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I take photos, sometimes I post them. Part time explorer. Sarcasm is my native tongue. #nw_perspectives

Orange you sad that it's only Tuesday?
Sharing what I can of the blood moon tonight. Hopefully you were able to get out and see it for yourself.
Happy Friday everyone. What are your plans for the weekend?
I don't post selfies. I think this accurately describes why. But go check out @themodernrebels apparel. She's got some awesome selection and the material used is super comfy. . . . . . Picture cfedit: @emily.r0se.photography
What I wouldn't give, to be out here right now.
I've been trying to get myself to slow down and enjoy more of the hikes, than just the final destination. Let me tell ya, it's been hard. I walk too damn fast. 😂
First snow trip in the books, since it won't come down to me. *insert said face*
It’s always fun getting lost on forest service roads. You never know what you may see, or where it will take you.
Happy Waterfall Wednesday!
With this last storm, I hope there is a LOT more snow to be found! Bring on the powder sugary goodness!
Normally, I’m not one for photographing these since they aren’t natural (And it’s like, sooooo 2016). But, I broke my lens the other day and somehow managed to fix it. So I needed a test subject to make sure it still worked. I’d say, it turned out pretty well.
Blue hour up by the Mt. Jefferson wilderness.
When a quick trip to Portland ends up being......not so quick. It’s always nice to stop and enjoy those iconic sights.
Checking out the Basalt Towers during sunset last night. I knew it was cold, but didn’t realize it’s been THAT cold at night. The pond was completely frozen.
Happy Friday!! TGIF, if I might add. What a week! What are your plans for the weekend?
Because you know what day it is! Happy #wfw
Did you know, the USS Blueback was the last non-nuclear submarine to join the join the Navy? You’re welcome for the random fact of the day. Also, it’s pretty fun to take photos of at night. Just be careful of the fake coyote on the dock, it might get ya!
Had a great night exploring around with @nwbynw. Thanks for recommending this spot and meeting up with us, @mikebpdx ! This was definitely an awesome spot to shoot!
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