Tyler Blevins

Professional Gamer Ninja @teamninja 🎥 YT: Ninja 🐦 Twitter: Ninja 🎮 Twitch: Ninja 📖 Facebook: NinjaTB 📧

Always been a mommas boy
@fallontonight tune in!
Qualified for the semi finals for the world cup
WHAT are these hitches man
PLanes actually... SAVE FORTNITE?! First Air Royale victory with @jordan_fisher and this LTM is one of my favorites. How planes should have been introduced in the first place IMO
How's the new gun sound? @im_timthetatman
Your move @Dakotaz
I got the horses in the back
Always been a cutie and loved spongebob! 🤗
Edits improving 1v2 7 HP CLUTCH
Nothing like a good Chug jug stand
CLEAN Triple
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