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No matter how much I like summer, winter always finds a way to snow on my parade. Oh well... ❄️
Looks like snow is starting to fall again. Who is ready for winter? . I took this picture by Glacier National park. @drew.meyer and @ericmatt96 and I set out to see the park, but the fog was too dense to really see much of the absolute beauty. Even then, we all came away with some pretty killer shots, and a very fun memory to look back on.
Only 3 weeks into the semester, and I’m already looking forward to Spring break. Last years break, my biddies @ericmatt96 @kurtisminster @erichealy12 @compelphotography kicked off on a 3500 mile trip to hit just about every park on the west side the Mississippi (not really). Even though there were 5 of us smashed into our GMC, it was one of the best experiences of my life. This year’s spring break has a lot to live up to!
My father doesn’t tell me how to live; he lives and lets me watch him do it.
Tying to find my motivation for this semester....
Don’t miss a wild @erichealy12 wandering around in the mountains of sand. Check my story if you need a little help finding him.
Went out on a little venture before classes started! Got to meet some new people and find some cool new spots in my backyard!
Sometimes being in the right place at the right time is all you need. These are storm clouds rolling in over Death Valley. We were treated with a nice little drizzle of rain while we ran around the dunes.
Looking back at amazing nights on our canoe trip in Maine. Hoping to get back there soon!
Throwback to a couple years ago with @drew.meyer. Getting excited to get out and shoot some more with this guy!
Just got back from Maine, the land of lobster. This whole smoke thing Montana has going, wasn’t exactly a welcome surprise...
Grand Teton National Park, the land of way too many mosquitos and just as many amazing views! Big thanks to @packtography for giving us a heads up on the spot!
About time I posted something from my helicopter ride over @glaciernps . Fire has smoked out most of the park now, and my buddy @ericmatt96 took some really powerful images of the flames over McDonald Lake be sure to have a look.
Went down to the ocean for sunrise this morning... and having no idea how to shoot a sunrise over an ocean, I ended up taking a picture that looks like a river! 🤦‍♂️ Crazy beautiful light though!
HOW TO GET A BANGER Step 1: pull an all nighter. Step 2: Try and get McDonalds chicken nuggets at 1 in the morning but find out they are closed 🤦‍♂️ Step 3: Hike 4 miles of the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life. Step 4: Arrive at Delta Lake for sunrise!
I often think about all the people on this little planet. About how much different life would be if we all of us would stop worrying about what could go wrong and start being excited for what could go right.
Really wanting the smoke to clear out a bit so that I can see sunsets like this again 😭
When you tryna take landscapes of the #tetons and all you have is an 85mm lens... thank goodness for panoramas! 😎 #visual_heaven #earthexperience #EarthOfficial #ourplanetdaily #stayandwander #nationalparks #sonyalpha
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