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“I was born to fly” - the phrase that fits on Saad and Ahad. This film and your future projects will continue to take you towards success and with this will come more jealous and hateful people. But guess what, they aren’t going to get anywhere with that hate yet you will touch the heights of success because of all the hardwork you have put in. Love, dedication, honesty and passion wins over hate and envy. May you always be happy and successful. Ameen ❤️ Go and watch Saad in the #ParwaazHaiJunoon trailer on youtube and in #Bhulleya the first song released. You will also get to watch him in your nearest cinemas worldwide on Eid ul Azha when the film releases! 😍💓🙌🏼 #ahadrazamir #ahadwhyareyousoamazing #parwaazhaijunoon @ahadrazamir ✨🎈
#Bhulleya is such an intriguing song! I wish there was more to it then just one minute of the song. I love the lyrics, the tune and obviously the beautiful shots of Pakistan and the amazing actors featured. Please release the full song, 1 minute isn’t justice to the song. We need to hear more! 😍💕💥 #ParwaazHaiJunoon releases this Eid-ul-Azha in your nearest cinemas, don’t miss out! I can’t wait to watch the hot-headed Saad on the big screen! Ahad has stole the show 😍🔥❤️ #ahadrazamir #ahadwhyareyousoamazing #parwaazhaijunoon #bhulleya #firstsong @ahadrazamir ❤️🌸✨
Meme? Meme. Because Ahad Raza Meme. I was genuinely thinking of food when I was watching this scene just now though Asfi was no where thinking of food since Zubiya...😁😂 but yeah I was so I made this meme and went to my fridge to get some food. So I did. Good Night ya’all! 🌝🤷🏻‍♀️❤️ #ahadwhyareyousoamazing #ahadrazamir #ahadrazameme #drasfandyar #asfiforever #yakeenkasafar #yksforever @ahadrazamir 😍🌚🌸
She is a full time cutie! ☺️💕 Prettiest smile and the most gorgeous person inside out 💓🎈 Love you forever Sajal! 😘❤️✨ P.S Sorry for being inactive but yayyy I am active again 😂🙌🏼🌚 @sajalaly #sajalaly #sajalwhyareyousoamazing #sajal4president 💕🎈
Part 3/3 of Letters: The special posts on letters comes to an end with this final one for today. #DearAhad was necessary, its been a while since I wrote the last one. I hope you enjoy reading this Ahad as much as I enjoyed writing it. Last two days have been awful and I tried to escape the pain by writing the three special letters to the three awesome people: Samra Aunty, Sajal and you. So I hope this brings a smile to your face. Lots of love ❤️💕💓 P.S if you are reading this, please read @thegirlinthefrontrow ’s recent Dear Ahad too, I guarantee you if you don’t smile with mine, hers will definitely make you smile ☺️🌸 #dearahad #ahadrazamir #ahadwhyareyousoamazing @ahadrazamir ❤️
Part 2/3 of letters: My very first letter to the dearest and pyaar-iest Sajla! ❤️ I hope you enjoy reading this and I hope I can bring a smile to your face when you do read it. I have been thinking to write you one since very long but everytime something would come in the way. So finally here it is. This could have continued to many more pages but I had to stop so it’s not all too much for you to read at once. Letters, hand written letters especially convey meanings that captions or typed letters can’t. I hope you can get the message of love I have tried to convey through this message. I hope you see this and I hope you like it. Love you always and forever wishing and praying for you to always have the best. 😘🌸💓 #sajalaly #sajal4president #sajalwhyareyousoamazing #DearSajal @sajalaly ❤️
Part 1/3 of letters: I hope when you read this, it makes you smile. I am so sorry for the writing, I tried so hard to keep it tidy, I think after exams my hands have given up on good readable writing 😂😩 But back to the point, this letter is special, I wrote this while I wrote one for Ahad and Sajal. You are special to me Samra Aunty and I love you forever. ❤️❤️ Hope you enjoy reading it 🤗🎈💕 #mamamir #samramir #dearmamamir @maamaamir
Aangan to air in August - Finally Confirmed! ❤️ Hamare pyaare, Jameel aur Chammi 💓🎈 Can’t wait to watch these two cuties acing their roles! Missed Ahad on the TV screen for tooo long. August come soon!! 😭🙏🏼❤️ Embrace yourselves all, Aangan is on it’s way! 🌸🙌🏼 #sajalaly #ahadrazamir #aangan #jammi #jameel #chammi #comingverysoon #sajalwhyareyousoamazing #ahadwhyareyousoamazing #sajal4president @ahadrazamir @sajalaly ❤️💥🎉
This picture is so aesthetic and so feelsy 😍 That smile is perfect beyond any description 💓 Can’t wait to watch Jameel in Aangan. 😍🎈🙌🏼 “Mein sochta buhat hun.” @ahadrazamir , means you are thinking something really nice and smiling about it right? Or is it your favourite “i am not looking pose” and it is non-candid but candid. 🌚🌝 Love you always! ❤️ #ahadrazamir #ahadwhyareyousoamazing #jameel #aangan ❤️✨ @ahadrazamir P.S Khuda ke liye credit if using this picture, I edited it, so please credit if you repost. Shukriya ☺️🙏🏼
