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always practicing. for the love of it. @jonlampleymusic
The Queen of Soul. Indeed. Transcends genre though when the entire world is moved by a voice. I see it when the songs play. We feel stronger when she sings. Queen of Sound is also fitting. Rest In Peace.
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Let’s do this NyC
Central Park @summerstage on Monday. Cannot wait. @mattnathanson @thenewrespects Surprise guests. Good times.
This storm will pass...see you soon, Charlotte!
We strive to be part of the fabric of NYC and we’ve had amazing moments in and around the five boroughs. Next Up: Central Park @summerstage August 13th. Big surprises for this one.
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#TBT King was released Aug 2, 2011. For the writing and rehearsal sessions somebody came up with the idea of going to each guys hometown for a week so everyone would get an extra week at home. The owner of #Chicago venue The Metro told me he had a private space above it that was a well-kept secret. Before he bought the building it was used by then unknown John Cusack and Jeremy Piven to start a theater troupe. Once he opened the Metro it was only used a handful of times because of fire codes. Guns N’ Roses wrote Use Your Illusion there and The Smashing Pumpkins used it a few times. The only time he’d opened it to the public was for a surprise #BeastieBoys show. It was a tiny room, 3-4 rows of stadium-style seating, and we were welcome to use it! We set up on the stage like we were playing a real show, totally different than in a studio, and that helped us begin the process by coming from a very live place, and King was all about capturing the band playing together. Then we headed to Columbus where Jerry set us up at a studio called 1305. We’d spent so many great years in Columbus and the comfort and familiarity of being back there really poured into the music. Our third week was off to DC where Richard had lined up Inner Ear Studios, a legendary spot for having recorded virtually all of DC's punk bands in the late 70s, 80s and 90s- Minor Threat, Fugazi, Bad Brains, the @FooFighters and hundreds more. We all crashed at our parents houses that week, totally reminding us of the basement days when we would hop in our rides and meet up to play music. That week brought in the passion of who we were when we were kids. Then we headed to NYC to record the album with producer Matt Wallace. Even though most studios are big enough to accommodate a lot of musicians playing at once, most modern music is not recorded that way because all the instruments and mics bleed together. We picked Avatar Studios because it had 4 or 5 iso-rooms separated by glass so we could all see each other and play together at the same time. Tracking King live was the most similar recording experience we have had to recording our first album The Wanderer back in 1997. #throwbackthursday
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Meet @nasa.valkyrie.robot THANK YOU @nasajohnson Having a hard time explaining how cool today was. Paul and John are badass NASA geniuses who came in on a day off to show us around. Much love.
#tbt to our many shows in the Great State of Texas! In July of 2001, just after we decided as a group to pursue this thing as a career, we were out on our first summer tour heading from New Orleans to Austin. The drive was long and we couldn’t make it in one go, so we stopped at one of those restaurants where if someone can eat the big steak, everyone eats free! Of course no one could, but we did try! There was laughter and excitement as we passed the time together, realizing that we were exploring the country and getting the opportunity to do what we loved, together. Moving on, our first Texas show was to be @stubbsaustin. We didn’t exactly know what we were in for. We had all heard the rumors and read all the bumper stickers, “Don’t Mess with Texas” and here we were heading right to the capital. The crowd that night showed up just as ready for us as we were for them, and that evening was absolutely electric! This of course set a great tone for the next night in Dallas when we played The Gypsy Team Room, and for other shows like when we returned for ACL, many more shows at Stubbs (first photo), and even getting to perform at the Texas Motor Speedway (second). If you can’t tell, we all love messin’ with Texas and couldn’t be any more excited for this next few days of shows (Dallas/Irving, Austin, and Houston) on #justlikeparadisetour Hope to see you all there! - @benjgershman
love this shot. Thanks again to @wwe Remember when you buy tickets to the #justlikeparadisetour you’re helping @connorscure continue to fight pediatric cancer.
This. Is. Awesome. @wwe #speakwwe #raw
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