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Some crazy fangirling of Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Aly, Zara Noor Abbas, Bilal Khan. ❤️ Spread positivity please ✨

This shot is stunning! 🖤 Like that laugh, those bright eyes and the happiness! 😍💥 You are so pyaari MashAllah! @sajalaly 🤧❤️ Hamesha khush rahein. I love you 😘 #sajalaly #blackandwhite ❤️💕🔥
Basically that’s about it! Just stop dragging Sajal in everything and stop feeding Hania you know, ultimately Sajal and her fandom is humiliated because Hania looks for these reasons and some people are providing them to her by doing such things. Just let it be. They are ONLY promotions! And instead of giving Hania attention over her stupid and childish actions, just ignore her, and show your love to Ahad on his debut film and show everyone that Sahad fandom is un-breakable and spreads only love. Thankyou @the_quimby_a
Doing a history and an english assessment has me genuinely drained today 😴 but then I saw this ad and then I realised for the 10000000000th time that he is the cutest thing that happened to us Pakistanis and Pakistan industry. You pyaara insaan! 💕❤️ Your cuteness 🤧😭❤️ I love you Ahad! No thankyou for killing us with your cuteness but thankyou also for being cute if that makes sense. 🌸🌝❤️ Goodnightokthanksbye 😏👀💥 #ahadrazamir #cocacola #tvc @ahadrazamir 💙💕
Dr Asfandyar to me: ap apni health ke bare mein bhi ghair zimadar hain, tu exams ko kaise theek kareingi...👀🤨 Yeah here with a meme. I have a mock tomorrow and I am not revising but I think I am going to revise now. Thanks for the meme idea @the_quimby_a you my little cute dobby! ❤️ And yeah hope ya like it!! I miss Dr Asfi!! @ahadrazamir ❤️💙 #ahadrazamir #sajalaly @sajalaly #sajal4president #yksforever #yakeenkasafar #kthanksbye 😂❤️
This serial has been so special, so real and so close to our heart. Everything about it has been so precious. Daniyal fighting for Noori but sadly losing his life just because he was fighting for the truth, taught the audiences alot. It taught the audience how expensive justice is, and how hard one has to fight to achieve it. Dr Asfandyar, Dr Zubiya- both characters saw pain, saw their loved ones dying a painful death. If Asfandyar saw his family falling apart and his beloved brother dying, Zubiya was made shelter less within moments by her own brother when her father only died a few months earlier. Both characters taught and inspired the audience to be resilient, true and brave. Both characters for me demonstrate hope and courage, especially Zubiya. Ahad, Shaz, Hira and Sajal, you guys made Yakeen Ka Safar everything that it is today. Yes I know the writer, other cast and everyone else behind the camera deserve credit too but the four characters you portrayed genuinely have my heart. Sajal and Ahad, thankyou for giving us the story of Dr Asfandyar and Dr Zubiya. We are grateful. I love you guys and I so wish you all the best in your lives and careers. Thankyou for giving us Yakeen Ka Safar to remember and cherist forever, to learn from forever. Thankyou. Love love love. Happy 1st anniversary to our jaan bacha YKS!! Here is a letter/artwork amidst of the revision and hectic Alevel schedule, I genuinely wanted to make something on my own rather than an edit, I am so happy about the first anniversary. Hope you enjoy reading it. Love. ❤️❤️ #sajalaly #sajal4president #ahadrazamir #shazkhan #hiramani #yksforever #yakeenkasafar @ahadrazamir @shazli_khan @sajalaly @hiramaniofficial ❤️🌸💕☺️
THE AHAD RAZA MIR at it again 💥🔥😍☄️ Dear Ahad, Tryin’ to revise here 😭 But you are like, Nope. 👀 Yours truly, I love ya!! You are the best. ❤️☄️ This boi is on fire! 🔥❤️💥 This boi slays! 🔥❤️ #parwazhajunoon #ahadrazamir @ahadrazamir
The Shy but also jealous Dr Asfandyar 😂❤️ I loved when he was indirectly inquiring where Zubiya was and when she came, he was trying to hide his smile though he couldn’t control it 😂👀❤️ Dr Asfi is my fav character and others come after and this is all because of this legend and the superstar @ahadrazamir ❤️ #yksforever #drasfandyar #yakeenkasafar @ahadrazamir 😍❤️☄️
Shahram was the best part of this episode. Like Arsala, he also showed that he has moved on but the pain was there, apparent. Loved your expressions, emotions and the anger that urged him to get Arsala the respect she deserves. You are too good!! @bilalkhanmusic #bilalkhan #Khamoshi 😍💕❤️☄️
