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building a new home in brooklyn
it's not every day you get to take movement class at the Museum of Modern Art. Shout out to @movementresearch !
In the midst of a dreary January, I do miss these mountains in the summer.
Christmas Eve 2017: Denver Center's 'A Christmas Carol' Grateful I get to spend today with my family for the first time in years. Love to everyone that has shows today ❤️ #stagehand #denvercenter #achristmascarol
baby's first bar ft. pinball
here's to a life of creative practice: to sharing the messy work.
I directed my first short film with my dear friend, Jose, as the costume designer. He passed away from cancer the same week the film premiered in New York City, November 2015. Today, I'm celebrating the joy that is making art with friends.
first job in New York City: Let's do this.
under the el
there's nothing like a midwestern fall day and Minneapolis absolutely delivered.
soaking up the last of the summer sunshine
first college design as a professional ✔️ photo ft. the mixer kicking ass ✔️
end of season strike for creede repertory theatre ft. mountain views.
come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination #meowwolf #immersiveart #santafe #meowwolfsantafe
sometimes you do a late night reading of a play you wrote, with lovely friends and good beer. how lucky am I?
we watched the fireworks from the theatre balcony during intermission. #theatreat9000ft #creederepertorytheatre #crt2018 #missholmescrt #creederep
an apt name for the hike: up & over the mountain right outside of town.
unfocused roadtrip views
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