Nygia 🐢

CU XC/T&F | Class of 22’

I’d say today’s tattoo experience was a little fishy 😉
I honestly don’t have a caption 🤷🏾‍♀️. But there are some Christmasy lookin leafs on my shirt though ‘Tis the season🎄
Bucket hats 😍♥️
18th Birthday posts are lame but new tattoo posts are alright. P.S. (I am open to all opinions especially if your name is Sam Carrillo I really enjoy your feedback.) @samcarrillodude
In case you were wondering, the lake is just fine. PC: @holley_ej
I kinda love Holley a little bit (a lot) hbd BB girl ♥️ #campharvest2018 #snek #snekgang
We will rake your weed. #seaweed #manuallabor #campharvest PC: @ryanat0r
We found this cute little turtle boi 🐢 🐢🐢
Made it to camp and now I’m having breakfast with this babe! 🌲🌲♥️
When a random number texts you about their nana sherry’s kitbull lol. This made me day 1000x better, I needed to laugh 😂😂
Let’s go on a road trip and bring our bucket hats 🌞🌞
I kinda forgot I graduated lol and I didn’t really take that many pictures either, I was too busy peacing out I guess and P.S. Amelia and Kailey stay the heck outta my photos 😂
A little late but, get yourself some puppy therapy!
I mean I guess prom was ok 🙄🤗
Sign up for camp opens today!!!! Sign up right now!!!! It’s gone be lit!!
Missing summer and summer camp #flashback #dontskiparmdaykids
We be regional champs, that’s all I have to say.
I smelled that 3peat coming from a mile away best Winterfest by far
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