Oakley Boycott

Not a pseudonym ||| NYC•WY•CA•UK ||| Rep @tpgagency ||| Currently filming #TheTwainMeets |||

||| a cosmic Capp ||| #CappoccinoQuest2018
||| “If you don't dig deep in your fuckin' soul, you won't have legs.” ||| ASIB ||| snapped by @vandoorneowuor |||
||| overwhelmed by the pain in this world and knowing that I’ll never be enough or be able to do enough to fix it ||| but that doesn’t get me a free pass to opt out from trying, and working and showing up every, damn day to shift the narratives ||| here’s a picture of my nightstand and tiny, precious bits and bobs from my peeps |||
||| life is not for the faint of heart||| wish you were here ||| #cappuccinoquest2018 |||
||| What’s your manifesto? ||| snapped by @erica.nyc |||
||| @erica.jay spent most of today convincing me to move back to Wyoming to run for public office in 2020 ||| snapped by @kyungsae_minnn |||
||| meet me in Montauk ||| snapped by @lady_allegra |||
||| gold vibes only ||| mua @jelena_silver |||
||| when I talk to men, they ask me what they could do to be better ||| when I talk to womxn, they tell me they are building an army |||
||| check in on your womxn. support your womxn. check in on strangers. support strangers. ||| take care of your Self. take care. ||| #cappuccinoquest2018 |||
||| I believe her. I believe all those before her. I believe you.||| #believesurvivors ||| #NervousMeansDoIt |||
||| “I wish I could bleed for you.” ||| “Impossible.” ||| “My pain isn’t contagious.” ||| #WatersOfFriendship ||| Final performance at 4pm tomorrow ||
||| The best part of this evening(there were many) was looking around and watching the cast watch each other on that stage. Everyone has seen everyone perform their work so many times over many years and this rich, humbling, and supportive group shows up and cheers one another on with such respect, encouragement and adoration. ||| Am v. fond of these women especially. ||| Livestream is up where the stories are. |||
||| “It is strange to be here. The mystery never leaves you alone.” ||| #CappuccinoQuest2018 |||
||| Gummo hair ||| color by @renee.valerie and @brianadelman ||| cut and style by @adriana_papaleo ||| MUA @juliepope |||
||| I can’t tell you where this is because photos aren’t allowed here. But, I can tell you that if you come to visit, I’ll bring you and we’ll go exploring and make friends with all of the security guards. ||| Also, if you haven’t seen @crazyrichasians yet, what are you even doing? |||
||| *caption this* ||| #BernieLouiseSanders #DocDocGoose |||
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