Oasis Drinks

We're the UK's number one full on fruity drink.

The only marathon we’ll be doing today. What kind of marathon will you be watching? #RefreshingStuff
To prove you love your mum, tag her below. #MothersDay #RefreshingStuff
We’re hoping the luck of the Irish will push sales this #StPatricksDay . Let us know if it worked below? #RefreshingStuff
How many bottles of Oasis does this dog make you want to buy? #RefreshingStuff
When you procrastinate so much, that you have to write about #NationalProcrastinatonWeek to justify your job. #RefreshingStuff
Different year, same pancake. Post your pancake pics below. #PancakeDay #RefreshingStuff
What’s your choice? #RefreshingStuff
Get the must have accessory of every lunchtime. What’s your favourite ‘colour’ this season? #FashionWeek #fashion #RefreshingStuff
Please help all those single bottles left on the shelf this Valentine's - tag who you want to spend it with. #ValentinesDay
Because it’s January and we’re on sale. Get these bargains while you can. #RefreshingStuff
A rare sighting of the lesser-spotted Mango Medley. Every day, around noon, he lies in wait for his mate, The Meal Deal. - Let us know if you've seen one of these lately.
Tag a friend below if they’re on the list. Tag them if they’re not too. We don’t discriminate against people with strange names.
FACEBOOK COMPETITION! We have created the world's first face swappable bottle! For your chance to WIN one of your own, head over to our Facebook page and post your best face swap photo in the comment section of our (Facebook page link in bio) #RefreshingStuff #OasisDrinks
Sit back and enjoy the virtual reality sunshine at @derbyuni today. It makes you really thirsty for Oasis. #RefreshingStuff #university #Oasis #DerbyUni
Share this if you like real tasty videos. Follow the four steps if you're thirsty. And comment below with your creation. #RefreshingStuff
Some call paradise Barbados, others call it our installation at @lborouniversity. Go down to the beach today! #university #freestuff #loughboroughuni
It’s Black Friday. Guess what flavour this is. Then buy it at full price. #BlackFriday #RefreshingStuff #blackfriday2016
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