Oakley Boycott

Not a pseudonym ||| NYC•WY•CA•UK ||| Rep @tpgagency ||| Currently filming #TheTwainMeets

||| The people who work here make everything all worth while. Seriously. The MOST joyful people EVER to work at a coffee shop. Will forever go out of my way to vist. ||| Plus, the capps are tops. ||| #cappuccinoquest2018 |||
||| air prints |||
||| “i stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me thinking what can i do to make this mountain taller so the women after me can see farther - legacy”. ||| @rupikaur_ |||
||| a flashback ||| snapped by @tao_z_ho |||
||| “This has got to be one of the best places in the entire world to just sit and be.”||| @dicorsick ||| #cappuccinoquest2018 |||
||| Uncle Daniel refurbishes old motorcycles. It’s amazing. ||| You know, I’ve only known him for 29 years and never seen his collection. Which includes this 1915 Indian that’s worth more as it is than if it were to be “cleaned up”. ||| Lesson learned: ask people about the things they love always. Specifically ask them. Don’t be general. Because, when it comes down to it, it’s all art. ||| Talk about with love and put passion and attention to detail into anything and it’s art to me. |||
||| breathe ||| reminder ||| thnx |||
||| reclamation of patriotism ||| All about it. ||| NOT on board with the unpatriotic lack of diversity depicted in this new mural located in Downtown Los Gatos. NOT on board with the potentially triggering pieces of propaganda and items displayed in the storefront windows of the Veterans Memorial and Support of Los Gatos. ||| Am SUPER on board with the potential of having a space where veterans can go for free mental and physical health support. Don’t think that’s this place. But, I couldn’t tell. The most information I could gather from the storefront was from a piece of paper taped in the window that says “We recycle veterans” which(to me) seemed pandering and dehumanizing. |||
||| Not all great cappuccinos require leaves and hearts. ||| #cappuccinoquest2018
||| If you’re going... |||
||| These cup and saucer sets at @devoutcoffee in Niles, CA (one of my fave, historic districts in Cali) are STUNNING. @whsclay is a high school ceramics teacher at Washington High School in Fremont, CA and his work is so, SO beautiful. The cappuccino was also incredible but all @dicorsick and I could talk about was how we could take one of these cup and saucer sets home with us. Unfortunately they don’t currently sell these specific sets at the coffee shop but they DO sell some STUNNER mugs ||| All the proceeds of his mug sales at @devoutcoffee goes directly to his ceramics classes at Washington High School in Fremont (which only gets $300 a year from the school, but he supplements by selling over $10,000/year by selling his wares which is put directly into the program.) So, if you’re in Niles ever, get yourself one of the most beautiful ceramics you’ll ever hold. ||| p.s. I don’t know Jake personally at all but I just can’t stop thinking about these little cups ||| #cappuccinoquest2018 ||{
||| snapped by Sue Anawalt |||
||| Will travel long distances for life-changing doughnuts and coffee. |||
||| being coy with the koi |||
||| She commuted 1,065 miles in 16 hours to get to this cup of coffee. |||
||| mostly, simply, praying for bravery; alongside the choices to instigate movement and change |||
||| ol’ habits becoming better ||| #cappuccinoquest2018 |||
||| 29 ||| #DancePartyEveryDayNow |||
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