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What’s The Best Supplements For Building Muscle & Really Sculpting Your Body? 🧐 - 💃🏻💃🏻 I get this DM sliiiiding Question Often 👆🏼 - 💣 1 MAIN point I want to make is that if you are not getting in enough protein - you aren’t going to be seeing any gain errrmmmmkay 👀 (So if you’re not seeing much sculpting/“toning” your probably lacking protein) - 💕Noel - saves ya 20% If ya pick up any NLA Supps (use code or not still love yaaaa) - ✅ Supplements I’ve taken over the years to help with Building Muscle/ Sculpt my physique all that Gooooood stuff👇🏼 - 1️⃣ Protein Powder: I have it at least 2 times a day. Does this replace all protein? No it shouldn’t - there should be a balance with Protein Powder and other sources of how you get yaaaa protein! (Fav Flavors: Chocolate Eclair & PB Banana Split) - 2️⃣ BCAA’s (Aminos) these are the building blocks to PROTEIN which BUILDS YA GAINS 💪🏼 I have BCAAs at least (3-4) times a week during my workouts - HELPS WITH BUILDING MUSCLE & RECOVERY 🙌🏻 (Fav Flavors: Watermelon & Dragon Punch) - COMMENT BELOW WITH ANY QUESTIONS 👇🏼
Happppppy Sunday! Here’s a Smith Machine Booty/Leg Workout! If you travel often there’s a TON of exercises you can do with a Smith Machine (if it’s in your hotel gym) Even for Upper Body! - For more of my workouts follow 👉🏼 @noelarevaloworkouts @noelarevaloworkouts @noelarevaloworkouts - Make sure to ❤️ this Workout & 📚 Bookmark it for later! ☺️🍑 - 1️⃣ Smith Machine Reverse Lunges: 5 Sets X 12 Reps - 2️⃣ Smith Machine Squats: 3 Sets X 15 Reps - 3️⃣ Smith Machine Romanian Deadlifts: 3 Sets X 10 Reps - 💥 P.S. (Leggings I’m wearing) Flex High Waisted Leggings are LAUNCHING This Thursday January 24th - Times Launching: 💥11am PT, 2pm EST, 7pm GMT💥 - What Other Workouts Would You Guys Like Me To Post!?? Comment Below 👇🏼😇💪🏼
In order to truly love yourself, truly experience happiness and confidence in yourself you have to start by taking care of yourself and loving yourself ❤️ - 1 way of doing that is fueling your body with good food that serves your body and getting that booty in the gym! 👊🏼💪🏼 Thats one way of showing yourself self love ❤️ - Stop saying “I’ll start tomorrow” or “right now isn’t the right time” because I’ve learned it’s never the right time and you won’t start tomorrow. It’s now or never 👊🏼 - What are you waiting for? To feel even more unhappy? To eat more junk that leaves you feeling like crap? Or to feel like you can’t wear certain clothes cause you don’t feel comfortable in them? - Make the change for yourself today 🙏🏼❤️ - What do you find most challenging for you!? Comment below I want to know 😇👇🏼👇🏼 - 💥 P.S. (Leggings I’m wearing) Flex High Waisted Leggings are LAUNCHING This Thursday! January 24th - 11am PT & 2pm EST💥
Currently Cutting and on a more Structured Training program then I have been in a few months getting ready for a Special Video Shoot👀🙈 - I don’t reflect on this as much as I feel I should but MAN am I so grateful 7 years ago I decided to commit to my Fitness Journey. - It has changed my life in so many amazing ways - I am so much more confident in my body and In who I am - do I have insecurities at times? Of course I’m human but nothing compared to what I use to be (doubting myself constantly and feeling uneasy in the gym) Even though I was scared to commit when I did, I’m glad I decided to ❤️🙏🏼 it’s always scary thinking will I fail? Do I “have the time” Will anything really even change? And every other lie that your mind festers up. - More than anything I’ve grown so much more mentally stronger because through my fitness journey I learned what I am capable of and that being anything I put my DAMN MIND TO 😤👊🏼 - Even when you’re afraid to commit to your journey let that energy fuel you - Want to be confident in your skin? Want to be confident in who YOU ARE!? No it’s not over night but it’s a lot more worth it then where you probably are right now. I say that because I HAVE BEEN THERE. In your shoes experiences insecurities, constant doubt and just damn right unhappy. So make the change! Will it be work? 100% Will it be WORTH IT? 1000000000% #Nomagicpill #Grind #Goals
My Favvvv Thing To Lift! Shoulders & Biceps 💪🏼 How’s everyone’s New Years resolutions going!? 👀Hope you’re all crushing it! Keeping it going for the rest of the year! 😎 - For More Workouts 👉🏼 @noelarevaloworkouts @noelarevaloworkouts @noelarevaloworkouts - Make sure to 📚 Bookmark this Workout for later and Hit That ❤️ - 💪🏼SHOULDER/BICEP WORKOUT 👇🏼 - 1️⃣ Static Shoulder Press: 3 Sets X 12 Reps - 2️⃣ EZ Bar Curls: 3 Sets X 15 Reps - 3️⃣ Side Lateral Raises: 3 Sets X 15 - TAG A FRIEND 👭👇🏼🤗
*There is NO MAGIC PILL* - So stop chasing FAD DIETS (thinking surviving on pure shake diets or being on extremely restricting diets) thinking that will get you there faster 🤦🏻‍♀️, stop TAKING BS DIET PILLS 🙅🏻‍♀️ Get your booty in the kitchen and in the gym CONSISTENTLY👊🏼 - 1️⃣ For me getting my nutrition on track is the FIRST THING I did, 2️⃣Getting in the gym with a training routine that SERVED me best (focused on my goals) 3️⃣Incorporating Supplements (Mainly Protein Powder & BCAAs 👉🏼 helped me build muscle and strength! 🙌🏻) - 💕Noel- saves ya 20% 💕 - Its SO important to hit your protein intake! Protein powder was my saving grace helping me meet my protein needs - as I’ve always been someone on the go, It still saves me 7 years later 🙏🏼🙌🏻
What if I told you, you can eat what you like, don’t have to be AFRAID or feel GUILTY about eating carbs and achieving the body of your dreams? • No more BS Fad diets that you can only sustain for a WEEK because they’re simply unrealistic, Way to RESTRICTIVE and leave you hungry that lead to binge eating 🤦🏻‍♀️ • What if I told you, you can ACHIEVE the body of your dreams while eating food you like! So you don’t find yourself binging on the weekends! 🤐 • This is where most fall short and find themselves defeated with no results! Achieving your dream body and feeling CONFIDENT IN A BIKNI AGAIN. Does not mean you have to deprive yourself in these ways in fact it does the opposite. • ‼️REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR MY - 12 Week Fit Body & Healthy Mind ‼️ • 4 LIMITED SPOTS - LINK IN BIO TO APPLY!
