We are a band. From the basement. @marcroberge @chrisculos @benjgershman @jerrydepizzo @richard_on @jonlampleymusic @mikelparis

this is calming. @richard_on #TheMightyOAR California.
“It’s not about mourning, it’s a celebration” @marcroberge #MYATT #TheMightyOAR 🎬 @gbergphoto Link in bio for full video
Getting mighty close #TheMightyOAR #MYATT
#fbf 2000. That was a fun year. File-sharing was blowing up and it seemed like "3am" and "Gas Was Low” were blasting from every dorm room 😜. Souls Aflame won CDBaby’s “Best Independent CD of 1999" award. And our DIY model really started taking off as our manager Dave’s part-time role became a full fledged full-time job. He established a business model and encouraged each band member to take on a role as point man for different areas of our business: merch, touring/production, publishing, artwork, charity, etc. Each of those roles remain to this day. He also developed a regional touring strategy for when and how often we needed to play our college markets (Ohio State, Miami of Ohio, OU, Univ of Dayton, Bowling Green) and then had us expand into larger cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo. This strategy was instrumental in building our grass-roots fanbase and also laid the groundwork for us to grow into Illinois, Michigan and Indiana. That year ended with two things I will never forget. After we received an incredible letter of support from Columbus radio station WNCI they started playing "Hey Girl" and "Night Shift”. I was driving to class with Richard and Marc when we heard ourselves on the radio for the first time. And the highlight of that year was at the Swindlefish in Athens, OH when Jerry was officially asked to join the band 🤘 -@chrisculos
I listen to this cut all the time. Amazed by @bigboi vocal tone and performance. Got to do this again @mrashmusic @gbergphoto 📸
Coming soon
Some @gbergphoto view of @theanthemdc
Looked through a lot of great pictures of @jerrydepizzo But something about this clip brings joy. Might be my favorite part he’s cut. Happy birthday to the guy who motivates all of us. We love you.
#HappyNewYear from all of us. 🎉🎊🎉🎊 We will see you in 2019 with our brand-new record, “The Mighty,” and tons of new tour dates. Thx for all your support. Xoxo. #TheMightyOAR #MYATT 📷 @zoerainphoto
From all of us to all of you, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Thank you for your love and support. #TheMightyOAR
We all need each other. This holiday season, cherish the moments we have together for those who are here and for those who aren’t. #MYATT #TheMightyOAR
Rudy doing his thing on set for Miss You All The Time bts. Official video link in bio.
Well miss you all the time and see you next year. By @gbergphoto
No better way to end the year. Thank you Maryland, DC, Virginia. It’s good to be home. @theanthemdc @gbergphoto
Damn near perfect day with @bigboi #AllNight by @gbergphoto Mixed by @____slag____
Maybe the coolest cat there is. Thanks, love and respect @bigboi
we just want you to leave the show feeling better than when you got there. @gbergphoto will be out there to hear your story.
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