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Stop, I could have dropped my croissant 🥐 Montana 📍

Being in the Tetons in the winter time is amazing and all... but it really makes me miss the warm weather and longer days that the 3 other seasons have to offer.
Headed down to the Tetons this next couple of weekends! Couldn’t be any more excited!
Finally got around to shooting this barn again. Oh boy, was it ready for me!
“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.” -Greg Child
If you’re lucky enough to live in Montana, you’re lucky enough.
Oldie but a goodie
Who’s ready for Halloween? 🦄
Appreciation Post Alert 🚨: Exactly one year ago, @kurtisminster , @ericmatt96 , and I met up for the first time and kicked an adventure up to the Tetons. I had never spent much time around Jackson, but thanks to “the walking encyclopedia” Kurtis Minster, we were able to find some amazing locations to shoot. Eric Matt, being one of the most creative individuals I know, continued to keep me on my toes and kept me inspired throughout the whole trip. Even though, I didn’t know either of these guys a year ago, I can happily say they have played a huge part in pushing me to be the person I am today. Thanks, guys!
Had a great trip the other weekend in Jackson. Then again, I always do!
No man walks across the same river twice. Even if he crosses again, he is not the same man and it is not the same stream.
Sometimes the scenery makes it impossible to take a bad shot
I live for the little moments when the sun decides to break through the clouds
Sometimes catching a salmon is more important than a sunrise climb.
No matter how much I like summer, winter always finds a way to snow on my parade. Oh well... ❄️
Looks like snow is starting to fall again. Who is ready for winter? . I took this picture by Glacier National park. @drew.meyer and @ericmatt96 and I set out to see the park, but the fog was too dense to really see much of the absolute beauty. Even then, we all came away with some pretty killer shots, and a very fun memory to look back on.
Only 3 weeks into the semester, and I’m already looking forward to Spring break. Last years break, my biddies @ericmatt96 @kurtisminster @erichealy12 @compelphotography kicked off on a 3500 mile trip to hit just about every park on the west side the Mississippi (not really). Even though there were 5 of us smashed into our GMC, it was one of the best experiences of my life. This year’s spring break has a lot to live up to!
My father doesn’t tell me how to live; he lives and lets me watch him do it.
Tying to find my motivation for this semester....
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