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Nice for what!!
Happy mother's day to the best mom alive. Ik we had our ups and downs when we had no mother daughter relationship... Ik we split due to that negative thing in our life... But we got rid of him. I use to hate yo guts and it was because I truly believed that u hated me for having his looks... But no... It wasn't that u hated me... But it was simply because u hated I would never tell u things. Ik I broke ur heart and hurt u real bad (and ik I can't take it back and if I could I would do it in a heart beat) but I didn't mean to. I was stupid enough to want another mom and not like u. I looked past all of those things and realized that u were always there for me when I needed u the absolute most. U were there when I got sick... U were there when he said he would come visit but never did... U were there when I dialed ur number and u picked up... U were there to support me when I told u I liked girls... U were there when I was getting bullied... U were there to fight my battles... U were there when I wanted to take my own life away... U were there when they stitched my cuts... U were there when they diagnosed me with severe depression and anxiety... U were there. U were always by my side and I didn't even realize it until now. I'm sad to jus now realize that I love u more than life itself... I've been broken before and I never opened up to anyone but I'm coming out of my shell for u... Love u momπŸ’—πŸ’ž #happymothersday
Be careful with me
Can we jus take a moment to appreciate my beautiful sistersπŸ˜πŸ‘
Excuse my behaviour
Sister love πŸ’˜
Surprise mothafucka
"Rock my body"
Sis made this 4 meπŸ’—πŸ˜œπŸ˜