Cried at the exact moment, showed that she moved on, faced the world yet again. The pain was there but it wasn’t apparent. This is Arsala for me. Full of the will to fight. You are brilliant as Arsala! Killing it with perfection since the first episode. 😍❤️✌🏽☄️ Love youu!! 😘 @zaranoorabbas.official #Khamoshi #zaranoorabbas
‪“Ajeeb bazar hai dunya, gham hanste le aao, mol khushi ka na mile, tu gham saste le aao” 💔‬ ‪Now I know why this is a lyric in the OST! The pain and emptiness was portrayed so brilliantly. 😭‬ ‪You both rock as the best actors! Too much perfection with expressions, emotions and all!! ❤️💥‬ #Khamoshi#zaranoorabbas #bilalkhan @zaranoorabbas.official @bilalkhanmusic ❤️💕
#Khamoshi Tonight 8pm on Hum Tv! Don’t miss it! ❤️💥🔥 #bilalkhan #zaranoorabbas #zahrashah @zahrashahofficial @zaranoorabbas.official @bilalkhanmusic ❤️💕🌸
After having mock exams, extensive revision and then seeing these pictures from this photoshoot just makes my mind go completely blank because you are too perfect and I cannot think of captions. What am I even writing? It is a caption. Anyway. #Okthanksbye . 🤦🏻‍♀️❤️ I love ya and you look great! The cutest and the handsomest ❤️💕🔥💥 #ahadrazamir #photoshoot #fridayandmockskills @ahadrazamir
Zara, you honestly killed it on the ramp! We saw a fierce side to your acting and which yet again proved your versatility. You are touching the heights of success with your skills, your talent and your hardwork and this doesn’t appeal others but who cares about them right? What matters is what you do, what you love doing and the people close to you who are there with you supporting you, and your family, your husband, your friends and fans who are always here for you. We love you and we are proud of you!! Love you beautiful!! Stay blessed and happy always!! And keep slaying! 😘😘💕💕 #zaranoorabbas 🔥❤️ @zaranoorabbas.official 😘❤️🌸💕💥
The prettiest, the coolest, the strongest and the most pyaaara-est couple ever! ❤️💥🔥 These two killed it last night!! 🌸😍🔥❤️ #zaranoorabbas #asadsiddiqui @zaranoorabbas.official @asadsidofficial
You are beautiful and your ramp walk was superb too! Not everyone can make use of their art to make it work in everything they do. It’s difficult for some. But you made it so easy and you gave your best. Those who are making your fun don’t understand that their idiocy doesn’t make you weak but ultimately makes you stronger and braver than them. You are the best Zara! ❤️❤️ Love you always!! Rise and shine superstar 😘 P.S an edit for you!! 🖤 #zaranoorabbas #strongeralways #bravealways @zaranoorabbas.official ❤️💕✨
These days something that motivates me to revise and work hard is: “think big and make it happen” ✨ Another thing that motivates me is that if I revise without distraction then I can write a letter, make an edit or draw an artwork as a treat to myself. I guess its a good way to get me going on revision because exams are less than 2 months, less than 2 months 🤦🏻‍♀️😩 I am off my point here, basically this letter was my treat to myself after hours of revision. Hope you enjoy reading it. Love love love your way! Love ya bhai! @ahadrazamir ❤️ P.S sorry for the crossings, kept the letter as real as possible 😂 #dearahad #ahadrazamir #lettersfromtheheart
Here’s the “hot-headed” (described by Ahad) airforce pilot and his first look! 😍💥 I am so in love with this poster! The real hot-headed guy feels and looks! 😍👌🏼👀🔥 Pyaaraaaaa Pyaaraaaa Hero hamaraaa! 🖤 Why? Well, because. PARWAZ HAI JUNOON ❤️🇵🇰 Other reason to why our pyaara hero, because Ahad doesn’t need a reason to be called pyaara. He is a legal certified pyaara bacha of our industry ☺️🔥❤️ Releasing this Eid ul Fitr! ❤️ #ahadrazamir #parwazhaijunoon #phj #releasing #eidulfitr 😍❤️💥 @ahadrazamir
Don’t even try to tell me that these two cuties have changed little or at all. Because they haven’t! They are still the cutest, still the pyaaraaa-est and their smiles, gosh look, they are exactly the same, the bright eyes and cheerful smiles. My forever love- these two ❤️😩💕 Love ya both!! 😘❤️ SAHAD 🔥❤️ @ahadrazamir @sajalaly #sajalaly #ahadrazamir #sahad #asfiya #jammi #yks #yksforever #sajal4president ❤️
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