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On this date in 1999, we performed @theohiostateuniversity #Springfest and @benjgershman took our self-dubbed #IslandVibeRootsRock genre a little too seriously!
On this date in 2011, #tripledip made its debut performing the songs What Is Mine, Road Outside Columbus, This Town, Gotta Live, and Night Shift in Columbus, Ohio! We love ya @evanoberla @jonlampleymusic @jerrydepizzo ! LINK IN BIO to purchase any of our signed setlists online!
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#FBF to 2004 when we had the honor of being the backing band for @BobWeir and @MickeyHart at a fundraiser for Senator Leahy. Marc and I have so many classic stories from seeing the Dead, but I am not going to share those haha. Ok! Here’s a harmless one. At RFK there was a tunnel between the parking lot and the stadium and inside was a huge drum circle with at least 100 people playing. It was deafening, one of the craziest things we’d ever witnessed, and who do we see right in the middle of it, Marc’s brother Jeff!! (the drummer of #FoxtrotZulu @roshee0202 ). Can’t tell you how amazing we thought that was. Ok, back to the original story. We started rehearsing China Cat with Mickey and Bobby at soundcheck. We hadn’t done the monitors and I couldn’t hear anyone. So I started playing quieter, but the softer I got the slower I started playing, unaware I was totally sacrificing the pocket. Mickey looked right at me and screamed, “YOU’RE SLOWING DOWN!!!” and started banging his drum as loud as he could to get me up to speed. I was stunned. Schooled. I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. The shock of it took years to process but the the message was immediately clear: NO MATTER WHAT, even if it’s just practice, ALWAYS keep the time. It seems so obvious now, Drummer 101, only the gravity hadn’t sunk in yet. But the real hallmark of his lesson was more important than that. I was present “physically", aware of everyone on stage, I was making eye contact, I knew the songs and was prepared. But, I wasn’t present in the music. It was such a transformative moment for me as a musician. And it only took a split second! But it set down roots in a way like I’ve never believed in anything before. I honestly feel like I didn’t understand my role as a drummer until that moment. I can say for certain I went in that day as one person and came out as another. Sometimes you straight up need to be put in your place. It wasn’t the first time and won’t be my last. But it was one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned. “Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right.” - @chrisculos
Sincere thanks from all of us for the love and experience we enjoyed @gardenofdreamsfoundation #concertfordreams and still feeling! This incredible organization is all heart.
#HappyMothersDay ! This is one of our most favorite holidays. Wishing our Moms and all Moms out there all the love in the world!! Share your thoughts for them in our comments. And enjoy the full video on our @YouTube channel. LINK IN BIO.
#Repost @luckyyvonne ・・・ Awesome to see you enjoying one of our favorite #OARMadeToOrder items! LINK IN BIO ・・・ We are at my son and his wifes new house in Colorado and this is how they decorated our room ✌🏽 @ofarevolution @marcroberge @richard_on @benjgershman @chrisculos @jerrydepizzo @mikelparis
#tbt In 1999 we lost two of our close friends, one of them was Mike Caputo and as most of you know his favorite song was About Mr. Brown and we dedicate it to him every night, or maybe you remember seeing the “livication” of Any Time Now in their honor, or our song Patiently that talks about the experiences our friends shared during that time and the close bonds that were all formed. We’ve talked a lot about that over the years. But one thing we haven’t really talked about is that Mike tagged “one love” on a bridge just down the street from our high school. We drove past it everyday and it was one of those unspoken things: if you knew it, you knew it was him. And when he passed it became a symbol to all of our friends. A few years ago the entire bridge had to be replaced so unfortunately the #OneLove tag is no longer there, but the memory of it and everything that it represents has been such a big part of our story and one that we want to continue to tell. I thought it would be a nice time to share some of that since I’ve been going through our archives to recreate the artwork for #AnyTimeNow on vinyl and I found a bunch of old picture’s from a photo shoot we did at that bridge for Any Time Now that were never really used and we’ve got a few ideas on how we can incorporate some of this into the re-issue packaging. FYI @jerrydepizzo is terrified of heights and screams like a little girl. - @chrisculos
Where would we be without our teachers? So many of them out there who deserve recognition. This is a thank you to them all! #teacherappreciationday #crayolathanks
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#HappyCincoDeMayo ! On this date in 2002, the band released our first🥇live album👊, #AnyTimeNow , which was recorded at the Legendary @930Club in Washington D.C. It is a RIAA-certified Gold album. Stay tuned for some exciting news about this album...#soonish
#tbt Ahhhh. May 2001. I have a big smile on my face just thinking about it. The first tour bus. It was only for one weekend but it was about all we needed to confirm we were ready to hit the road full time. No offense to all the mini-vans and station wagons we had borrowed from our parents in high school, or the slew of Mark III conversion vans and 15-passenger vans we went through during college. But our first official summer tour was just a few weeks away and this was just a taste of what life on a tour bus was going to be like after college. We hopped on the bus in Columbus and headed to Nashville for River Stages. I think the stage was out on a barge and the crowd was packed on a hill along the river bank. I remember watching Hayseed Dixie, a bluegrass band that covers AC/DC. Tell me a better band name? And then we watched The Wallflowers headline later that night before we hopped back on the bus and drove overnight to Memphis in May for the Beale Street Music Festival. We were the first band to perform on the main stage that day and DMB had headlined the night before so naturally “DMB opened up for us” became our big running joke. So stupid. Later that night we got to watch Skynyrd from down in the security pit. At one point the five of us turned around, facing the crowd, to get our photo with @skynyrd on stage behind us. Duuuuude. When we developed those pictures a few weeks later we lost our minds. Their guitar player Rickey Medlocke must have spotted us taking a pic and pulled off the most epic rockstar photobomb. I am so pissed I can't find that photo!! But I’m posting this other one because it’s the only one I can find, and it’s an amazing memory, and they were the first band that ever allowed us in the pit. Also, @richard_on and I ate an entire bucket of crawfish at 2am that night. And then back onto the bus for the last overnight drive to Atlanta for Music Midtown. @johnmayer sat in on Poker. Was anyone at any of those shows? - @chrisculos
#Repost @marcroberge ・・・ Answering the tough questions with @jerrydepizzo and @livenation Photo by the great @karstenstaiger
On this date in 2014, the band performed their hit song, "Peace" from #TheRockvilleLP on Conan.
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#tbt June 18, 2003 we made our network television debut playing “Hey Girl” on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’. It taped in the afternoon and we rented out a bar in NYC that night with a bunch of our friends to watch and celebrate. One of my favorite memory's is getting to meet @dalejr who was a guest on the show. I remember we were in our dressing room trying to figure out how we could meet him. Could we just knock on his door, maybe ask someone on the staff, send someone from our management? We were nervous kids trying to play it cool, way overthinking the whole thing. And at that moment there was a knock on the door, a guy popped his head in and said “hey dale jr’s out here and would love to meet you guys, cool?” Can’t even tell you how excited we were. - @chrisculos
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