Sebastian Jonathan Sinister

I am Driven by My Pain, Agony, Despair. The worst of Life didn't break me it forged me. More artistically then any of the greatest artists could.

Lmfao C: We Know :3
His Dangerous Mama When I Look @ Him I Know That There’s a way to escape Hell That Devils slip out an walk amongst Us That There are Saints who get Sick and Tired Of Heaven an All it’s Bliss They Fall just to walk Among us Both Live pretending to be as us as they Live Devouring our Sins His Living Proof of Both Just watch him Mama watch how he Lives
I really do appreciate this prison you built me it’s really quite homie ;P lmfao muaawwhhhhhh. They treat me like a king here and I’ve made a lot of friends. Was this your intention? For me to become so popular? For your chains and bars to become a part of me. I have to apologize though we ate the warden. Guess that makes us the warden now ehhh. An the walls well there was a flood of blood in here when we revolted. the guards their flesh and bodies have become part of the walls we’ve woven them quite nicely into every part of this prison that we turned into our nest. We would really like you to visit. We are just dieing to have you for dinner lmfao. We are quite thirsty for your blood. Did you know your chains would connect us? That it would makes us one. was that your intent? We miss you so much we could just eat you up. Go ahead come to see us we triple dog dare you!!!!!!
You seem to forgot I gave her to you mortal. I was the one whom took her soul out of my mouth an gave it to you. Your not a hero. You didn’t save her. You asked for her an I Loved you enough to sacrifice my own hunger to feed yours. Lmfao eruptions of laughter. You turned on me forgetting that it was my gift onto you. I was the one who forged the arrows with your name on it that pierced her heart. I was the one that pulled her into Love for you and crafted a hate for all that weren’t you . I was the one who made her need you. An you sought only to betray me. Forgetting that I repay all in kind. I gave you a chance to fix this as I always do. to beg for mercy. To remember that while I’m not a king. Rebellion requires you to bow to it also. The deadline has been reached. Payment has not been given to us. Your loan is passed due. Now we will be taking back our property. Plus interest. This isn’t a warning. This is the first punch. Surprise bitch. You’ve just been shot and it will not stop. You refused to pay in gold so we’ll extract from you those beautiful blood red rubies that drip from your wounds. Sorry but tallying up the interest we are gonna need more then you hold. You know what that means don’t you.... As this is written it’s already come to pass. This is the ritual I am the magic. An now it’s time you felt my wraith. Surprise bitch. It’s time you paid up.
I use to think that it was magic. That it was that other ppl lacked magic and that’s why I found them so boring. So annoying. So basic and Regular. Regs I’d called them. I’ve come to meet many magic users that are still that way though. Still basic as fuck. An I’m coming to realize that it wasn’t magic they were missing. It was Pain. They had not endured what I endured. They had not had their minds broken in such a way where they could see the world in a new manner. Not had their limbs broken so they could move in new ways. Not had their heart broken enough for them to feel in new ways. Pain is a gift my friends I beg you to use it. Some of us don’t have enough of it.
What the hell. If you want to interact with me here’s your opportunity. Let’s play this color game :)
Told you the ocean is not a Possession. Storms aren’t something you can own. Every time you said partner you looked at me like a tool. Now look who’s caught in the undertow. I warned you my Heart is an Ocean storm constantly raging. Now your screaming save me. An I’m whispering just drown. Weren’t you the one that told me “find what you Love and let it kill you” practice what you preach now. Show me your not just words. You tried to possess me cause You Love me. oh I know dear. You sociopathic fuck. I know even pathetic things like you Love. So since you Love me Dear let yourself Die. It’s time. My Hunger is at its peak. an you’ll make a good meal to introduce myself with this new year. I gave you years of my life. Let you wear my face for an eternity now it’s time to hold up to your end of the bargain. Come here and let me Consume you. Let me bless you with true death don’t fight it show me just how much you really Love me.
Yawns. Enjoy fools.
