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Located on Brick lane, London. Not Another Salon is a 'no judgment policy' hair salon Proving it is in fact #COOLtobeKIND Boss lady @hiltonsophia

Possibly our naughtiest client.... @nikibest @makeupmannequin
Don’t believe what you see online, good hair takes time πŸ‘‡ Before- very fine hi-lights Products- Pureology Perfect for platinum shampoo, Pureology Hydrate conditioner, @innoluxeuk elixir Time Frame- 3 appointments Now- Mauve balayage Swipe to see before picture πŸ‘‰ @spookyruno
🚨 THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER 🚨 Not Another Academy dates for 2019 are officially released! Freehand balayage, The Perfect Bleed, Bleaching Specialist, Mature Focused Courses AND Equal Opportunity Pricing are all going to be on the agenda for next year! Yes- we really do have something for everyone.... and you know how fast these get booked up as well so get booking now! Click the link in in our bio and don’t forget to tag your hairdresser friends who you want to tag along with! πŸ€“@notanotheracademy #academy #education #salon #colorist #notanothersalon #hairdreser #courses
Fringe trim problems #processporn
Welcome to Joel’s stunning styles.... @makeupmannequin #joelsonone
I think when clients see this image, they like how the shadowed root makes this colour seem as if it is a balayage and would be super easy to look after- when in reality if is quite the opposite. This is actually a super high maintenance scalp bleach which needs root top ups every 6 weeks to avoid breakage, as well as the grey colour being the hardest of all colours to achieve as well as maintain. Thankfully my client Kristal is on top form with maintenance and comes in to get toners every two weeks to keep her grey looking fresh AF 😴 πŸ’― @normanboulton #transparancy #greyhair #hardwork
Just a trim... πŸ’›βœ‚οΈ@harriet_stokes
When eye surgery would make some people want to stay home and hide our client Kitty matches her patch to her clothes, picks her self up and rocks it. We should all be a bit more Kitty. - @spookyruno #bemorekitty
Just look at that SMILE! πŸ˜€ Shoutout to my absolutely gorgeous client Laura who’s infections smile literally makes my day every single time I see her! Thank you for always trusting me like no other with your hair and making the world a better place by just being you. Dosent she look beautiful?πŸ˜©πŸ˜πŸ’– - @normanboulton
Wigs are ready. Catch me and the team at the HJ stand at Salon International on Sunday at 12.00. Things are about to get seriously camp. 😜 @hiltonsophia #donttakelifesoseriously
Rhubarb and custard #halfandhalf by @jessbcruz πŸ’›πŸ’—
Jessica Rabbit Vibes 🧑 @spookyruno
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