Do we still remember this? I do 😍 And it still strucks me, MashAllah! 😍💥 Love you guys forever. We are here for you, always, supporting you guys. Always love and always love. Positivity always 🌸 Good luck for Hum Awards, Bring them ALL back home! ❤️🙌🏼✨ #sajalaly #sajalwhyareyousoamazing #ahadwhyareyousoamazing #sajal4president #ahadrazamir #Sahad #Asfiya @ahadrazamir @sajalaly ❤️💓✨
#Repost @thegirlinthefrontrow with On behalf of the entire fandom, I sincerely want to thank all you beautiful people for everything, and want you to know how much we all love and adore you. Guys you all can repost to spread some love aroynd the fandom. Love -Fai #SpreadLove @ahadrazamir @sajalaly @maamaamir @azyteam @sabaczar Please repost and show your love ✨💓
Can I just say that this birthday was so so special because of you all out here! This big fat Yakeen Ka Safar, Ahadian, and Sajalian fandom. Thankyou so much to each and every one of you for your wishes, prayers, edits, special posts, stories and vms. I am genuinely grateful. 💓 Can I also say that we as a fandom had a tough day today because our favourites were attacked with hateful words again: and I want to thank you all for uniting and showing your support for the Mir and the Aly Family. We are a family, we cannot let hate win. We proved it today! Lastly once again, a BIG FAT THANKYOU to you ALL!! The posts, captions, vm’s and the comments, messages, stories: I tried my best to reply all of them, if I missed someone, I am really sorry, I didn’t mean to. I love you all!! Thankyou once again!! Lots of love! 🤗❤️ P.S I am not tagging anyone otherwise I will surely forget people; I know you all know who you are: I LOVE YOU ALL!!💋😘 Ap sab buhat buhat khush rahein, hamesha 🎈 #ahadrazamir #sajalaly #birthdayalmostfinished #thankyouall @ahadrazamir @sajalaly ❤️🙌🏼✨
I know it’s long but I am sorry for that too. But I will speak up everytime there is wrong done or said. Hate for anyone is wrong, but if you are going to hate those I love with all my heart, you will have to feel ashamed of it. I am always with them, supporting them, defending them, speaking on behalf of them, whenever I will have to, I will do! Let me also make it clear that they are human beings, they aren’t objects you can treat like anything. Their respect, their honour and their silence just because they are humble- is not their weakness nor it is for sale so you all can exploit it whenever you guys want SO Haters, stay away! Tsk Tsk! I love you guys and I know I don’t need to say anymore. I hope you guys know that I am always here for you guys, and like me, the whole fandom is with you. Your respect is our respect and we will always protect it. @ahadrazamir @sabaczar @sajalaly @maamaamir @azyteam @alysyed @sabooraly @anjum1955 ❤️❤️ Bloggers please read this and my previous post! @somethinghauteofficial @galaxylollywood @theguidelive @the.orange.wall @dawn_images @tribunelifestyle @mangobaaz @therealshowsha @divamagazinepakistan
The amount of disgust and hate that is written in these comments makes me sick to death! I had to censor those words that I find extremely inappropriate and disrespectful and disgraceful. The words used for women BY other women make me ashamed. Where is this society heading? I am publicly shaming you all for spreading hate. You all are nothing but hate preachers. You all are extremists with disgusting dirty brains. The words I have censored are the worst of worst to be used for women. You all, who are questioning Mrs Mir’s, Mrs Saba, Miss Aly’s character - let me question your taribiyat and the upbringing you have got from your home. I really hope someone from your family sees how filthy your language is so they can tell your parents how they have failed to raise you! My God, what have I just read. Samra Mir shares a picture of Ahad, or Sajal or their picture together, or Anjum Durrani shares a picture of Samra, Ahad, Adnan, Sajal or Saba shares Ahad, Sajal or Ahad and Sajal’s picture or even Adnan Raza Mir shares a picture with Sajal or his family: OR they don’t do at all: THIS IS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! If you don’t like them, instagram has very fortunately created a unfollow button, FOR GOD’s SAKE USE IT! BUT, DO NOT, and I REPEAT, DO NOT, USE FILTHY AND DISRESPECTFUL LANGUAGE FOR ANY OF THEM! All this time I defended Ahad, he faced hate for no genuine reason, and now you are all turning to his family. Samra Mir, Asif Raza Mir, Saba, Adnan Raza Mir, Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Aly, Anjum Durrani, Saboor Aly, and Aly Syed CAN SHARE WHATEVER THEY WANT TO SHARE ON THEIR INSTAGRAM PAGES. NO ONE, I SAY NO ONE HERE HAS THE RIGHT TO BULLY THEM! Get out of here you all! GET OUT! Also, ALL OF YOU SAYING SHEDDING HATE ON FEROZE AND SAJAL: Feroze Khan is happily married and I wish him all the happiness: and I have to say hateful language for him and his sisters was used too: and I SAY THE SAME: YOU ALL HAVE NO RIGHT TO SPEAK DIRT FOR ANY WOMAN OR ANY MAN, BE IT SAJAL OR HUMAIMA, BE IT DUA OR SAMRA MIR! I TELL YOU ALL AGAIN, BE IT FEROZE OR AHAD: YOU GUYS DONT SPEAK HATE! I hope the bloggers I tag notice this and post this publicly so these haters are exposed!
