Not Another Salon

Located on Brick lane, London. Not Another Salon is a 'no judgment policy' hair salon Proving it is in fact #COOLtobeKIND Boss lady @hiltonsophia

BEST OUTFIT OF THE DAY GOES TO..... comment below who you thinks best dressed. JESS or KELLY ❤️ their self esteem relies on you ... #jelly #kess
Norman would like to remind you all that #WeDoNaturalToo
@betsyjohnson_ paid Tegan a quick visit yesterday ❤️
Can you believe that 14 students contributed to this creation in our academy! If you’re a hairdresser, check out our @notanotheracademy page as that page is designed for you all! #WeDoNaturalToo
BEFORE AND AFTER/ PRICE TRANSPARENCY 🧡 Time: 6.5 hours Total Cost: 355.00 Service name: Virgin Bleach, Innoluxe, Creative Colour, Haircut Products to look after it: Perfect for Platinum Shampoo and Masque Colourist: Spooky Stylist: Spooky Fade factor: Will fade to a nice light champagne blonde, and if she wishes to keep it blonde we recommend purple shampoo to tone out any brass Take home pots: 4
Some #processporn to get you through your Monday... by Harriet
Would you be brave enough to go pink for the summer? By Spooky
Green or pink? By Carla and Ross
I “qualified” a year ago this month, but in my eyes I wasn’t ready to go into the world and call myself a hairdresser. I decided I wanted to take a step down and retrain at a higher level, as an assistant at Not Another Salon. It’s not an easy thing to do, many people believe they can become a hairdresser straight away, go to college, do a quick course and off you go! Choosing a salon with good education was extremely important to me, I’ve already learnt so much in the few months I’ve been here. I know the decision to step down was the best one for me. Sometimes to go forward you have to go back. #liferules by Assistant Chloe
Pink or blue?.... both! Colour by graduate stylist Tegan. Call to book in for a consultation with her today and let’s make hair dreams a reality 😉 #wouldyoulikewinewiththatcheese
You weekly fix of #processporn 💓 by Bruna. #nicecopper #yourewelcome
PRICE TRANSPARENCY 💗🧡Time: 4.5 hours Total Cost: £190 Service name: Roots under 6 weeks, creative colour and innoluxe. Products to look after it: Perfect 4 platinum shampoo and mask, innoluxe elixir. Colourist: Jess Fade factor: Will fade to soft pink and soft peach Take home pots: none
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