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Happy Friday and Day 18 of #JanuaryWhole30 ! Want to eat more fish during your @Whole30 , but don’t know a quick and easy way to prep this healthy protein? Well, today’s your lucky day: I've compiled my favorite simple fish dishes—all fool-proof and packed with flavor. So grab some frozen fish fillets from the freezer or get to your local fishmonger, and let’s get cooking! SWIPE through to see some of my quick, fast, and easy fish dishes and click on the link in my profile (@nomnompaleo ) to get the recipes! #whole30 #nomnompaleo #whole30recipes #paleo #glutenfree
2009 and 2019! So much has changed in my life and I am so dang grateful for all of it. ☺️ 10 years ago, I juggled parenting two young boys with my weekly nightshifts as a hospital pharmacist. 💊 My steady state was feeling tired, cranky, puffy, achy, and always hungry. I thought my normal was everyone else’s normal, too—and that I should just expect to feel crappy as I aged. I felt stuck on a slow moving conveyer belt towards decrepitude. 👵🏼 And then one day, I decided to take charge of my health and stumbled upon the paleo lifestyle. Well, actually, @fitbomb found it and told me about it. In response, I told him he was crazy for eating red meat and avoiding grains. But after seeing Henry thrive on paleo for about a month, I decided to dive into the deep end. My life hasn’t been the same ever since. I even quit my job as a pharmacist after 14 years to focus on paleo evangelism full-time. These days, I’m still a little achy (from going to the gym), a little sleep deprived (I’m a work in progress), and a lot grayer...but I’m so much happier and healthier. My kids have a sunnier mommy and Henry has a more patient and present partner. I’ve got a tough boss now, but she understands the importance of balancing work and family life. 😜 Thank you all for following my journey and allowing me to pursue all the things that light a fire in me. I can’t wait to see what the next decade brings! 🙏 #10yearchallenge #10yearschallenge
How about some @whole30 tacos on Day 17 of your #JanuaryWhole30 ? 🌮 At our house, we have tacos on the regular, because our whole family loves Whole30-friendly Mexican food! I’ll whip up a meaty filling and serve it with a vegetable-based taco shell and a bunch of tasty salsas and toppings. I serve everything taco-bar-style so everyone can customize their own Whole30 taco dinner as he or she pleases! Click on the link in my profile (@nomnompaleo ) to get the recipes and taco tips! #whole30 #nomnompaleo #whole30recipes #paleo #glutenfree
Happy Day 16 of your #JanuaryWhole30 ! Craving chicken and you’ve got some chicken breasts in the fridge? Chicken Prosciutto Involtini and Ginger-Scallion Chicken are nomtastic Whole30 chicken breast recipes that are juicy, flavorful, and super easy to make! Plus, they're fancy enough to serve at dinner parties! Click on the link in my profile (@nomnompaleo ) to get the recipes! #whole30 #nomnompaleo #whole30recipes #paleo #glutenfree
You’re halfway done with your #JanuaryWhole30 ! Yahoo! 🎉 You know what else is exciting? I've got a brand-new recipe for you on the blog and iOs app: Thai Chicken Curry Casserole! 🤪

Love Thai Chicken Curry? It’s super easy to make as a one-pan casserole in the oven. This Thai Chicken Curry Casserole is a fast and easy Southeast Asian inspired Whole30 supper that the whole family will enjoy! 🥢
 SWIPE through the pics to see the easy cooking steps and click on the link in my profile (@nomnompaleo ) to get the recipe! #whole30 #nomnompaleo #whole30recipes #paleo #glutenfree
Happy Monday & Day 14 of your #JanuaryWhole30 ! 💥 Have you been eating enough veggies lately? 🥕🥦🍠 If not, my latest blog post is perfect for you! I compile tips and tricks on how to make perfect @Whole30 roasted vegetable dishes! I've also included my favorite roasted vegetable recipes and some of them involve 🥓! If your roasted vegetables always turn out limp or bland, you should definitely read all my recommendations on how to get them to turn out fab! Click on the link in my profile (@nomnompaleo ) to get my formula for perfect roasted veggies and the recipes! #whole30 #nomnompaleo #whole30recipes #paleo #glutenfree
Happy Day 13 of #JanuaryWhole30 ! Time to make a comforting pot of @whole30 Chili! 🥣 Got 20 minutes to spare? Toss the ingredients for Whole30 Chili into your Instant Pot and it’ll be ready to eat after a busy day out! Better yet, you can pop the finished chili in the fridge or freezer to revive on a later date (like, say, Thursday) when you’re tempted to buy take out. Don’t have an Instant Pot? No need to fret! Both of the chili recipes in today's post include instructions for the slow cooker and/or stovetop! Click on the link in my profile (@nomnompaleo ) to get to the recipes! #whole30 #nomnompaleo #whole30recipes #paleo #glutenfree #instantpot
I've got a brand new recipe on the blog and iOs app for Day 12 of #JanuaryWhole30 : Shaved Brussels Sprouts With 🥓! Shaved Brussels sprouts with bacon is one of the fastest ways to make a deliciously smoky @Whole30 -friendly vegetable side dish—and it will knock your socks off, too! I've also recommended a bunch of great Whole30 mains that pair well with it! SWIPE through to see the simple cooking steps and click on the link in my profile (@nomnompaleo ) to get to the recipe! #whole30 #nomnompaleo #whole30recipes #paleo #glutenfree
Tired of cooking on Day 11 of the #JanuaryWhole30 ? Make some dead simple @whole30 egg recipes! 🍳 If you’re looking for cheap, fast, and easy Whole30 dishes, you can’t beat recipes that showcase the humble egg. I always have a few dozen pasture raised eggs in my fridge so I can whip up healthy, tasty meals in a flash. Frittatas, scrambles, soups, salads, you name it! 🥚 Click on the link in my profile (@nomnompaleo ) to get to the recipes! 🥚 #whole30 #nomnompaleo #whole30recipes #paleo #glutenfree
Yaas! It's Day 10 of the #JanuaryWhole30 and you're 1/3 of the way done! 🎉 Time to celebrate with a winner winner chicken dinner: @Whole30 Chicken and Gravy! 🍗 I love this dish because it’s a deliciously cheap and easy Whole30 meal that basically cooks itself in a slow cooker or Instant Pot! Plus, the gravy is amazing and you can freeze the extra liquid gold to put on ALL THE THINGS! Pick your appliance and go to it! Click on the link in my profile (@nomnompaleo ) to get to the recipes! #whole30 #nomnompaleo #whole30recipes #paleo #glutenfree #instantpot #crockpot
Nomster Burgers from @readyornotcookbook are what’s for dinner! 🥬 🍳 🥓 🍔 Recipe is also on the blog and iOS app! #nomnompaleo #paleo #whole30 #januarywhole30 #glutenfree
Ready for Day 9 of your #JanuaryWhole30 ? Time to make some @whole30 meatballs!☄️ My favorite emergency protein to stash in my fridge and freezer for unanticipated hunger pangs is Whole30 Meatballs! They’re cheap, fast, and easy to make—so make a double batch, and your future self will be thanking your former self when you reheat some frozen meatballs for a busy weeknight supper! SWIPE through to see the different options and click on the link in my profile (@nomnompaleo ) to get to the recipes! Which one is your favorite? #whole30 #nomnompaleo #whole30recipes #paleo #glutenfree #januarywhole30
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