My favourite shots from the trailer. Go on and watch it on YouTube everyone. Don’t post it here, watch it on youtube, help it trend, help it get millions of views so our film reaches every possible audience. Also, Vote for hum awards, voting ends in 3 days. Let’s not forget, we got to make Yakeen Ka Safar clean sweep InshAllah! ❤️❤️❤️ P.S Saad is sooo soo cute!! Can’t wait to see this character in full on Eid. 😍🎈✨ #ahadrazamir #ahadwhyareyousoamazing #parwaazhaijunoon #saad #pakistanairforce #releasing #eidulazha @ahadrazamir ❤️🙌🏼🇵🇰✨
Life has many plans for us. Allah has many plans for us. Sometimes we come across people on a street for as long as a blink of an eye and that’s it. Sometimes we come across people, who somehow, connect with us. They then, join you in your laughters, in your tears, in your special moments. They basically stand side by side with you. They can be your friends, your family, someone you love or maybe people who make you feel that you are home. Good friends, good relationships are a blessing. They really are. If one gets them, they are truly blessed. And I cannot describe in words how happy I feel seeing these pictures. I feel so happy seeing these cheerful faces, enjoying themselves, sharing, caring, and looking after each other, and making sure that they all laugh together. When I made this account, I was a fan of Ahad, I was a fan of Sajal (I still am), I knew Asif Sir and is actually following his recent plays too, but now I feel like, I am not just a fan of two people who are so inspiring, motivational, strong, brave and extremely talented, but also those people around them. I love all of you soooo sooo much!! Be it Sajal’s charming smile, Ahad’s genuine humility, Asif sir’s legendary work, Mama Mir’s complete cuteness, Khala Mir’s pyaare pyaare posts with “MashAllah” in the captions 😍🌝 or Adnan’s not so simple captions 😂- I love you guys the most. Thankyou for giving us fans a reason to smile everyday because of your presence. Thankyou. ❤️❤️✨ #ahadrazamir #sajalaly #mamamir #samramir #babamir #asifrazamir #lafamille #themirs @sajalaly @ahadrazamir @sabaczar @maamaamir ❤️💕🎈
Okay so my previous post wasn’t the last one for today. I just want to say that seeing Sajal happy makes me really happy. Her smile is soo soothing, so refreshing and sooo sooooo radiant. Ahad, heartiest congratulations on the trailer launch, it looks fabulous. Can’t wait to watch it fully on Eid ul Azha! Good luck and all the prayers 😍✨ Allah, hamesha in dono ko har buri nazar se bachana. They deserve nothing but the best and all the happiness in this world. May these two happy souls always remain happy! Ameen. ❤️ MashAllah MashAllah ❤️❤️ Pyaar aur buhat pyaar 💕✨😘 Also, VOTE, 3 days to go before the voting ends!! @sajalaly @ahadrazamir #ahadrazamir #sajalaly #asfiya #sahad ✨🎈
Maa is the light that makes her child’s way more clearer, more safer. Maa is the light that guides her child. Maa is the light that shines on her child every second and there is no replacement for it. Maa, is like no other. The feeling of home, the feeling of peace, the feeling of calm, the feeling of love that’s incomparable to any kind of love in this world, is the love a mother has for her child. Be it Firdous Aunty who left this world too early, but for sure, without a doubt, she is the proudest and the happiest and at the most peace in Jannah because her princess, her gorgeous daughter is doing so well and is so happy. Samra Aunty is witnessing Ahad’s everyday in his career and she is seeing his everyday strength and success because of his true dedication and hardwork. Maa ki dua jannat ki hawa ❤️ We don’t have to look far to find our best friend, she is literally with us, our mother. Firdous Aunty may not be here in person, but she is with Sajal in spirit, in strength, in prayers, in her heart forever. To all the beautiful mothers, and to these two special mothers, who have raised two wonderful people with the kindest hearts: May Allah always bless you all, may you all continue to see your children rise and shine bright. May Firdous Aunty have the highest ranks in Jannat. Ameen Ameen. Pyaar aur sirf pyaar to you all. ❤️ Yours truly, Ayesha 😌 P.S promise, last one today 😂🌝 #ahadrazamir #sajalaly #sajalwhyareyousoamazing #ahadwhyareyousoamazing #firdousaly #sajalfirdousaly #mamamir #samramir @sajalaly @maamaamir @ahadrazamir ❤️❤️❤️
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