Not Another Salon

Located on Brick lane, London. Not Another Salon is a 'no judgment policy' hair salon Proving it is in fact #COOLtobeKIND Boss lady @hiltonsophia

How beautiful is this Balayage by our talented assistant Jan? 🌟💫 @jan_with_a_y
Let’s talk about eyebrows!💚 @spookyruno #eyebrows
Acceptance of ageing is one of the most beneficial things you can do in life. I believe that when you see the signs of ageing accept them as soon as you can. We only have two choices, to enjoy the process or resent it, when you choose to resent it you choose a miserable future that will go much deeper than just wrinkles. I believe we must decide this early. Decide when it starts, when you notice that first line, that first grey or even before. Decide at that point that you will NOT make it a part of your life. Making this conscious decision early will be so much easier than trying to correct 10 years of hating your body. Fight it and it will haunt you, it will consume you and it will fill your life with a desire for something you can never cure. Ageing is not a choice- your mindset is. @hiltonsophia
Dream team Jess and Salma smash it again with this Midnight Blue💙 @jessbcruz @salmasir
Goodbye ‘Not Another Salon’ as you know it. Although you never knew it, the brand was always supposed to be ‘Not Another.’ A salon just happened to be the first thing we did. This buisness was always set up to go further than hair. Not Another is not a business, it’s a feeling, a way of life. It’s about spreading happiness everywhere it can, in whatever way it can. It’s about acceptance, kindness and a lack of judgment. Are we perfect? Are we fuck. But we wake up everyday and we try. We try to be the best we can be. You can never ask for more than that. Humans, trying to be good humans.
“How far would you travel just to get your hair done? Our lovely client @theurbananalyst travels all the way from Kuwait to get her hair and fashion fix few times a year. Colour by @jessbcruz Cut by @salmasir
PRICE TRANSPARENCY Time: 3 hours Service name: Balayage + Root, INNOluxe, Cut & Blowdry. Colourist: Norman Stylist: Norman Total price: £210 Fade factor: Will fade to a warmer, brassier blonde over time but has purple shampoo to fight brassier tone. @normanboulton
Normans blonde! (Again) What do you guys think, do you prefer Norman blonde or brunette?🤷🏽‍♂️
Hot Purple 💜 Colour by @bruna_viola & Cut by @salmasir 💜 #teamwork
How important are the tools of your trade? @harriet_stokes @salonsdirect
PRICE TRANSPARENCY Time: 5.5 hours Total Cost: 355.00 Service name: Virgin Bleach, Innoluxe, Creative Colour, Haircut Products to look after it: Perfect for platinum shampoo and masque Colourist: Spooky Stylist: Bruna Fade factor: Pink will fade to a nice light champagne blonde, and if she wishes to keep it blonde we recommend purple shampoo to tone out any brass Take home pots: 6 💗💖 @bruna_viola @spookyruno
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