Not Another Salon

Located on Brick lane, London. Not Another Salon is a 'no judgment policy' hair salon Proving it is in fact #COOLtobeKIND Boss lady @hiltonsophia

What would you name this colour? Icey brunette? Chocolate? Mocha? ⬇ Colour by @normanboulton #wedonaturaltoo
Tag an assistant your proud of. Ours are flying. So proud. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
Sunset tones like pink and yellow make the perfect combo! They compliment each other, fade nicely, and you can choose to top up with pink all over or yellow and have more of an orange where the pink was previously! @spookyruno #chooseyourownadventure
Top tip - Rinse your bright vivid colours in cold water to help them last longer 💖💗💕👚👙👛 @harriet_stokes #processporn
How would you describe this colour? Strawberry blonde? California gold? ⬇ Colour @normanboulton / Cut @jan_with_a_y
Cover for my debut solo album “Basin Betch” featuring hit tracks such as “Cut that Sh*t Off”, “Pink to Make the Babes Wink”, and the number one hit single “Box Colour Blues” @spookyruno #basinbetch
Would you be able to wear red hair in the office? Colour by @normaboulton 🌹
The neater the better 💖💗 #processporn @harriet_stokes
“Creativity is key in this line of work, but it’s always better when the client is creative too! I love working with them to achieve a look no one else could pull off 🤜🏻🤛🏻 “ Colour/cut @bruna_viola 💙💚
‘Do you look at yourself in the mirror and think... I’m getting old? or... surely I can’t wear that any more? Why is it we give ourselves such a hard time about ageing? Why do we tear ourself apart over something we can never control? . . . My nan told me that, for the first few decades of her life, each big Birthday she would wish she looked like the decade before. Turning 40 when you’re 30 might seem horrendous, but the idea of being 40 when you’re 50, suddenly that becomes appealing. But over time, as the decades flew in, she realised that mentality was useless, and only appreciating the moment was important, whatever aesthetics the decade brings. I asked her recently. ‘What do you like about this decade Nanna?’ She said, ‘I feel comfort in finally stoping caring about every detail in the way I look.’ Suddenly I saw her age in a whole new light. . . . After a life time of being a woman in an aesthetically driven world. She is liberated from the pressure. She is free.’ - Love Boss lady @hiltonsophia 💛
Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. Do you have the time and budget to come in to the salon every 5-6 weeks for root touch ups? Do you have an extra half hour every other time you wash your hair to top up a bright colour? No? Don’t worry! Most people don’t. That’s where balayage comes in. If you want a lower maintenance colour that will suit your lifestyle, balayage is your new best friend - @spookyruno #balayage
PRICE TRANSPARENCY Time: 5 hours Service name: Balayage, Creative Colour, INNOLuxe, cut & blow dry. Colourist: Harriet Stylist: Harriet Total price: £280 Fade factor: Georgia’s pink will fade out gradually back to a warm blonde if she doesn’t continue to top up at home 💖💖 @harriet_stokes #pinkhair #pinktomaketheboyswink
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