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clocking out! Thank you New York. I love this city so much ❤️
Always love when we come home. Thank you everyone ❤️ #tsunovigang
the tanning continues in Santa Rosa
whipped this car around Las Vegas blvd all weekend! Twas fast like a nascar. 🏁 Thank you @rentluso
26 is cool. Paying for health insurance now. And in Vegas boutta do the most 🤓
PT. 2 we zoominnnnn to the follow up apt @sosupersam
this my first summer off in 4 years. I am enjoying my off days with my ppl! Otw to Santa Barbra now
I was Don’s test subject today... glad I could help!!! I love my hair ❤️ @don.paradox
my entire life is so sore from yesterday’s 2 hour training session for @matthewmwilliams x @nike collection. I needa do better with my work out life 🐍
kids in the front wanted me to play EDM I’m so sorry but idk how to even begin a set like that. I will try to practice an EDM set one day 📷 @pizzaagod
Got a lil lion in me, I ain't ever tamin' shit HYPHY, HATER U CAN FIGHT ME
one of my fav tee’s @verdy x @undercover_lab 💙
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