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The moments you dream of as a lover of the ocean and nature.. via @darrenjew - Today we were treated to one of the most amazing swims of all time! Charlie Brown was back! But what made today so AmaZinG was that Charlie’s mum was as much fun as Charlie’s been these last few days. At first she was resting as Charlie made his sorties to the surface for a little play time. Then Mrs Brown drifted up and spent what felt like an eternity on or just near the surface, with Charlie close by her side... and a little meeker when mum was watching. #whalesunderwater #whalesunderwater18 #wuwtonga18 #swimwithwhales #wuwhumpbacks18 #tonga Come with me, @pxlexplorer and the @whalesunderwater team and be amazed for yourself. Visit www.whalesunderwater.com
A round of applause please.. a moment from @pxlexplorer - “Freaking Awesome Day today. It started with an amazing rainbow across the harbour 🌈. We met up up with the Boy in the Pinstriped suit with his Mama and 2 Escorts this morning in the shallows near a reef #Amazing ! Then we zoomed off to checkout this happy pair. A new set I believe, and young only about 2 months. The mother had the most whitest of white pectoral fins and her baby was so energetic with splashes, breaches and torpedo rises to the surface. The day was sunny and the water was clear and BRIGHT Blue with loads of rays! It was loads of fun being with the #aweosmefoursome and our such lovely guests. To share these experiences is really one of a kind and such a privilege. It makes me so so happy to be able do this. The whales and the Ocean’s marine life are just superb experiences that one must include in their life.” #somuchjoy 💙🐋 #whalesunderwater #wuwhumpbacks18 #whalesunderwater18 #darrenjew #pxlexplorer #mumandcalf #humpbackwhale #babycalf
Moments in Vava’u that seem almost orchestrated. Photo by @thurstonphoto swimming with @whalesunderwater 💙🐋✨
Words and image by @warrenkeelan - 🐋 Hello! I’m currently on the beautiful island on Vava’u in the Kingdom of Tonga. I’ve been dreaming of experiencing this wonderful place and the incredible humpback whales that migrate here every year for a long time. I was fortunate to be able to join renowned Canon master @darrenjew and the incredibly talented @pxlexplorer along with their team from @whalesunderwater for what has already been a truly life changing experience. And to add to that I’ve been able to share it all this time round with legends @davesandford & @thurstonphoto. I purposely came on this trip with little or no expectations as I wanted to experience it all with a clear mind and literally just be in the moment if and when it happened. Well, so many incredible moments have occurred in just the first few days and I have already made what I believe are some of my best nature images. Whales!! Giant, living, breathing, affectionate, caring, playful, curious, intelligent, excited, loving sea creatures which have absolutely captured my heart. Anyone who has been to Tonga and has been eye to eye with these humpbacks can attest to how special they are. Nothing can prepare you for the breaching, fin and fluke slapping of a 40 tonne mammal just metres from the boat, or the immediate connection you feel when an excited calf leaves its mum to put on a show for you just below the surface! Believe you me, nothing comes close! I have so many subsurface images to share with you, but in the meantime here’s one of my favourite above water moments so far! Just look at that fluke!! Thank you Darren & Jasmine I look forward to seeing what the next few days have install for us all 🙌🏼 #whalesunderwater18 #wuwhumpbacks18
Words by @darrenjew - “They started inside, amongst the reefs, in turbid water where we could only see one of them pass at a time. We stayed with them as they headed out toward Fatumamga and beyond—bumping and ramming, blowing bubble trails and slashing tails as they crossed miles of sea. For two of our drops they were in clearer water, giving us the chance to be witness to snippets of their primal battle.” Words by @thurstonphoto - “I’m sitting on the side of the boat, fins trimming the water, camera in hand, mask on, ready to drop. We are moving parallel to what feels like a highway of humpback whales, as they surface, the blows explode into the air, one after the other, one, two, four, six, how many are