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We've had a great week launching #HightopTilde in Oslo and Gothenburg. Thank you to all of you who came out to our events! For those who might have missed the news this is Hightop Tilde, our new high waisted skinny fit. 100% organic. 100% vegan. Online and instore now. Link in bio. 📷 @nudiejeansmelbourne . . . #nudiejeans #organicdenim
Today we welcome #HightopTilde to the family of fits. A lightweight super stretch denim here to embrace you. High waist, skinny fit, 100% vegan, 100% organic. Online and instore. Link in bio. . . . #nudiejeans #organicdenim
Hightop Tilde is our new high waist skinny fit. 100% vegan, 100% organic. Link in bio. . . . #nudiejeans #hightoptilde #organicdenim
Here we have a fresh pair of drys [left] next to a pair of the same worn for two years by Fraser (who took Nudie Jeans to the UK). A quick look at how your story can be told through the patina of your dry denim journey. Thank you for sharing your stories, please keep sharing - it inspires us. Read our latest user story in bio link. . . . #nudiejeans #organicdenim
We roped in our very own Richard for latest user story. Hit the link in our bio to read full article featuring his beautifully worn in #LooseLeif Dry Selvage. . . . #nudiejeans #nudiejeansHQ #selvage
Today is a good day, for today we bring you Re-use Drop 2 and they are live on right now (link in bio). These are one-of-a-kind jeans. All Nudie Jeans Re-use garments are washed, repaired and ready to wear. All repairs for Re-use online are handmade here at @nudiejeansgoteborg. Good to know: Drop 1 sold out in 48hrs - don't sleep. . . . #nudiejeans #njreuse #organicdenim
Keep sharing your #nudiejeans stories. We see you! Thank you for sharing your Skinny Lin's @feliciagullstrand. . . . #skinnylin #organicdenim #gothenburg
Some say double denim. Some call it Canadian Tuxedo. Our dry tux is all non-tox, made with 100% organic cotton - meaning no pesticides, no hazardous chemicals, just clean fabric. Link in bio to learn more. . . . #nudiejeans #nontoxtux #getthebalanceright
#BluceramicsforNudieJeans now available in London. Head to our Soho Repair Shop to get yours (before they're gone). @BluCeramics  for Nudie Jeans is a limited edition collection of indigo inspired handmade ceramics. The collaboration will be available in select #njrepairshop 's around the world. . . . #nudiejeans
Good morning (from the lab)! . . . #nudiejeans #organicdenim #gothenburg
You may know that we’re all about mending gaps, but that doesn’t stop at all those worn-in jeans we repair. All our Fairtrade certified organic cotton garments are made in India, one of the countries where minimum wage is below the actual living cost. We started the Living Wage initiative together with our Indian supplier, making sure we do our part. No gap is too big to mend. Link in bio to learn more. . . . #nudiejeans #getthebalanceright
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