Obi-Juan The Collector

Collector of Hasbro Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series, DC Icons & DC Essentials. A Huge Superman fan. “Han shot first.” Excelsior!

40 years ago, I remember going to the Americana Theatre (who remembers that) in Austin, Tx. Saw Superman fly on the big screen thru the magic of 70mm and Dolby stereo surround sound. That was WAAAAY before digital HDX and ATMOS for you “millennials.” I was a 12 year old kid who “believed a man could fly.” Christopher Reeve is still the BEST Superman. And this is the film that started the superhero genre we thrive in today. So you’re welcome MCU. #supermanthemovie40thanniversary #youllbelieveamancanfly #DCComics
Spiders, Ants, and Wasps! Someone call pest control! Oh wait... my bad. Besides I do pest control. #MarvelRetroLegends #Spider -Man #Ant -Man #Wasp #MarvelComics
Can’t believe “Superman the Movie” is 40 years old! Special screenings with an old Fletcher Superman cartoon was shown over the weekend. #Superman80 #Supermanthemovie40
Loved what the late great @therealstanlee said about my all time favorite @marvel character, #SilverSurfer . #RememberingStanLee #Excelsior !
Sad news. Stan “The Man” Lee has passed away. The creative mind behind @marvel has left a legacy of characters that we all know and love. He will be missed but not forgotten. RIP @therealstanlee. #Excelsior !
Who’s picked up these bad boys? @fishbone_malone have you been to @gamestop or @thinkgeek ? #MarvelLegends #XMen #AIM
Finally saw @venommovie last night. Was very skeptical going in. (Due to critical reviews, thanks Rotten Tomatoes). I was pleasantly surprised. Not the best, but not horrible. I actually enjoyed it. #Marvel #WeAreVenom
“Spoiler” Alert! LOL! Pun intended. These are now popping up at local Walmarts here in the ATX. #HarleyQuinn #DCMultiverse #Spoiler #DCComics
Local #Walmart here in the #ATX has just put these out this evening. Meh....
What time is it? CLOBBERIN’ TIME!
Fantastic Four #MarvelsFirstFamily
YES!! Picked up The Thing today. The FF are all together now! #Marvel #FantasticFour Thing is here in the #ATX
Just subscribed to #DCUniverse . Let’s see if it was worth it. #Superman #Batman
My latest acquisition this week. Picked up my ultimate favorite #DCComics character, #Superman . I was in San Antonio Wednesday aka #NewComicBookDay and found this at @heroes_and_fantasies. @dc_collectibles
So sometimes you’re searching for one Marvel character and then to your surprise you find that other unexpected find that has also eluded you. #MoonKnight #MarvelLegends
A brief history of the Silver an action figure....
Silver Surfer with the issues that inspired the Marvel Legend figure. Norrin Radd is by far my favorite Marvel character of all time.
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