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Firewater by Mr @warrenkeelan 🔥 🌊
Orca.. what majestic creatures. @dylan_brayshaw capturing a moment to remember - “Here is the footage from Hahei Beach, New Zealand, super lucky to be there at the exact moment these Orca interacted and played with Julie Johnson. Julie was out for a training swim when she got experience of a lifetime.”
What a magnificent structure captured by our buddy @davesandford. Fleeting beauty, soo temporary, so fragile, so precious. Words from Dave - “A spectacular iceberg we encountered this past Arctic season. . I so hoped this archway would have calved while we were around, sadly it did not. A few massive chunks fell into the ocean, but it stayed in tact for the time it was within our sights. I’ve become fascinated with icebergs over these last few years. One of the most amazing gifts that Mother Nature grants us.” Shot on assignment with @oneoceanexp
“Before you post the pic, can we see what it looks like?” Photo: @__behindthemask__ Found via @williamwinram
Repost @thurstonphoto - "It’s been a over a week since this moment, a moment that i had anticipated for almost my entire life. I couldn’t just post this straight to Instagram, social media is not the reason why I do what I do. It’s a good platform to share with you beautiful people, yes, but it can’t be my motive. I’m keeping myself accountable to that. I had to process and reflect a bit on this encounter. There’s so many things I could say about it, mostly positive, certainly a few negatives if you consider the reality of our supply and demand driven world.. but I gotta say, I’m not a scientist, or a die hard conservationist, or have any real legalistic interest in the corruption or unsustainable affairs of today’s industries. I respect them and have a genuine concern but there are people that are wired to invest themselves in these things. Me though, I’m not wired to fight for materialistic matters, I do what I do, to inspire wonder in the soul, to restore the spirit of man through encounters with the miraculous, and I say miraculous in reference to what’s already real, what’s already available to those that seek it with open eyes and an open heart. It may sound airy fairy at first, but I think that, with how dominated and exposed our lives are to opinions and information, we need a little soul restoration, we need to allow ourselves to return to wonder, return to that 7 year old child within us that sees the world with infinite possibility. Time and age can develop a filter over our eyes if we let it. Pain, loss, hardships, suffering, these things can steal our ability to immerse our selves in the beauty that God has gifted our lives and world. Take this composite scene and soak it in, it’s a miracle. High up in the arctic, freezing my figs off, and surrounded by brilliant light and powerful apex predators.. there’s good and bad in this world, both play their roles, but take a little time to focus on and seek that which gives you faith in the miraculous, that which builds your love for God and people, I tell you, it’s nourishment for the world changer in you. Thank you to my dear friends @darrenjew and @pxlexplorer for providing this opportunity.”
Mr @darrenjew and another moment to take your breath away.. Orcas and Norway, your Winter world has mesmerised us with beauty and challenged us with extremes. Thank you for letting all who joined us escape into your magical land and bountiful sea. #whalesunderwater #whalesunderwater18 #wuworcas18 #swimwithorcas #swimwithwhales #norway #orcas www.whalesunderwater.com
What a phenomenal achievement by both rider @kai_lenny and photographer @mikecoots - The descent of a sea mountain. ⛰ Kai Lenny, you are a madman! This was photographed yesterday afternoon at Peahi on Maui - a few unruly ones and basically just @kai_lenny and a handful of radical kite surfers. You could see this set coming in from what felt like a mile away. Shooting giant waves from a helicopter is always a thrill, especially when you luck into a great pilot. Thank you Nick for your aviation skills, you are a master of your craft. @goflymauillc
Moments like this don’t happen every day.. @darrenjew and an image of a lifetime! - The arrival of the orcas into the fjords of Norway roughly coincides with the departure of the sun. For a few short days at the start of the orca season, as it circles the horizon, the sun can momentarily reveal itself between mountain peaks (if the skies are clear). On just one day this season we were blessed with sunlight and orcas for some brief moments of absolute magic. We constantly face challenges here. Short days. Lack of light. Blizzards. Bitter cold. Relentless wind. Poor visibility. Nature. It’s these challenges that make the results so rewarding. #whalesunderwater #whalesunderwater18 #wuwOrcas18 #norway #orcas #swimwithwhales Reward yourself by joining me @pxlexplorer , @krisztinabalotay , @alitakau and the rest of the @whalesunderwater team. Details at www.whalesunderwater.com
Purity. Simplicity. Timelessness. The qualities that @bejamin so elegantly weaves together in his imagery. 💙🌳
There is so much goodness in this image and these words, take a minute and soak in this post from @jaymgreiner 💙 - “I don’t believe in borrowed #time , because once you give it away, you’ll never get it back. For me, who you spend it with matters more than what you spend it doing. I believe that wholeheartedly.”
Wow. @jchauser this is incredible footage. Watching this, we are almost as stunned as the poor little stingray.. we know Orcas are arguably the most dominant creature in the sea.. but who can explain this behaviour? Repost from @jchauser - The single most amazing underwater experience of my life. After almost seven years knocking on this door, crossing my fingers to spot wild orcas in Baja, I had one quick encounter in January, and now this. I feel overwhelmed and incredibly lucky for witnessing this one-in-a-million predatory behavior from the front row.
If you are interested in sharks and how they behave, you’ll be interested in these two great people - @thelifeofrileynz (pictured) and @amberandfriendsphotography (the photographer). They know their stuff, and passionate about educating others about the importance of those creatures to us. Repost from Amber - “Man and Mother Nature. Can you imagine what this is like to watch in real time?” 😱😭💙
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