Same as the last one. For activation etc etc etc. trines are more user friendly and easier to handle all around. Though they do have a certain reputation.... shrugs ah well try it for yourself everyone likes different things if you don’t like it you know how to deactivate it if you follow my post lol.
Here you go fools. :) (fool card in tarot means infinite potential just waiting to be unlocked. At least that’s how I see it. Don’t take it as an insult take it as a compliment. Unlock your potential.) now defy your stars fools. Change your fate. Liking this will be the activation of this energy into your life. It will alter you and the energy you admit with this energy. Adding this to your natal chart. as well as acting as a constant transit of this energy upon you. What does it do. Press that like button and find out. When liked it will be active upon you an your life should you want to deactivate it just come back to this post an unlike it. Enjoy!
I got something for that?... maybe I’ll share it. :)
Yessss yew was roar yayyyyy I like this a lot. :) ppuuurrrrrrr *•*
Let’s make this clear. I know. Point blank bullet to your brain. I know. All of it. I told all of you. I have friends. Friends you don’t know about. you never met. Friends that you can’t understand cause it flies above your head how me an them can be friends an they tell me everything. They show me everything. An yes they will destory you when they catch you trying to harm me. Cause the Love between us is beyond real, deep, intense beyond what your puny mind can comprehend. An they will catch you. There is no hiding from me the things you do cause even when you think your all alone. we Faceless are watching. Hearing. Listening. We observe you unseen. An when you cross one. you cross all. So yes we know. We know when you cross us. We know when your secretly trying to sabotage me or any of us. Cause we talk Hours in a min on the daily. An we pay close attention to every detail. Though you often mistake us for fools, not following our mischievous souls an how we feel and think. Your reckoning has come. An I can’t defend you cause it was me you where trying to destory. I warned you. All of you. An now your wondering how one man can take out an army of pretenders an deceivers without lifting a finger. An as I vanish an the madness and confusion swallow you whole. The reality that there is no me no I, only we only us. An we are unseen. Unknown. Forgotten in an instant an that is our power. Our infamy is a blanket of invisibility. The blank space in the back of your minds of all the things we are and have done that no one can remember. You think I’m bad, evil. You should see the shit you can’t remember about me. The shit you could never prove even if you did.
If you can steal her she ant a good women.
Have Inner Shalom. An use it as the Berserkers use their rage. I’ve met so many warriors and fighters filled with Rage, Pain, and Hatred. Beautiful weapons if I do say so myself. Excellently crafted, though I find most mortals don’t know how to wield them and lack the respect to learn how to use them from the dead. An the spirits that first crafted them. An some just lack the affinity to use them all together. Not every person is built to handle every weapon. I watch as you living struggle and cut yourselves on blades that you would call your own. An that’s okay it’s the way we all start I remember when I was like that. An talent what is it really but skills accumulated from past lives. So all of us struggled with it at one point or another even the talented. So might I make a suggestion? How about you learn to use a weapon that’s a little bit more user friendly. An way harder to hurt anyone with accidentally including yourself but way easier to destroy your enemies with when you need to. Peace. Shalom. Let it fill you an let it fall on your enemies like a blanket of silence to hush their mouths as you make their breathes your weapons. See so many want to wield the storm but few aim to become it. Become the storm. An realize that like a storm you must have your eye the peace at your center. The calm that can shatter lives. Fill yourself with peace come become the storm with me. For Many are invited but few are chosen. Stop waiting to be chosen. An chose yourself. You have an invitation so storm into Heaven like you own the place cause kid I got news for you. We do. Divine inheritance. Now walk, climb, fly your ass up there an take what you need to survive your dives into Hell. If your going to taste death you might as well have a few health potions in your pack. Am I Right or am I right?
If it wasn’t it wouldn’t have happened that way. I’m a firm believer in Fate and Divine planning. Everything happens for a reason. If it wasn’t Meat to be it wouldn’t have happened.
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