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I take photos, sometimes I post them. Part time explorer. Sarcasm is my native tongue. #pnwphotographer #nw_perspectives #photography

Had a great night exploring around with @nwbynw. Thanks for recommending this spot and meeting up with us, @mikebpdx ! This was definitely an awesome spot to shoot!
Little throwback to one of the coolest hikes ever. There needs to be more of these in my future.
I'm going to continue this leafy theme I seem to have going on this week. Enjoy.
Moody season is here!
I'm not an Android fan. I'm not. There, I said it. *Phew* However, I've been testing out this @oneplus 6T for the past month or so for work, and I'm truly amazed by this camera. The quality, the ability to manually adjust all of the necessary settings, all of it. This thing just blows any other away. It's so hard going back to my iPhone after using it. I never thought I'd find another phone to replace my beloved iPhone, but this one might just convert me.
Surprising sunset tonight. It was amazing!
Tree sound waves
Just a little time lapse watching the world turn.
Went up to one of my childhood spots to try and capture the meteor shower over the weekend. Totally forgot about the giant flashlight up in the sky, so not much was seen. This place is still as beautiful as ever.
I’m not going to lie, every time that I come to visit this mountain, I chuckle like a little kid each time.
Get lost..
Chasing the sunset all the way to the coast the other night. Barely made it too.
Just some more lake reflections. 🤗
Did I do this right? #wellplacedleaf
Just a little hint of fall a few weeks back, up in Canada.
Lately, I’ve kinda had a thing for small lake views. I love going up to these random remote locations to capture some of the not-so-popular sceneries.
Visited Elk Lake just to make sure the roads were still as bad as they have been. 😂
To grandmothers house we go....
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