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Chammi ka Aangan ❤️ #sajalaly #chammi #aangan @sajalaly ❤️✨⚡️
It’s been a while I posted on the ever so pyaari Mama Mir and the amazing Baba Mir. These days I am posting lots because I am on winter break so enjoy the spam while it lasts fam 🌝🙏🏼 Also, this edit was so randomly made. I don’t know how well I did on it but anything that has these two superb couples always makes anything look pretty. I miss you Mama Mir, and I love you. ❤️✨ Side note: less than 4 days till #Aangan hits our tv screens! ⚡️ #ahadrazamir #sajalaly #mamamir #samramir #asifrazamir #babamir @sajalaly @ahadrazamir @maamaamir ❤️🤧
Edit on Chammi? Edit on Chammi. 😍 I am so incredibly excited to watch #Aangan and more than anything else, I am excited to watch Chammi. One way or another I know this character is and will be my favourite. You have outshined, you have won hearts and you are still winning. ❤️ Another character in the list as a blockbuster one because you added more perfection to it with your charm and versatility. Hope this edit worked out well. Love you so so much Sajal. ❤️ #sajalaly #ahadrazamir #aangan #chammi @sajalaly ❤️🥀✨
“Meine tumse kabhi ishq nai kia.” “Per meine tu kia hai.”💔 The force, the fearlessness in Chammi’s voice was so evident. Sajal and Ahad on a different address fam. Uff I cannot wait to watch this chemistry which is full of drama, angst and love. Ahad, I particularly don’t like Jameel and I think that means you are a brilliant actor and you have proved it yet again. Chammi doesn’t need a hero, and Sajal’s portrayal has just emphasised this and nothing more. Best wishes for the premiere of Aangan on Thursday, InshAllah it will be great!! ❤️✨ P.S Ahad what did you decide on making up for an interaction? 😌🤧 @sajalaly @ahadrazamir #sajalaly #ahadrazamir #aangan 🥀❤️✨
Mera Yaar Mila de ~ ft. Jameel, Chammi aur Aaliya ✨ I am terrible at vm’s but aangan’s teasers and promos have me so hyped I had to. So here is another okayish attempt. Let me know how you find it please by commenting your precious feedback. Video copyrights to HUM TV Song copyrights to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Big Bang Entertainment. I can’t wait for Aangan! It starts from 20th December, every Thursday 8pm on HUM TV! ❤️😌✨ #sajalaly #ahadrazamir #mawrahocane #aangan #vm #merayaarmilade @sajalaly @ahadrazamir @mawrellous ❤️
Momina Sultan will be spectacular and beyond. Every passing day, this super talented girl is giving an iconic character after character. A character with its own story and #Alif won’t be any less. I can’t wait to watch you in this. Sajal - 2019 will be yours! ❤️ P.S how haseen and that glow! 😍😌✨ #sajalaly #mominasultan #alif @sajalaly ❤️
Talk about “I am not looking” pose and here comes Sahad 🔥😍😜 I love you guys! ❤️ #sajalaly #ahadrazamir #sahad @ahadrazamir @sajalaly ❤️
Ultimate favourites ❤️ #Aangan starts next thursday at 8pm on Hum TV! 6 days left ✨ “With love, from Sahad to Sahad fans.” 😌😍 #sajalaly #ahadrazamir #sahad #aangan @ahadrazamir @sajalaly ❤️
Firdous aur unki Chammi ❤️ The resemblance. 😍 Firdous Aunty would have loved Chammi’s character. The chulbuli and pyaari si ronaq of the Aangan. She was, she is and she will be the most proudest mother. 😌❤️ #sajalaly #aangan #chammi #motherdaughterreflection @sajalaly 😍❤️✨
I could not choose one. So here you go! A Chammi and Jameel Edit as #Aangan curtain raiser is tomorrow at 8pm only on HUM TV! Don’t miss it and meet your favourites on your tv screens. 😍🎉✨ I can’t wait to watch this crackling chemistry on screen. #Aangan will be one heck of a masterpiece due to its different and interesting story, characters and the entire team who has made it possible. Love you so much Sajal and Ahad! Can’t wait for next thursday to actually witness the story! 😍😍💥 Best best wishes! @sajalaly @ahadrazamir ❤️ #ahadrazamir #sajalaly #aangan 💌
