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From the flow of a dress to the fall of an art piece, @joemcnallyphoto captures every stunning detail of this high fashion heist, bringing the #Nikon #D850 ’s high resolution and high speed to life. #NikonD850 #IAmTakingChances #FashionPhotography #FashionPhotographer
Add a dream-like quality to your photos by using #bokeh , the effect of a soft out-of-focus background that you get when shooting a subject at a shallow depth of field. Try a wide-open aperture – like f/1.8 – to focus only on the subject in the foreground. #foodphotography
We love taking pictures this time of year because the bright sun creates great opportunities to play with contrast and shadows. See our tips on how to utilize the light! Share your summertime shots with #NikonNoFilter ! #summer #phototips #phototip
Shooting #Manhattanhenge tonight? Here’s a tip from Nikon photographer @Javan : Use a tripod to steady the camera if you want to use a slow shutter speed. If you don’t have a tripod, upping the ISO allows you to increase your shutter speed and shoot hand-held. Share your Manhattanhenge photos with us using #NikonNoFilter ! #manhattanhenge2018
From #Nikon photographer @nickpalastro : "Falling Spring Falls of Alleghany County, Virginia just after a storm passed through in the evening. The bottom of the falls is closed off so make sure you respect the land! Roaring Run Falls is nearby and is an easy hike if you're looking for a waterfall to cool off during these hot summer days." Shot with the D750. #NikonNoFilter
#NikonAmbassador @JoelSartore is embarking on his own journey to raise conservation awareness through the Photo Ark, chronicling every animal in captivity around the world. With the D850, he photographed a pair of Asian Leopard Cats at a wildlife rehab center in Cambodia. Find out more about his mission to photograph more than 12,000 animals:
The new 125X COOLPIX #P1000 superzoom shoots closeups with out-of-this-world detail. Capture the moon from 238,900 miles away. No telescope necessary.
Introducing the COOLPIX #P1000 , a superzoom that brings creative possibilities closer than ever. With its unrivaled 125X optical zoom lens (24-3000mm f/2.8-8) and 250X Dynamic Fine Zoom, you can capture everything from macro to extreme distances that normally only a telescope could reach. Check out the new undisputed powerhouse of superzooms at! #COOLPIX #birdphotography #sportsphotography #wildlifephotography #astrophotography
Congratulations to the winners of the @womenphotograph + #Nikon grant! Five talented visual journalists submitted powerful documentary work and received a $5,000 grant to fund their projects. We’re proud to support and empower these photographers and videographers! Check out for the winning entries.
From #Nikon photographer @angrytheinch , shot with the D800: “Looks like we'll finally be getting some summer weather next week. You never know up here! Well it'll be autumn soon and dancing veils of color will be lighting up the dark night skies again!” #auroraborealis #sweden #northernlights
Here's a tip for taking photos of the fireworks on #July4th : use a tripod to steady your camera so you can get sharp images even with a long shutter speed!
From #NikonAmbassador @debsandidge : "Greetings from Quebec City! I’m having a great time photographing the old city with my @nikonusa D850 and AF-S FISHEYE NIKKOR 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E ED lens. I love this street with colorful umbrellas and bistros. What a cool place to shoot." #NikonNoFilter #QuebecCity #Fisheye
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