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A monthly blog post and podcast by Sherrie Graham; with recipes, pictures and a podcast from visits in Nova Scotia home kitchens. Come on in!

I’m doing a bit of baking on this sunny December morning - making some apple cinnamon muffins for my boys to take in their lunches for this last week of school before the break. They’re in the oven now and it smells like Christmas! 🍎
It was so much fun to visit with @laurastastes for the December episode, which is now up! Visit the website and subscribe to the podcast in your favourite podcasting app. Laura shares Clara Harris’ locally-famous hot creamed lobster, two ways. It’s a perfect dish for the holiday season, and also for the lobster season, which started in District 34 today. Wishing a safe and prosperous season to all of the lobster fishers, and a peaceful and joyous (and lobster-filled) holiday to you. 🦞
I recorded a festive episode today with @laurastastes ! And lucky me, it involves lobster! Coming your way the first week of December.
The November episode is ready for you! Kim shares a recipe for her family’s cinnamon rolls - they’re a dense, delicious roll, quite unlike the cinnamon roll you might be familiar with. It makes a huge batch, and they freeze well - maybe you want to get a head start on some holiday baking? There are step-by-step pictures over at the website, too, if you’re not familiar with the technique. Enjoy!
Good morning! I will be working away at getting the November episode ready for you this week, but right now I’m just enjoying being home after a week away for work. It is so, so good to be home. This morning, I made our usual Fluffy Pancakes recipe (just search and added 1 tbsp of pumpkin pie spice (mix together 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1/4 tsp ginger, 1/8 tsp cloves and double, triple or quadruple to have some on hand). It smells amazing, and tastes even better. Enjoy!
I just gathered some of the last goodness from the garden (you know, since it snowed yesterday and all!) and it smells sooooo wonderful. That’s lemongrass on the top left - I grew two clumps in a pot and I could sniff it all day, every day. (See the hitchhiker? 🐞) I love it in a Thai soup. (@nikijabbour - is there an easy was to overwinter it?) A bit of mint on the top right, the last of the sungolds in the bowl (😭), a few cucumbers and a late bit of lavender, the queen of all. 💜(Aside from Angela Lansbury, who had a birthday this week.) Happy Friday!
I just recorded the next post! 🤩 Coming your way the first week of November.
It’s up! The October podcast episode with @lauraannegoodwin is ready for your ears, and there are pictures and links up over at I loved visiting Laura, and the carrot cake (her grandmother’s recipe) is pretty excellent, too. Enjoy!
There’s some wonderful-smelling magic happening in my kitchen this afternoon, thanks to The Apple Connection. 🍁🍂🍎
Tonight’s supper was so beautiful and so Nova Scotian and so delicious! It is brought to you by my dad (he caught the mackerel), my garden (tomatoes! chives!) and @oprah - the recipe for the salad is from her cookbook Food Health and Happiness (it’s the Heirloom Tomato and Summer Corn Salad with Tarragon Vinaigrette) and it is incredible. Prosciutto, goat cheese, red onion, and sweet sweet corn - YUM! Late summer is the BEST. 😍
At last! The September episode is up, with my sweet son Phillip and his specialty - a baked pancake puff. (And a bonus recipe from me for my standby granola that helps to get us through the school year.) It felt like everything that could have had a hiccup happened with this one, so I’m so glad to finally have it up and ready, hiccups and all. Enjoy a leisurely visit in my kitchen with Phillip and I, in which I break two eggs (by accident), Phillip spills a bowl of cereal (by accident)... a snippet of everyday life. ❤️
Good Saturday morning! The September post is coming your way tomorrow after some delays this week... in the meantime, breakfast at our house right now is steel cut oats heaped with chopped apple and cinnamon. It’s infinitely better than the packets, simple, and filling. I make the oats in my instant pot (2 cups steel cut oats, 4 1/2 c water, 4 minutes on high, natural release) and just top with chopped apple, cinnamon, and a bit of brown sugar, and serve with milk. You can also easily cook the oats on the stovetop (1 cup oats, 3 cups water, bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer for 25-30 min, stirring occasionally). Kids love choosing their own toppings, and the nutty flavour of the steel cut oats is so, so good. Happy weekend!
We invested some time, hard work, and a bit of money to make our backyard more welcoming this summer. Picnic tables were the first addition - I wanted something classic that wouldn’t blow away. 😂 We’ve eaten so many lovely meals outside this summer, and eating outdoors is one of my very favourite things of all time. My lovely husband made tonight’s beautiful (and super-delicious) supper, which we enjoyed in 50% humidity, down from 97%, where it’s been hovering most of the summer. It was a very good day. 😍
Chokecherries! I have never picked them before, and I have no real plans for this small handful, but aren’t they beautiful? ❤️
‘Tis the season for tables at the ends of driveways on Nova Scotian roadsides where gardeners sell the extra bounty from their gardens (often for a very good price!) I always try to have a bit of cash with me in the car and scored yesterday with these sweet yellow plums, $2.50/quart. They are SO good!
I had the most beautiful red currants that needed to be dealt with today - I cooked them a bit, put them through the food mill, added a bit of sugar and turned them into popsicles. 😍 I really like sour (rhubarb, lemon, cranberries and currants are my favourite fruit flavours!) so I’m wondering if I added enough sugar to accommodate everyone else’s taste? Maybe I didn’t on purpose? 😂 Time will tell.
There is so much kindness in Nova Scotia Kitchens! Not only did friends let me use their quiet house and landline for my radio interview with @nikijabbour this morning, they also made blueberry muffins! 💙
The August post is up! The lovely Ash (@turnerfamilyfarm ) shares a recipe for fermented buckwheat pancakes that are gluten free (also delicious, seriously!) and endlessly adaptable. Take a look at the post pictures at to see Ernie the dog (SO cute!) in Ash’s charming farmhouse kitchen, and you can hear her super cute kiddos in the podcast, too. Enjoy!
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