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COLORADO LANDSCAPE - Part 1 of 2. Long before I enjoyed fly fishing, I deeply enjoyed outdoor and landscape photography. Everywhere I traveled, I carried my camera, tripod, and backpack with me. . Now my passion for photography bleeds into flyfishing. It’s a perfect combination where I can capture the special moments and unforgettable views, often with friends or sometimes alone. Usually, it’s an internal challenge. Should I stop and capture the moment and the beauty masterfully drawn by Nature or should I continue to fish because they are biting. Until recently, the fishing part usually wins out. . Having visited Colorado two weeks ago, reinvigorated my passion for landscape photography. I hope you enjoy these views as much as I did wading in the cool flowing streams taking and absorbing them.
Some fun this weekend throwing streamers for Guadalupe and Largemouth Bass. A Guad (shown in the second frame) is always icing on the cake.
Walking the fish. Netting the fish. . . @loop_tackle @cortlandline @syndicate_ff @moonlitflyfishing @goldentroutlanyards flyfishingaddict . 📸 @mattw_on_the_go
Catching them during the “golden hour” . @loop_tackle @cortlandline @moonlitflyfishing @goldentroutlanyards 📸 @mattw_on_the_go
Wild colorful rainbow in the canyon during sunrise. . @loop_tackle @cortlandline @syndicate_ff @moonlitflyfishing @goldentroutlanyards
There’s no doubt that trout live in beautiful places! . @cortlandline @syndicate_ff @loop_tackle @moonlitflyfishing @goldentroutlanyards
Gorgeous wild brown, beautiful scenery, great weather. That’s a great combo! . Thanks to my Colorado friends @landonmayerflyfishing @patdorseyflyfishing @anglers_covey @mattw_on_the_go @pureskagit for some of the fly tips! This one bit on Landon’s Mini-Leech in jig version adapted for Euro-nymphing on 6x tippet.
When your buddy hooks on a good one, you stop your fishing and capture that special moment for him. Tag a friend who you would definitely do this for. . @cortlandline @loop_tackle @moonlitflyfishing @goldentroutlanyards
This Colorado rainbow took the spotlight... literally! #lensflare . @loop_tackle @cortlandline @moonlitflyfishing @goldentroutlanyards @syndicate_ff
Had an amazing day in Colorado with a couple friends. Many trout were caught among us and some lost. This gorgeous brown trout was my favorite catch of the day. What an unrelenting fight! More photos to follow... . @loop_tackle @cortlandline @moonlitflyfishing @goldentroutlanyards
Looking forward to departing this afternoon for some higher elevation fishing in Colorado this weekend and reacquainting with some fishy locals.
Went out this past weekend to get some practice before going to Colorado this weekend. . @loop_tackle @syndicate_ff @cortlandline @moonlitflyfishing @goldentroutlanyards
It was a multi-species day. Trout in the morning. Bass and catfish in the afternoon. Initially, this catfish was mistaken as carp. My friend Rick pointed him out to me and I quickly switched to @fishchaseflies Scarpion fly. Casted to it a couple times and it finally took on the third time. Chaos then ensues. Catfish on the fly gives a great tug! . 📸 @horns_for_life . @loop_tackle @cortlandline @moonlitflyfishing @goldentroutlanyards
This is “Brainiac”, at least that’s what I called this Rio Grande Cichlid. It seems fitting with his large protruding forehead. He was extremely spooky and finicky on flies presented. I had to hide behind a bush for cover and offered him over 6 various flies for 30 minutes while also sacrificing several flies to side trees and bushes. Choice words were uttered. Tempers started to boil. Had to calm down and regroup. Finally, he took @flygeekmatt ‘s chartreuse Rio Getter with larger eyes I tied a few days earlier. When he was finally hooked, choice words were not uttered but screamed out! That feeling is so worth the time and patience. To see more cichlids from previous outings, flip to the last couple shots in the gallery. They are an amazingly beautiful fish! I hope you have the chance to land and hold one in your hand. You’ll love it! . @cortlandline @syndicateff @moonlitflyfishing @goldentroutlanyards
Some more photos of the Rio Grande Cichlids from this weekend’s session.
The Guadalupe Bass - another one of my favorite native fish to Texas. They are not large as compared to the largemouth but pound per pound, much more spirited fighter, especially on the fly rod. Here are some interesting notes about the Guad. . “While almost unheard of elsewhere, the Guadalupe Bass is very popular among fishermen in central Texas. It is cherished for its long tough fights, in which it manipulates the current and its unusually strong muscles, and beautiful colors which tend to be more natural and bright than those of spotted bass. Its preference for strong current and its large diet of insects earned it the name "Texas Brook Trout" and make it popular for fly fishermen. It fights similarly to both smallmouth bass and Rainbow Trout—making long runs and manipulating current, but also making sharp turns and attempting to entangle the line on structures, and even making large jumps like both species. Altogether, it makes a very satisfying fight, and it can be difficult and extremely fun to land a 2+ lb. fish. Due to their preference for small fish and insects, fly fishermen are at a large advantage.” . @loop_tackle @cortlandline @moonlitflyfishing @goldentroutlanyards
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