Cam 'Hannibal' Damage

photographer•model•creature•actor kinbaku • pain enthusiast + performer apprentice @sasbodypiercing fluid • polyam feral pup Baltimore

There’s going to be two rows of these because there’s a ton of cute pics of @whoisbobbylabottom and I together so... get ready. Shot by @veganbrit 🖤
Feeling the waist 🎶 a favorite place - more oh @whoisbobbylabottom rope shot by @veganbrit
Got to tie with @whoisbobbylabottom the other day and @veganbrit was there to document 😍🖤 such a fun morning. Again again!
Last for the row. Fully feeling the hashira struggle, probably right before being like “ok I’m good.” Rope by @ten.against shot by @feroxisaurus
Setting up for the class. This one just cracks me up. Father son squat time 😜🖤 with @ten.against shot by @feroxisaurus
Feelin a little bend. Throwback hashira lesson time at Ramblegrue with @ten.against 🖤 shot by @feroxisaurus - thanks for the education @riggerodys @wild912 !!
Finishing the tie with some more heavy waist partial time. Shit was stressful. Glad to be tying again after the weeks off @ten.against 😊🖤
Moving all around, re-exploring space with @ten.against last night. I won’t lie, I can’t wait to move and have a bigger rope room! 🤞🖤
Rope date last night with @ten.against 😊🖤 been wanting to do more “legs together” ties and he read my mind.
I will become the sky | nothing can stop me now 🍁🍂. (Self shot and self suspended. Last for the group for now. This shoot means a lot to me.. haven’t created on my own in forever. Here’s to a fresh start.)
Ascending | to join Freyja 🍁🍂
Willingly lain upon the altar 🍂🍃
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