HAPPPY SUNDAY! Currently Sippen ☕️ having Cinnamon rolls and Prepping to ✈️ home to LA tomorrow! Ready to wrap up a Project I’ve been working on for you guys! 😍😭🙏🏼 Can’t WAIT to share it with youuuuu • Make sure to ❤️ this Workout & 📚 Bookmark this workout for later! • MORE WORKOUTS FOLLOW 👉🏼 @noelarevaloworkouts @noelarevaloworkouts @noelarevaloworkouts • 🙋🏻‍♀️ Booty & Leg Workout 👇🏼 • 1️⃣ Mountain Climbers W/Sliders: 3 Sets X 25 Climbers (50 if you want to challenge yourself) 😅 Don’t let these fool you - They’re challenging! • 2️⃣ Reverse Lunges W/Sliders: 3 Sets X 12 Reps • 3️⃣ Steps Up/Reverse Lunge: 3 Sets X 12 Reps • TAG A FRIEND THAT NEEDS THIS👇🏼🤗
Hi Guys 👋🏼 Guesssss what this chicka-roo is just like YOU. After long tiring days of work the last place I want to go is the Gym😅I Also lack motivation some days and sometimes it will be an entire WEEK I can’t find motivation in me. - Thank you to my Aminos (BCAAs) for giving me endurance and helping me show up in the gym days I don’t feel like it ❤️🙏🏼🙌🏻 and helping me build muscle 😍💪🏼 - Even days I don’t feel the most motivated I STILL SHOW UP. That’s the difference between those who get results and those who don’t. It’s the hard truth and I know it’s hard for some to hear, I know because I’ve been the person that didn’t show up in the past. If no one gives you the hard truth then I will because it’s what’s going to help you GROW. Mentally and physically. - If you want change with your BODY and in your LIFE then create the habit of showing up. No one can do it for you. - P.S NLA supplements are 20% Off with Code: Noel 🤗💕
Happy Sunday Guys! 🌞 Hope everyone is having an incredible day and Crushing the New Year! 😍 - Make sure to Hit that ❤️ and Bookmark 📚 this workout for later! - 🍑BOOTY & LEG WORKOUT 👇🏼 - 1️⃣ Glute Push Down: 4 Sets X 20 Reps - 2️⃣ Banded Donkey Kicks: 3 Sets X 12 Reps (Don’t let these fool you, these get harder every set😅 feeel da burn) - 3️⃣ Banded Good Mornings: 3 Sets X 10 Reps - Tag A Friend That Needs Some 🍑 Gainsss 😛👇🏼
CONFIDENCE. HAPPINESS. WORTHY. - Every hard journey I’ve been on in my life has lead me to a beautiful destination. - Being on my own at 13, coming from a broken home where I was exposed to abuse and addiction and there was no foundation of a “Home” 👉🏼 Even though there was many tears shed, times of feeling so alone or so unworthy. I later on learned TRULY how to VALUE myself after years of not valuing myself and not understanding myself worth that was never taught to me. I learned what I was CAPABLE of and how STRONG I am. - It’s made me appreciate my relationships so much more now with my family that I didn’t have in the past because I had forgiving to do and guess what....FORGIVING is a sign of strength ❤️ What I’ve come from has molded me into who I am now even though back then it didn’t make sense, now it 1000% does. - It took me years to accept things and understand how CHALLENGES and OBSTACLES in life are there to make us strong and mold us into who we are suppose to be. - Stop letting challenges in life conquer you, stop letting them break down your confidence, take your happiness and make you feel unworthy! You’re the only one that has that POWER. - I was once that girl who was broken, lost, no confidence and felt so unloved. THAT WAS THE FARTHEST THING FROM THE TRUTH OR FROM WHO I TRULY WAS❤️ - You are SO much STRONGER then you know. Get up and kick back life in the face when it throws some Bullsh** at you and keep on keeping on! - You are DESERVING of being CONFIDENT - HAPPY - and you are so DAMN WORTHY ❤️ Take what your life is now and DO SOMETHING with it. If I did why can’t you!?
Was thinking what kind of post my people need today?🧐........workout videos or a good ol motivation post? 🤷🏻‍♀️ - Then I found this oldie but goodie in my camera roll and thought my people need a good ol giggle with my smooth moves 😂 and a reminder to you all to not take life so serious everyday and embrace your inner weirdo, Happy Friday guys! 🙂 Loooooveee ya ❤️
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