You are so freaking cute. And I love you so much. 💓 #sajalaly @sajalaly
Cracking jokes, being emotionally vulnerable, scorching eyes, fake crying or poetry one liners: Chammi has more than one shade and more than one angle. “Chammi doesn’t need a hero” said @sajalaly in her recent interview and I can already tell how right she is. All characters have their own stories, own destinies but all characters on one side, and then Chammi is whole alot on another level on the other side. I cannot emphasise enough how well Sajal has done in this. Every different play or character of hers is different but this one has all in one as it appears so far but we are yet to see. Sajal, I am spellbound at how good you are! These teasers are making me fall in love with you and your legit skills all over again, what will I do when the episodes air! 🤧❤️ So so brilliantly done and yes! “Sajal Aly at her finest!” 💥❤️ Love you sooo much!! 💗 #ahadrazamir #sajalaly #aangan @sajalaly ❤️
Shayeri, cuteness, larai or intensity: you will find all between Jameel and Chammi as it seems! 👀😍 Aah! This chemistry is so sparkling, so refreshing and so different to what we saw in 2017. That’s what makes these two the best. Ahad saying “you will see Sajal and Ahad on a different address” is proving to be 100% accurate! Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir at their finest! ❤️🔥🤧 #ahadrazamir #sajalaly #aangan @maamaamir @ahadrazamir @alysyed @sajalaly 💓
I know this sounds cliche but the way we were oh-so used to Dr Asfi, from the very first teaser of Aangan, it didn’t feel like its the same Ahad. I am so glad we got to see that. Genuine hardwork done to make this character what it is. Now I understand why Ahad way away from social media, and all forms of interaction out here because he was proper tranforming himself to enter the character of Jameel and that has worked so well I can tell from the teasers. Though he seems Problematic and he is a tharki bhaiyya who can’t get enough of Chammi and Aaliya 👀😂 which is lowkey making me dislike him but the fact that I am even disliking him for something means Ahad has done a brilliant job in pulling off this character. We aren’t biased when it comes to the lovely Dr Asfi and we are not biased when it comes to pointing out that Jameel is precisely a overly extra flirt 😭😂 But I am so looking forward to watch this, waited heck of a long time but worth the wait. Ahad, you have outshined yourself. Truly truly. So so proud! ❤️🙌🏼💥 #Aangan #ahadrazamir @maamaamir @ahadrazamir
Give me something better than this chemistry. I bet you can’t. 🙌🏼❤️💥 #Aangan hits your tv screens from the 13th December, every Thursday 8pm on Hum TV! 💓 #ahadrazamir #sajalaly #aangan @maamaamir @sajalaly @ahadrazamir
Some real and genuine versatility coming through. This girl has passed her own set bar of excellence. I love Chammi so freaking much! ❤️🤧 P.S her tears are gonna make me cry! 😭 #ahadrazamir #sajalaly #aangan @sajalaly ❤️
“Jameel bhaiyya” 😩😂 #Aangan starts 13th December, as in next Thursday 8pm on Hum Tv! 😍💥 #ahadrazamir #sajalaly #sahad @sajalaly @ahadrazamir 💜
Happiest birthday Azka! It’s my dobby, my ullu, my cutie pie and my lamest yet the ever so goofiest baby’s day! My wish is long, so I will give you time to read that one. Just know that I love you so much. And I do. You know that. Hamesha khush raho, mujhe kam tang kia karo aur ache bachon ki tarah birthday enjoy karna. Like stop crushing on every wattpad guy okay? Some are mine too. Also, eat lots of cake but only enough so you survive. Don’t blow up like a balloon as I said in the long message. You are my jaan and you know that! Mera ullu is the best. Muah muah muah! Love you forever and always baby boo!! 💗💗 Happiest Birthday my munchkin! 💋❤️😘🎉 Please wish this cutest fan of yours a happy birthday @ahadrazamir @sajalaly ☺️💗 #ahadrazamir #sajalaly #sahad #happybirthdayazka @sajalaly @ahadrazamir ❤️🎉
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