitely use actions cause my fingers are filled with electric heat an all of y’all are pushing me way to far. Test my patience I dare you. Cause everyone that knows me knows I have none. Wasted it all at a young age an never bothered to get more because it’s a currency I just fucking value.
We are the unseen. “Ninjas”, “Faceless”, “Nothings”, “No ones”. Our actions are stronger then yours. An you will not see us or our actions but you will see the results. The way we shape and mold the world. We are the rebellion. We are the rebellion. An we are taking over. We are the Revolution. Viva la Revolution.
An I stand by my sexual and Romantic freedom extremely hard as I do for others I’ve given up my right to do w.e I please an Love and Lust whoever I please so many times in the past just to be destroyed because I revolved everything I was an did around one person that I’ve come to the conclusion that living without the freedom to Love and Lust whoever you please is absolutely ridiculous not to mention I tend to destory romances when I focus on only that person cause I dig to deep and am to much for the other person. I want to make this clear that I will be living as I please because I will not sacrifice my freedom for anyone ever again. An I will not stand public displays of jealousy or any other form of embarrassment. Especially if they interfere with my plans. Though I’m naturally very committed also I’m kinda contradictory life has taught me to be one way and defend certain rights of mine. Though naturally I’m kinda the opposite then what I’ve been taught. I will hyper focus on you if you get to close to me and I will try to figure out everything about you an absorb it into my instincts so I naturally compliment you an make your life better. before when someone would hurt me I would lash out cruelly Destory parts of them and our bond an relationship an I’ve learned that doesn’t work. So when I’m hurt by a lover Now I simply disappear giving us both space..... letting the chill settle into our hearts.
Just let yourself break. Show yourself that you can instantly regenerate like you claim you can. Cause right now your just looking like a poser.
When your friend eats a fairy!!!!!!
Good morning and happy Halloween
I do not walk alone. (Not my image)
Bouncing around having multiple conversations lol
Bast is back <3
Where did you put MY FUCKING CCCCCCCCCOOOOKKKKKKIIIIEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Look at my face this is not a joke I will eat your babies!!!! Give me back my cookieesssssssss there MINE! An only mine! If you want cookies..You should have learned how to bake >~>-> x-x ima get my cookies back ioi I swear it!!! An you better not have eaten any of them!!!! They are MIINNNNNNEEEE!!!
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