Cam 'Hannibal' Damage

rigger•photographer•model•creature•actor pain enthusiast + performer apprentice @sasbodypiercing androgyny feral pup Baltimore

You ever just want to flash someone but like... aggressively? Happens to the best of us. Last for the row by @tradecraftfoto ☠️🖤
Sup guy in the back how you living? More from running around during work today with @tradecraftfoto. Ps come get pierced by us this weekend @sasbodypiercing. 😎💀
You know what time it is. #buttsaroundbaltimore shot by @tradecraftfoto ☠️🖤 spooky edition.
Reassurance / processing. I thought this was the prettiest shape of the entire session, and the series of shots I got during it are my favorite. @shaktiblissbunny looked so glorious being pulled in multiple directions by @ten.against rope.
@shaktiblissbunny processing in @ten.against rope with smiles. For every furrowed brow and pain sound there was in turn a smile during this session. So lovely.
@ten.against ties the beautiful @shaktiblissbunny 🖤✨ shot by me. There will likely be two rows from this set. A lot of beautiful views of Shakti in Ten’s rope and choosing is hard! (More on my Patreon, and coming soon to Shakti’s patreon once she launches!!)
Always so tender. Last for the row with @jacsfishburne by Alvioli Photography. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!!
Entwined enigmas. Anther throwback with @jacsfishburne shot by @stefd.insta 🖤✨.
Time for a throwback row because it’s the most amazing person @jacsfishburne birthday. You’re such an incredible human and artist. You’re one of the most important people in my life and towards my growth as a human. You were there through my worst times. I haven’t seen you in forever and we talk less than we used to but I will forever be entwined with you as any pack mate and wolf sister. I love you so much dude. (Photo by @redyourblues )
After some single futos, ending with a little stretch and (comfy) crotch rope rock time. Thanks again @iamlexagrace and @dwlphoto - and for the awesome chest harness 😊❤️
I like photos of riggers observing. Here’s @iamlexagrace doing that while @dwlphoto is probably torturing my foot some more.
Had the pleasure of being co-tied by @iamlexagrace and @dwlphoto last night 😍❤️ such enjoyable creativity. And foot tacos. (Photos thanks to @ten.against !) featuring the Misungui chest harness by @marika.leila - tutorial available on ! I highly recommend checking this out if your want a break from TKs. Such a comfortable harness and great to give those shoulders some relief.
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