It has been over a year since I joined Kindle Unlimited and it has been one of the best treats to myself. This duet by @laurencampbellbooks was one of my first reads and it blew me away! It was so unique and twisted, but engrossing...I felt bad for Emily/Ivy and rooted for her through all the craziness and poor decisions she made. Everyone has a limit before snapping right? A must read for sure 👍🏼👍🏼. #freeonku
@sarahcolewrites just made my FriYay! I read Binary when it was released, but now I get to own it! Broken lead male and female, heat with some kink, angst, and an HEA. 😍😍😍
clutch: a novel by @lisawbecker : I loved Lisa’s creativity comparing Caroline's dating life to handbags. It is an interesting dating world out there (to say the least)...I hear so many dating stories through work and goodness she is spot on representing the types of men. Caroline's story was not only about dating, but also about leaving her small-town Southern roots to soul-search and pursue her dreams, while learning how to be assertive and self advocate. Mike was a mixture of best-friend, manwhore, and guardian angel for Caroline. I really wanted him to just make a move on Caroline, get all alpha on her and keep her. When there are blurred lines in a friendship, something is bound to happen and I am so glad they both realized their happily ever after was with each other. Aunt Mimi saw it coming :) Congratulations on winning the Romantic Comedy 2018 American Fiction Awards!
This book got lost in my Kindle Library, but I am soooo glad I found it!! @emeryroseauthor , I loved Eden and Killian’s love story through their road bumps. I am also a sucker for alpha dudes. The heat was scorching 🔥🤩! I am anticipating the next book...Connor and Ava? Zeke and Hailey?
Can’t wait for Art of Survival by @moniqueorgeronauthor !! 😍🤩
Glad I am on a staycation, because I could not put this down! Goodness my emotions were scattered all over the place!! 😭🔥❤️😍🤩
Like many @authorkatestewart books, this one slayed me into a blubbering mess and then sutured me back together to enjoy the ending. Gosh, the angst was agonizing; the heat was off the charts; there were moments I belly laughed; and I couldn’t help but love these broken characters . Oooo and one of the best groveling scenes I have read ❤️. I can’t wait for Jasmine’s story, because it sounds like a cluster 😳.
What an awesome series! Angst, heat, action, and HEAs! 😍 @virginiawine_author —Yes, Steel totally should have his story told. ❤️
Must read by @_bbreid ❤️🤩😍! Four was such a strong and tough girl. I liked how she didn’t hesitate to kick ass. Ever was a toss up between douche and hero. Gosh I wanted to throat punch him at times!!! Can’t wait for the next book! Description: THE PUPPET Borrow the bike. Win the race. Collect the cash. It should've been an easy job. Ran out of town with a broken leg and a lawsuit, my mother's latest flame swoops in like a knight in gilded armor. Blackwood Keep is a place I don't belong, and I'm not the only one who knows. To the boy across the hall, my savior's only son, I'm a stray looking for a bone. He's lord of the manor. King of the academy. And number one on my shit list. THE PEER I have no intentions of becoming a happy family with the social climber and her wild daughter. A bottle of Jameson and a cracked skull gets my problem shipped to reform school, but I didn't bank on her returning. Four's out to get even, and she almost had the perfect plan: expose the privileged kid moonlighting as a gangbanger. She's smart, but she'll have to be smarter. Sending her away won't be good enough this time. I'm going to have to tame the little troublemaker. To the girl across the hall, the one without a name, I'm nothing without my silver spoon. She's lady of the trailer park. Queen of the swamps. And my new favorite pastime.
My first read by @alisongbailey and all I can say is wow! I loooove second chance romance novels and this one brings out so many emotions as you ride out the twists and turns. Hart Mitchell is one book boyfriend you don’t want to miss!!😍 Description from Kindle: Bryson Walker stumbled heart first into the steady rhythm of her life, never questioning whether other possibilities existed. She had been Will’s girl since their junior year in high school, followed him to college, and married him soon after graduation. In every respect, they were a loving and successful couple, until a series of missteps shattered all of Bryson’s truths. Maybe their life was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. A performance that was never based in reality. Hart was barely an acquaintance. He and Bryson shared one brief moment during senior prom, full of friction and heat that ignited a spark. But that night Bryson walked away and Hart let her go. Years later, twisted fate brings Bryson and Hart together again, causing her to wonder if this is her second chance at once in a lifetime.
I’ve been waiting for this book in the Miles Family Series by @clairekingsleybooks !!! Brynna and Chase’s chemistry and heat is off the charts! In addition to the steam, you get laugh out loud moments and ugly cry moments. So worth the read! I can’t wait for Cooper’s story...he’s going to need a strong and feisty woman to tame that bad boy! Summary from Kindle: “Either I was seeing things, or Cooper was stalking down the aisle toward us. In his underwear. Nope, I wasn’t seeing things. It was my nightmare come true.” Moving back to my family’s winery seemed like a good idea. I can save money, be closer to my family… But I forgot that when you’re the baby of the family—and your three older brothers are basically insane—life can get complicated. Dating? Forget about it. I’m the forbidden one. There isn’t a bad boy in this town who’s bad enough to go after Brynn Miles. Not with my brothers acting like human chastity belts. Finding love isn’t my focus anyway. Except… there’s this guy. And he’s kind of amazing. I didn’t see him coming, and it figures I’d fall for the one guy in the world I shouldn’t. He’s T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Untouchable. And just as forbidden as I am. Am I ready to put my whole family on the line for a fiery case of lust? But what if it isn’t? What if it’s love?
I do not know how I missed this book’s release day, but it’s better late than never, right? Catalina and Lorenzo’s story is full of heat, action, and angst🔥🔥🔥! @clairecontreras Description (from Kindle): When my sister asked me to take a course for her while she went out of town for work, I reluctantly agreed. I wasn't expecting to step into a university auditorium filled with overactive libidos lusting after the professor. And I certainly wasn't expecting to become one of those women myself, but there's something about Lorenzo Costello that makes him irresistible. He's the kind of man mothers warn their daughters about -- mysterious, gorgeous, experienced, wild, and for some crazy reason he wants me. I should run far away and save myself from the impending heartache. So why am I racing toward him? I’m totally going to get burned. A man like Lorenzo won’t leave me unscathed. He'll make ashes of me.
An oldie but goodie for sure 😍. @snelsonauthor
Finished watching Troy: Fall of a City, Season 1 on Netflix. Paris (Louis Hunter, an Aussie actor) is hot! 🔥😍
Thank you @authorcrellis for the opportunity to read your first book! Jade and Emmett’s story is super complicated...wow! Factor in their 24 hr agreement and turn up the heat! You know an attraction that hot is not going to stop after one day 😍. There’s suspense, action, and of course an HEA. Throughout the book, I had my suspicions about Jade’s best friend Jasmine and her brother Dean. Sure enough the next book will be their story to be released on Aug 1, 2018! Congratulations on your first book and I can’t wait for the next! ❤️. #freeonkindleunlimited
Small ‘perfect’ town with the nosiest residents; broken marriages with broken characters, all form a perfect storm in this book. I loooove @bcherryauthor ‘s work!!! After reading Disgrace, I just had to go through all her previous books to read my favorite parts!! 😁❤️😍🤩
Wow, this @lindsaybecs book was an early Friday morning ugly cry for me. 😭😢😓
Hot and steamy read by @khardine_gray_books ! 🔥🔥🔥
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