there exactly!!? “In da water! In da water!” Our skipper Ali shouts, sending my heart beat into an increasing flurry. I follow @darrenjew for a few seconds until I see him disappear below the surface, I pursue immediately and dive down into the clear, deep Tongan blues. Then, they begin to emerge, enormous yet elegant dancers of the deep, steaming toward us like we’re standing in the middle of a highway. Several hundred tonnes of pure mammal, gliding past so effortlessly. Some twist and turn as they see us, some blow a trail of effervescent bubbles, but they remain focused on their mission, the pursuit of a female. This is the humpback heat run experience, one of the greatest wonders of the world. We swam with them for several hours today on their pursuit to mate, which can last days!”. Swipe to see how this shot was taken.. First photo by @darrenjew , second by @thurstonphoto with @whalesunderwater #swimwithwhales #wuwtonga18 #wuwhumpbacks18 #tonga Join @darrenjew , @pxlexplorer and the @whalesunderwater team to witness these epic moments for yourself. Visit www.darrenjew.com
A beautiful interpretation of a moment with a humpback calf by @kellymacmedia - “What a soul filling week beginning here in Tonga with the humpbacks, this little ripper privileging us with her acrobatics. Learning so much from @pxlexplorer today in and out of the water.” . . . . @whalesunderwater #humpbacks #tonga #suchgrace
This little tyke definitely provided a few tonne of fun today! She twisted and twirled and swooshed with us and put joy in our hearts. Photo by @darrenjew 💙🐋 #whalesunderwater #whalesunderwater18 #wuwtonga18 #wuwhumpbacks18 #swimwithwhales #tonga Fill your heart with joy by joining myself, @pxlexplorer and the @whalesunderwater team. Visit www.whalesunderwater.com for details of all our trips!
@davesandford ’s response to yesterday’s events with @whalesunderwater - “There are no words for what I experienced yesterday. Simply put, one of the greatest days of my life.”
Open Mic 🎙 Night! Put sound on.. to hear the beautiful language of this humpback whale in Tonga, captured by @pxlexplorer & @darrenjew. We are currently in Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga and will be bringing you some highlights of the humpback whale migration with @whalesunderwater - This Guy absolutely nailed it. The stage was set, calm rolling waters, deep blue backdrop with light rays that highlighted his stage. His song was captivating, he sang from his soul. We felt every note as it vibrated from the tips of our fins through to the tops of our heads. I just LOVE those deep #BarryWhite tones 💙🐋#goosebumps #whalesunderwater #wuwhumpbacks18 #singer #whalesunderwater18 #darrenjew #pxlexplorer #humpbackwhale #underwaterphotography
Remember to laugh.. it’s the remedy for pretty much everything! Repost via @sea_legacy - Photo by @DaisyGilardini // My love for wildlife and the polar regions started long ago… I was only 4 years old when I received as a gift from my Godparents, a little stuffed seal puppy toy. My Mom explained that the seal puppy was coming from a very cold place and it lived on and under the Polar ice. I was mesmerized by those stories. Thereafter, I dreamed to be able to see them in their natural environment. It took me seven years to be able to save the money necessary to pay for a trip to Antarctica but that trip totally changed my life! I still remember the first I saw a seal. We landed on Half Moon Island in the South Shetlands. With a lump in my throat I was shaking from the emotion to be surrounded by hundreds of penguins and there, on the beach I saw my very first wedded seal. That day I could not even take a picture and the few I shot were all blurred because of the shaking. Over the years I have been back many times and this is one of my favourite seal shots. #turningthetide #weddellseal #climatechange @antarctica
This is the lair of the leviathan.. photographed by @tom.st.george - Anne-Laure and Arthur from @elitediversinternational diving in the sunbeams at this majestic sinkhole.
Love, it makes the world go round! 💙 Repost from @oceanconservancy - Have you ever seen something as adorable as this seahorse couple?! 😭 Quick, tag your significant other and let them know they're the only one you sea! 🤓 Photo taken by Jules Casey in Port Phillip Bay 📸
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