Nikelle Løvaas

leave in love, arrive on purpose

The water lily - an emblem of beauty, purity, sexuality and creation. With the first ray of the sun, their blossoms open. A symbol of the feminine spirit.
I spy @sean.stahl behind a palm behind a camera... captured on the island of Hawaii in Kona
A Hawaiian beach day done right - free diving through caves, poetry writing, the most special humans, a hand fan, endless star fruit and coconuts
Island pleasures
Small but fun the other day at Banyons! Feeling the magic of the big blue sea, and paid my dues to the Hawaiian ocean by getting a sea urchin in my toes
Beauty rooted so deep, you can't help but see it everywhere.
Where the land meets the sea
Just marveling at Norway's magnificence
After trekking through glaciers, fallen snow, sculpted mountains and carved out valleys, we reached the tallest mountain in Northern Europe lying 2,469 meters above sea level - Galdhøpiggen, Norway
Misty mountain mornings...
You are beautiful.
Off she goes to dance with the seas tide
Sweet mornings in Scorpion Bay in my @chillergoods Turkish towel
Story time huddle up in between sets
A tip toe frolic in Mexico / Tonight @keeleelovaas and I are premiering our short film from the beautiful adventure to Scorpion Bay, Mexico with @we_are_creative_adventurers. Come see the moments we captured on this journey... Message me if interested
Scorpion Bay lines, left and right...
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