hmu if ur having an existential crisis too

Gori tera gaon bada pyara, mein toh gaya maara aake yahan re 💖💖💖
Me trying rlly hard to be photographed well
Happy Diwali y'all 😎🤙
Current mood: crying @ work looking at dua lipa India pics... meanwhile I'm ALREADY wearing 3 layers
STOP! Look @ these cute photos of my family. OKAY now go have yourself a nice day ☺️
Generic #nofilter fall pics from Mount Nemo pls enjoy 🍁
I looked so cute yesterday my dudes pls appreciate
Thankful 4 mother nature this thanksgiving 🌿🌿🌿
A city girl for a day
Happy // Marina & the Diamonds 🌹
A wholesome day!!!
Plant mom 🌱
Happy independence day to the motherland 🇮🇳 even after centuries of oppression, your beauty nd your strength is beyond compare 😭❤️ (I got emo just looking @ these pics)
Don't swipe if you're scared of spiders (I almost pissed my pants taking these)
Rant: It's 2018 and ppl are still littering?? In Canada?? Where there's literally a garbage can if you move 2 steps?? I'm so tired of seeing garbage when I go hiking. Y'all learned the 3Rs since elementary school and still decide to behave like trash?? Today we came across a half eaten cake, dozens of water bottles, coffee cups etc...Y'all need to grow up thx
I wanna retire in khaosok if the world hasn't ended by that point
Happy birthday manu!!! You're my favourite snake in the entire world!!! And last but not least, I'd like to say 1 cheesy thing: MERA PYAR PYAR PYAR HOOKAH BAR
Let it rain // urban zakapa ☔
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